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Callsigns starting with " Z"

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Last Name Is German, nearly unpronounceable for English speaker, my CDR did the intro and "stumbled" trying to pronounce it the result was.."Z.. what?" And so I got stuck with Z-Man
A reference to the A6M kamikaze planes (sometimes called "Zeros" too). Apparently he was a little aggressive in the T-38's in UPT.
Eagle driver, got it when he squeezed off a shot with his gun during training and hit the target - without using the computer - said it reminded his squadmates of luke using the force to kill the death star
Given to me by my squadron at Wright-Pat. I had a task I was taking my time getting around to. My supervisor came to my desk and asked me what the progress was, I lied and said "It's nearly done" He then asked me to pull it up and show him. He sat there and watched me complete the spreadsheet from start to finish and bestowed my callsign/nickname ZEUS. He said it stood for "Zero Effort Unless Supervised". It stuck with me my entire Air Force career.
Always HOGGING the targets. Named after the pig from the TV show "Green Acres".
'He got the nickname when making the transition from flying the subsonic A-10 'Warthog' attack aircraft to the faster and more electronically sophisticated F-16CJ. 'There are a few more things to look at in the F-16 cockpit,' he said. 'They called me 'Zing' because I was kind of all over the place initially.''
Zafrany is my name, I always need to close my zip so my staff call me ZIPI
'Zipper got into a argument with his girlfriend at a bar. As she attempted to leave in her car, 'Zipper' stood in her path. Somewhat intoxicated, the pilot lost his balance and fell onto the woman's car. As he slid off the car, the zipper of the pilot's flight suit gouged the hood's finish. Not only did he lose the girl, but it cost him $1,500 to fix her car.'
On his first flight in his new unit, his engine caught fire during the takeoff and exploded.
'There was a quiz on marking various timezones. Scott O'Grady put down his answer, but used the wrong time zone. The time zone he was supposed to use was 'Zulu', or GMT. Hence, his callsign.'
Always got time calcs wrong in flightschool

Other callsigns

Zoot , ...
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