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This one was assigned by my buddies. Up to then I was known as "Hothead". Picked that one myself... First you got to understand I'm Dutch.
The ducth translation for "Fence" is "Hek"
The dutch translation for "Slap" is "Tik"
Ever noticed those fences when on finals? I managed to hit those with my gear. Two sorties in a row :-(
Horse Killer
I killed a retired race horse (which had been at stud for nearly 20 years) in Pennsylvania during an emergency landing of the SH-2F Seasprite Helicopter (during a NATOPS check flight). The worst thing? The horses name was Red Rebel.

My wife, as a joke, proceeded to create / established the "Equine Euthanasia Association" with business cards and everything. There were three of us - charter members (as it were). The check pilot (me), the pilot being evaluated, and the air crewman. They even heard about it at the Pentagon and years later, whenever I called the Pentagon, I was referred to as Horse Killer.

Clipped a lamp post when I was taxiing for take off for night navigation
Half Pint
Hardheaded Angry Little Fucker Possibly In Need of Therapy
Half Stroke
He was caught jerking off twice.
Ugliest sucker I ever knew - he made Herman Munster look like Brad Pitt
This guy stuttered all the time
As in Lecter...One of of our squadron (21FS) Flight Surgeons, also an F-16 pilot who, while flying a six-ship of Vipers trans-pacific, nauseated us with stories of becoming hungry when smelling cauterized human flesh in the operating room.
I always showed up in a good mood, tried to always stay positive in bad situations; to the point that it became a bit annoying to others. Unbeknownst to me, I gained a reputation for my overly positive attitude. One day my CO calls my last name and I responded with a cheerful 'Yes Sir' and a smile. Then he orders me to get my happy ass into his office to discuss something. Upon emerging from his office, my new callsign, 'happyass', was assigned. Not the one that I was hoping for, but it could have been so much worse. The shortened version, 'Happy', while seemingly better, had it's own issues with references to Santa's reindeer and the seven dwarfs.
First name Cory, do I need to explain?
I was on a bar overcrowded with some friends of the 92nd squadron (A-4 skyhawk pilots) and they started joking with a girl so i tried to be polite with her but instead I ''accidentaly'' throw the f*cking glass I was grabbing on her chest - I don't know how, someone hit me or pushed me... Well the fact is that I hit her real hard so I earned that nickname. Ain't so bad I think.
Kept believing that talking dirty was a good way to pick up women.
LT(JG) "Hash" Brown
Young female Navy Lt. whose last name was Johnson...enough said.
Have Quick
Intel chick in a squadron I was TDY with had a young LT she was trying to politely line out on briefing technique. He was ignoring her and after one of his awful briefs she tagged him Have quick because he sounded like one. The LT thought it was because he was complex. Priceless.
Hawaii 5-0
Not a pilot but work on hovercraft called LCACs with the Navy. Basically we went on an exercise in Hawaii called RimPac or Rim of the Pacific for those unfamiliar. One night I went out on the town, as the Navy does all too well, with a friend from my command, long story short I black out and somehow found my way to the beach and decided to take a nap in the sand. A few hours later I came to as I was being handcuffed and put into the back of a cop car. They took me to the military hotel in the area and i wasn't in the handcuffs for too long but had to call people from my unit to come pick me up. Henceforth known among my crew as "Hawaii 5-0". Pretty tame and not the worst callsign one can be called so I lucked out in the end.
Because of the shape of my nose and my sharp eyesight, I guess...
Ltjg. "Head-Up" Joas
CDR, USN, S-3 Pilot ... the guys last name was "Horstman"
Last name Bushroe. (Hedge = a row of bushes)
P*rn custodian...'nuff said.
Not because he was fat but Hefty like the trash bags...he was full of sh*t.
Our navigator was gun shy in regards to using the forward latrine on our platform. I was too, but I could hold it. We would lock the rear latrine when he was heading down from the outside of it to see how long he would stand there. One day he couldn't take the wait and eventually just pissed in the trashbag hung up in the very rear of our jet. While he was in fact a larger man, his callsign had nothing to do with his weight.
