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Lava (Lamp)
Looked good but wasn't very bright
The handle accorded to an F/A-18 pilot with the last name of Cannon. He was an exceptional aviator, now retired.
L/D Max
Larry Danner has a degree in Aerospace Engineering and it has stuck on him for the past 24 years!
Lab Rat
F-16 crew chief at 61FS Luke AFB, Arizona, developed Leukemia fall of 95' but beat it ! Went into remission over the winter and actually returned to the flight line the following fall. Pilots affectionately now call him "Lab rat" because of all the medical procedures he has been through, and the fact nothing seems to fase him.
Notorious lady pilot who always had something low-cut when in civilian attire, thus LAMB (Look At My Boobs)
Acronym for “Little Angry Man-Boy, Can’t handle our program”. Had a hard time in the RAG but ended up getting through.
Le Goof
A-7's on USS Kennedy, '76-'77, in the Med - "The French Connection." We had a French exchange pilot, whose wife gave me that in honor of the Disney character, Goofy. My verbal observations of anything and everybody were meant to elicit laughter, and it obviously made a positive impression.
Last name Fawcett.
During flying training it became apparent early on he was "a complete tool".
One of our guys engaged a target in Afghanistan and the frag from the AGM killed a bunch of lambs in a field. Callsign Lecter from Silence of the Lambs.
Caught P'ing off the side of the 3rd story of the Incirlik AB VOQ's during a ONW TDY.
During ACM, '2' decided to go at it alone, and promptly committed fratricide. Hence the homage to Leeroy Jenkins of youtube and warcraft fame. [Ed note: just google "Leeroy Jenkins"]
Saluted an Officer with my left hand on my first day
I had a hernia operation. My roommate told everyone the doctor slipped and cut off one of my testicles.
Failed an exam that no one had ever failed in history
A few weeks into basic training at the Air Force academy, a competition was held for all the cadets on the parade field (field day). Each cadet was assigned multiple events to compete in and the first event Lego participated in was the "wall climb", a race where cadets run 10 or so yards, jump/climb over an eight foot wall, run 10 or so yards, and return back over the wall. While going over the wall on the return leg, Lego was either pushed, pulled, or simply demonstrated a momentary lapse in his otherwise outstanding athletic ability, and caught his foot on the brace holding up the wall and tumbled to the ground. Lego attempted to get up to finish the final 5 yard run to the finish line, however, something prevented him from standing up. The grass on the parade field was wet and he kept slipping as he attempted to stand. Feeling no pain - Lego looked around and located the problem. His left shoe had come off and was upside down right next to his right hip. As he picked it up, he noticed that something was not quite right - it was quite heavy... and under further investigation he traced the skin, blood, tendons, etc that were attached to the bottom of his left leg. He was now holding his foot in his hand in front of him. He had been unable to stand because his "nub" on the end of his leg was continually sliding on the wet grass. What followed was quite comical. Lego did at this point begin to scream in pain holding his now removed foot in his hand. The driver of the ambulance at the parade field became so excited he stalled the ambulance and was unable to get it started. They ended up having to send a second one from the Academy hospital. When the EMT's arrived they attempted to brace Lego's foot. They had to take it from him and somewhat prop it into the bottom of an inflatable brace... where the foot kept falling to the side causing insane pain. The best quote of the day though came when the AF Academy Superintendent, Lt Gen Winfield Scott (Great guy!) came up from behind Lego while he was still lying on the ground holding his foot in his hand. Gen Scott put his hands on Lego's shoulders and asked something to the effect of "What is the matter, Son". Not knowing who was behind him, in intense pain, and shock, Lego replied, "What the F### do you think is wrong, I'm holding my G## D### foot in my hand. Gen Scott was not fazed nor insulted and said, "We'll get you to the hospital here shortly, even if I have to drive you myself". Lego recovered and went on to graduate and fly F-16's for his entire career. While the callsign remained, it evolved as Lego was continually injured it seemed at every base or TDY he was assigned, and was known to require some sort of random surgery almost annually. He became known as the person built out of Legos, constantly replacing parts with better ones, The name truly fit all the way up until his retirement.
Lt. Rebecca B. had lemony hair and red cheeks.
As far as we know the only vegetarian fighter pilot on planet earth. He was named after the legendary vegetarian shark in "Shark Tale"
Things just keep on fallin' off my planes
One of the greatest name plays ever. Last name Mawhinney.
WSOs briefed the weather during flight brief. Listed on sign out board occasionally next to weather was "Lightening FL 200". So this new WSO briefed that lightening was at FL 200. Ok, that was part of the WSO briefings, too. But then he asked me after the brief how the weather man knew there was going to be lightening at only that altitude. I told him that was the name of the tanker refueling track in use and the altitude being used.
One of those pilots who didn't do too much around the squadron. Last name was Litto. LIMDU is a common abbreviation for the term "Limited Duty." Just a perfect fit for this gentleman.

