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Dumb A$$ Sh*t, a freind of mine got called that after throwing up all over the CO's shoes after a night out.
Drill Bit
Small boring tool
First name Donald
My first name is Dustin, and, well, I wasn't particularly good at keeping my rest area clean (not at military level anyway).
D from drop. Was slightly less athletic and more aerodynamically shaped, like a raindrop
Dumb Ass Stabbed Himself. Because he did.
I'm a woman whose first and last name starts with Ta, and was thus christened as "Ta-Tas". Unfortunately someone way up the totem pole overheard it and demanded we stop using it. I spent the next few days complaining to anyone who would listen about having my callsign revoked by some humorless admin type that someone finally said "My god it's like every day is your time of the month." I immediately became known as Daily after that.
Haters from my squadron bent me over with this reminder when those damn Cowboys got the best of my beloved Eagles. My initials didn't help either - JR Eberhardt, Falcon stick
A legacy name, usually given to an easy-going squadron mate who experiences dramatic alcohol-induced personality changes. [Ed note: after the innocent-looking child Damien in the move "The Omen", who was in reality Satan's offspring?]
A Marine Harrier Driver accidently discharged his 9MM Baretta into his leg on the Ship after a hop in Desert Storm. “Dumb Ass Shot Himself”!
AWACS pilot took the AF's offer to cross from heavies into the fighter (F-16CG, 68 FS) world in the mid-to-late 90's. He was dubbed Data as in the Star Trek: Next Generation character since he had about as much personality as Data! Even his body movements were very mechanical and sterile like Data.
Last name Rabe.
Capt. Steve Kennel
Dead Dave - Was actually clinically dead during water training accident...recovered of course
My old wingman, Blair, this guy was all multicultural, a real mutt. There was a betting pool around the wing, no one could figure out what the hell he was, he never told and no one won, hence, he was a Deadlock.
During UPT, I was talking with some of my classmates about some of the less than well considered things I did as a teenager, such as barrel rolling a Cessna 172 after I soloed. One of them said "You're lucky that you're not a dead man". The name stuck permanently.
Our squadron commander (name not mentioned for pride purposes) suffers from erectile dysfunction....I'll let you figure why we called him that. The only reason we know this is because he left the E.D. medications prescribed to him on his desk while he was on a no-fly-zone patrol during operation Iraqi Freedom.
Didn’t Even Attempt to Flare. Self-explanatory…
A lot of us played World Of Warcraft, hence the reference. The reason we gave this guy this callsign was because whenever he dropped ordinance he went absolutely sadistic over comms, and it genuinely terrified us many times.
Somehow lopez always drew the "bloody mess" card, in every catagory!
Deck Chair
Tended to fold under pressure in cadet school
I was the only person in the squadron with any sort of Southern accent. And it's thick enough to be hard to understand when I'm not enunciating well.
Ejected twice. First time at Luke when another jet hit him from behind/above in the landing pattern. Did two swings in the parachute and suffered two broken legs. Appeared in the class photo on crutches.

Second time the engine failed on takeoff in Saudi Arabia. Saw flames between his legs and ejected.

