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Similar to the story behind ‘Alphabet,’ this guy had a difficult name to pronounce that started with a K and was 9 characters long.
Allways the last guy in the line up
Capt. Rew
Lt Gen Bill Rew, USAF (Ret), former ACC/CV.
Always popped up in different places and scared the s*it out of everyone
First assignment to my fighter Squadron, 14TFS Fighting Samurais, and was sitting in the squadron room. I was hoping they wouldn't pick Bruce since my last name is Lee and Oriental and into martial arts. Since this was in '89, someone remembered the Green Lantern series and nominated "Kato" in honor of Bruce Lee. Back then I fairly looked like him too.
Looks like an Elf.
Kelvin in absolute zero. The guy wasn't much of a stick
Once took home a girl who my buddies thought had a striking resemblance to Ms. Piggy...In my defense, she looked much better the night before...
Hmmm. Well I had Joined AFJRTOC and my Last name is Hein. It turned into Heinz ans then well you know the rest...
Instructor pilot that starts every lesson with "The Key is"
Kid Vihlen as in Kid Shelleen in the movie Cat Ballou. KID's last name Vihlen rhymed with Shelleen and so it stuck. KID was a pilot in the 496th TFS at Hahn AB Germany 1984-87
Lt. Killian
Given to a Marine F-4 RIO that locked up on the wrong target during an east coast missile shot. Ended up shooting down a Navy A-4.
I've worked at the Royal Netherlands Air Force for several years as an Aircraft maintenence specialist on the F-16. My last name is Wink and first they gave me the name Tinky Winky, because of the Teletubbies. But one of my colleagues stuttered and he had problems with the T, So he changed it to Kinky Winky, later shortened to Kinky...And perhaps it's a little bit true that I can be Kinky...
This guy was very open about one of his bedroom endeavors. The story that got him this nickname involved his girlfriend using two of her fingers. You figure out the rest.
Killed our blind weapons officer
He likes his women shaved.
A man of very few words, often he just pointed at something he wanted you to pass to him and often answered questions by nodding or shaking his head and grunting.

Named after Koko the gorilla that learned sign language.

In the early days of Air Defense, we were know as Konhed's. Always too busy in the cockpit to look outside. All of the early Air Defense fighters had black Cones along with their Air Defense Gray shinny paint scheme. The other aircrews would always walk away and sigh saying, you damn Konhed's, if you'd ever look outside you might see the bandits. One look outside was worth 1000 sweeps of the radar. Flew the F-106 with the 49FIS and 119FIS/177FIG, then transitioned to the F-16 with the 119FIS/177FIG. When I arrived in Tucson, they dubbed me "Konhed" the only Air Defender to join the 162FIG. I've had the callsign since 1989. Air Defense forever!
Spell it backwards...
The sound the landing gear makes when it rips off after landing short on the runway.
In the early 80s, women in the USAF / ANG weren't allowed to do a lot of the things our male counterparts could do. I was F4 crew (later F15 crew), and I was known not only for my love of dogs, but also for my rather aggressive (and kind of b*tchy) pursuit of changes to the policies that restricted women from some of these specialties and so on. My pilot, who'd just seen a movie based on a particular Stephen King novel, called me that one morning, and it stuck forever -- helped by the fact that my surname is Kuda.
Greg "Kwazi" Kimoto. Hawiian guy I knew in Osan AB 94-95. The last name got rearranged to "kwazi"moto. Then of course being lazy it was just shortened to "Kwazi". Kwazi Habla Japanese.

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