There are many acronyms out there as well. On my second deployment, one of our pilots got stranded overnight in Sigonella due to an aircraft malfunction. After the aircraft was repaired, he was supposed to rejoin the carrier the next day, only a few hours before we were scheduled to transit the Suez Canal.

His overhead time comes and goes, no aircraft. We check with Sigonella - he had departed on time. We check with Red Crown and Strike - he had not checked in. We start thinking about SAR, while the carrier delays going through the Suez Canal (this is a really, really big deal).

We finally get a call from the pilot, who says he could not find the carrier and diverted to Souda Bay with hours of fuel remaining in his tanks. He went to the old coordinates from the previous day instead of the updated ones for the next day. It shouldn’t have mattered, because he knew we were going through the ditch in a couple of hours - it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what corner of the Mediterranean we were in, which would have put him close enough to pick up the ships TACAN radio beacon.

We ended up going through the Suez that night after much disturbance to local commercial shipping. We had to somehow work an Egyptian overflight clearance overnight (this is normally a 1 month+ process) so the pilot could fly over and meet us in the Red Sea the next day. The whole event was really embarrassing to our Squadron, and we cringed at what the next Foc’sle Follies roll call would bring our way.

His new call sign: LIMPDIC (Lost In Med, Please Don’t Inform CAG).

Like I Never Exist
His first name is can figure out the rest...
His first name is Kenny…you can figure out the rest...
Mono brow, neanderthal hairy, flat forehead, large knuckles. The missing link between ape and man.
Did a really large woman.
Little Rod
Goes with the name ..... Rod Little
Viper pilot and 35th FTS "Panton" at Kunsan. He had Elizabeth Taylor's dark hair and dark eyes. Last name Taylor.
I have a very long tongue. For some reason I kept sticking it out at the club. Some young lady started calling me by that name. Fellow pilots started calling me that so I started putting it on the briefing board. I didn't know how to spell it correctly being a Marine, thinking it had two Z's. It stuck.
Kunsan, January 1985: New guy arrives, no, VOLUNTEERS, to go to the Kun in the dead of winter. Also, commutes to Seoul each week by TRAIN. He's gotta be crazy, right? And travels by locomotive?
Long Distance Duck
I got this nickname because I use the last drop of fuel from my tank. I almost crashed with my F-16 when my wingman had a malfunction - I helped him land and my engine ran out of fuel the second I hit the ground.
The coolest I have known (and I have known many) was the handle accorded to a Marine aviator with the last name of Cannon. His handle: “Loose.” He was/is an exceptional aviator, an F/A-18 driver, now retired.
The boys from the Kun greeted me off the bus with a rousing fighter pilot song that had portions outlawed for public consumption by the Wolf. Some were issued desk drawer LORs and hence the call sign...
Prounced with long "O" sound "Losa". Means Low SA , Never had a clue what was going on.
First British pilot to join the TOPGUN programme. Stands for 'loser of the American Revolution'.
Loser Of The American Revolution. Royal Navy pilot on exchange with a US navy squadron.
Love Handle
My friends father got his call sign because his friends decided to hide a condom under his pillow. After getting B*****d at by the DI for thirty minutes, he was forced to put the condom on the handle or grip of every gun he fired. (Hence the name)
Initials are K.Y.
This dude was extremely slow. We were convinced he was on a 24 hour supply of qualudes.
When I was a kid I fell off my bike and badly seperated my left shoulder, so now my collarbone sticks out noticably.
While running missions in the Anbar Province of Iraq, I was constantly stuck in an unarmed ECW humvee as Truck Commander. After one long and boring mission (in excess of 14 hours straight driving in 140 degree heat), during a rant against my current plight, I said that if you connected the two short antennas on the roof with a 2x4 it would look like the handle of a lunchbox. The name stuck.
Ate anything left in the fridge for more than one day
While he already looked like a member of the Addams family due to his height and build, the callsign was solidified after missing a call from his squadron commander, he walked to his office and allegedly said, "Hey sir, you rang?"

Note: Lurch is a fictional character created by American cartoonist Charles Addams as a butler to the Addams Family.

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