Pilot who takes chances and has come close to being shot down on many occasions
Dick Finger
The guys name was Richard Finger, hence the call sign "Dick Finger"
Last name Bangor
Spelled "DSL" she thought we gave her the name because she always talked about Vin Diesel. Needless to say she was gifted. [Ed. note: check UrbanDictionary for explanation]
USN, an XO with a portfolio that included ownership of at least one cemetery.
One day shortly after arriving to a fighter sq as a female SSgt., I had a huge wedgie, so I walked into the Flight Equipment room to dig it out of my butt in what i thought was a empty room at first glance. I had been outside packing a ISU 90 for RED FLAG in Vegas so i was all sweaty and my panties were really wedged up my crack. I shoved my hand down my pants to remove them from my butt, then i heard a chair squeak. With my hand still in my pants, i Slowly turned to my right to see someone slunched down in a computer chair checking their email and they just had this look of utter amazement on their face. It was like they couldn't believe what they saw. We just stared at each other for a second and i then pulled my hand out and then looked at it. All i could say was "I need to sanitize," and then walked out. Later, earning me the name Digger.
Met an F-16/F-15 Driver in Fresno from the 194th FS with the first name "Dirk". Nuff said...
Dude's last name is Deaux. Easy choice.
Last name Berry
An NFO from EA-6 days, this young lady had a habit of talking really, really fast and in a high pitched voice whenever she got even a little excited. The resulting sounds were just like the noise made by the Flintstone's dog, Dino.
A would-be Fighter Pilot attended Flight Encampment for Civil Air Patrol. There while doing Preflight on the Cessna 172 he was checking the fuel quantity when he almost slipped and fell off the step. He dropped the dipstick into the tank. This of course caused a maintance problem and in the end they couldn't get it out. Afterwards he had to fill out a form saying the plane weighed 3 oz's more.
Last name Knapp.
Being the only female in the group she was constantly hit on in her first week or two, and it was a gamble whether she would respond kindly or slap the guy. Hence the dice part. The dirt part because once after all of us had a night out at the bar she managed to fall off a bridge we were walking over into a large pile of compost. She was the best pilot I have ever known, and Dirtdice managed to stick with her for about ten years.
As a stud pilot at Columbus I was assigned to be an attaché to a general officer. I was given the keys to his car and drove him around base for close to a week. In my divine wisdom I felt it was necessary to take some fellow studs around the base perimeter road to get some pictures of the T-38's on Live Oak. Long story short we got off the road and tipped the car over in a "Ditch". After calling some buddies we pulled the car over and out. After washing it we realized there was absolutely no damage to the car.
ejected from an F-16. Wreckage landed in a golf course in Belgium.
Everyone says I talk so fast I'd make your head spin.
Pronounced "Dildis". Showing up a couple days after combat ops had secured, this pilot had also lost his luggage (with airline help) on the way to the squadron. Day Late, Dollar Short.
Dummest MIT Retard Ever - Too true...
A USN LCDR was at a party featuring an admiral. When the admiral asked LCDR about his arm candy, he said "This is my better half, for now!" His callsign is indicative of his new living arrangements.
Guy was celebrating with his buddies at the bar when he got his wings. He spilled his beer the first time he picked it up and someone shouted "DOH!"
Last name Tucker 'nuff said
Got the name for having the last name ding. And having a huge.... ;-)
This pilot exemplified the "asian glow" where he would get incredibly drunk and red after only 1 stiff drink. Drinks Only One Drink And Dies
Most carrier aircrew carry “Piddle Packs” - a heavy-duty long ziplock bag with a sponge or powder at the bottom. Our flight suits zip down from the top or up from the bottom, so we can get to our naughty bits in flight (without unstrapping from the ejection seat), and relieve ourselves in the bag. The liquid hits the powder, it forms a gel, and after the flight (at least in the S-3 Viking) the NFO will leave his piddle pack in the pilot’s nav bag on his way out of the jet, with much cursing to follow. One day this S-3 Viking pilot lands after a routine flight at sea in the middle of a deployment. As he gets out, everyone is really excited to see him. The flight deck chief gives him a high-five and slap on the arm. The plane captain shakes his hand vigorously as he welcomes him back aboard. The pilot starts making his way across the flight deck, baffled at the warm reception. He’s seen all these folks every day for months, and just saw them a couple hours before. Now random strangers are waving and shaking his hand - yellow shirts from the Deck Department, purple-shirt fuel dudes, and even a couple of Hornet pilots snap him a quick salute as they pass by. He heads below deck shaking his head, where the hearty greetings continue. Finally, he arrives in the cramped space of the PR shop, where he starts taking off layers of flight gear - helmet, survival vest, parachute harness, and . . . uh oh . . . It appears he had used the piddle pack in flight, got distracted by something, and forgot to . . . how shall I say this . . . “Raise his landing gear”. His junk had been hanging out in the wind for all to see, from the time he left the jet to now. His call sign became DOOFUS, which stands for “D!ck Out On Flightdeck, Unusually Small”.
Double Tap
Always had an itchy trigger finger
While wearing a "poopy" suit and eating a cheeseburger a fellow pilot commented that I looked like a green Pillsbury Doughboy. I did not know that several others heard his comments. The rest, as they say, is history.
Dude's first name was Ben
Drunkenly knocked over a child in a Middle Eastern McDonalds, another in a Lawson’s in Japan, another on the streets of Ireland, and one more time in a Japanese Mall… just like a BullDOZER.
E-2 Hawkeye pilot and avid fan of the TV series Battlestar Galactica. DRADIS is the BSG word for "radar".
The Commander at my base got this callsign after overspeeding the gear on his F-16... Twice. DRAG stands for Doesn't Raise Any Gear.
Dutch Pilot in training in Brazil. He wasn't used to the hot weather. He sweated so much, that the Soulth American pilots called him Draggon. Very hot callsign :-) Squadron Falcões da Noite, Cel. Draggon
Last name Leak. "Drip" was inevitable and unavoidable... and fitting.
Dutch Pilot in training in the USA. Being from Europe, he wasn't used to the hot weather. He sweated so much, that the American pilots called him Drippy.
Last name Fausett. Pretty much inevitable.
Pronounced as "Dorkplates." At the RAG, his squadron buddies discovered that he had bought himself a shiny new Camaro with a vanity plate reading "F18DRVR."
Well, if it's unmanned she's gotta be a drone - squadron's first female viper driver...
'because women 'just say NO!''
Brazilian flour company called pinduca has a bald child with a yellow shirt as a mascot, due to Eduardo "Duca's" shortness and childishness he was called Pinduca, then Duca for short
It took a while before he got the hang of evasive maneuvering, so he was a sitting duck
First assignment to Hahn AB in 1986, several of us new guys were being dubbed for the first time. The first suggestion for all of us was a loud, enthusiastic, alcohol amplified "Butt-Plug!!!" (thanks Trevor Albro!) After a few other cringe-inducing suggestions, Dudley (after Dudley Do-Right, a Saturday morning cartoon character) was settled upon - my last name being Wright.
Captain Anthony D. (Retired) stationed at Mt. Home AFB, always "duppin" everything: "That's messdupp, that's effedupp".
Last name Rutter. Look it up on urban dictionary.
This aviator came in with an over inflated ego (even by aviator standards), and wanted to be called a hero callsign before earning his merit. Last name was Drewello. So we decided on this to deflate his attitude. He ended up being a great squadron asset.

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