He got tricked into volunteering to clean the bathroom. He said that one of Hercules's tasks was to clean stables. Hey, if cleaning toilets makes you feel like a hero...
He Even Reads Odd. Guy had a speech impediment and would say the wrong words all the time when reading (exception instead of exemption, wired instead of weird, through instead of thorough, etc). Nice guy and a cool sign until he had to explain how he got it.
Last name was Peez.
Last name Silva.
Pronounced HI-"5". Last name Carrier so it is HIV carrier but more politically correct way of saying it.
High Tower
Flight Surgeon who experienced some difficulty during the high tower jump training portion of API at the Naval Air Station.
After a night of 4-5-What and closing down the Club, his wife wakes the kids, puts them in the car seats in their pajamas, drives to the club, pours the gentleman into his seat, drives him home. There, said gentleman realizes that maybe his night was a little too large. Hurled In-front-of Junior And Kids.
I grew up in the backwoods of kentucky ....need I say more.
Given by an A-7 driver while in Korat, Thailand in the early 1970s. He seemed to think I offered opinions without thinking. Some think I haven't changed in over 30 years!
Given to Danny Hamilton by one "Waldo" King while deployed to Korat, Thailand. Something to do with always "shooting from the hip"! (Waldo did come in second in Gunsmoke '87)
Last name Moe
Given to me by my MTI back at Lackland when he found out I had auditioned for the Disney Channel and other acting agencies before joining the Air Force. It followed me through Tech School at Sheppard AFB and Luke AFB.
Last name LaPope.
When our wing commander had told us that we were going to run 10 kilometres, I subsequently said: "Do'h!", catching the wing commanders attention. He was staring at me with a perplexed look on his face for like thirty seconds. After I was punished with a lot of push-ups, I got the callsign Homer.
Having a tendency to drool.
Early '70's, Olongopo City, Subic Bay PI...There was a curfew in effect from 2400-0600. The local bars closed at 2330... those ladies who did not have escorts, would be going home. I would be leaning against a wall and would say "I'm free all night"...My shipmates started calling me "Hooker" and it stuck...even to this day.
Wife flashed him during a re-fuel, before PC times he was called T**Ts, but changed to Hooter as not to offend.
They said I was either way ahead or way behind everyone the horizon.
Being a rather "husky" individual, my colleagues were at loss on what to call me. Names like "football" were tossed around. The crowd selected "Hoss" to indicate not only my "build" but to identify me with the crowd from the Ponderosa Ranch with the same last name. Heck...I was no "little joe" for sure!
It was what I came up with when told to submit a callsign during the IP upgrade class (F-100) at Luke in 1963. The Germans thought this callsign quite amusing when I later switched over to the F-104G training program.
During rifle training, I held the bare barrel of an SA80, instead of the barrel cover.
The literal transition in Spanish means "Eggs"! The slang translation would be "Balls". I received this call sign after graduating from pilot training based on my attempt of numerous flying accolades albeit safe, but very daring! It also rhymes with my last name!!
Was given this callsign due to the spelling of my last name when called out in two syllables ~ Hug He's (Hughes)
Normal people turn green when mad. Citizens to soldiers "Go Green" when angered by terrorism
Hellenic Air Force pilot, who likes hunting both with his aircraft (adversaries) and with his dogs (birds).
During a party where the pilots had a few he began eating raw eggs. For some reason his stomach didn't go along.
As a young 1stLt, got a little too liquored up on a chartered bus taking the squadron pilots and the wives to the USMC Birthday Ball. Barfed all over everything. Even managed to get barf on some of the wives was classic! Call sign was given as "Hurl".
A female pilot named Katrina.
I had real gravelly tones back in the force.
It comes from Jeckyl and Hyde, Jeckyl when sober and Hyde when drunk. Everyone at Kunsan seemed to like Hyde better.
Back when I started flying turkeys 25+ years ago, there were only a handful of female aviators. I had a wanna be super stud wso that didn't want to take no for an answer. After a few weeks of no results, he said I was like a lethal injection, killing him. A hypodermic Dr. Death. We ended up being inseparable. Did he ever succeed? Classified.

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