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F-16 Viper

Electric Jet - How the F-16 Became the World’s First Fly-By-Wire Combat Aircraft

By David Bellm
The desert sun shined down on the glistening red-white-and-blue airplane, sending heat rippling and distorting off its surface as it sat on the runway at Edwards Air Force Base. General Dynamics test pilot Phil Oestricher sat in the cockpit, making last-minute checks.

Rocourt dismantling complex

By Bjorn Claes
Since the end of the Cold War, numerous countries have reduced the number of combat aircraft. Belgium is certainly no exception to that. As much as 31 older airframes were stored at Weelde AB (NATO reserve field up to 1994) in anticipation of being sold on the international market. No buyer was found and all airframes where given up to be scrapped. This is how the story continues.....

Canopy of F-16 downed during Desert Storm returns home

By Jon Somerville
During a combat mission in 1991, F-16C #87-0257 from the 614th Tactical Fighter Squadron 'Lucky Devils' was shot down over Iraq during Operation Desert Storm. Its canopy was discovered by American ground troops in 2003 during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Now, almost fourteen years later, the only remaining part of #87-0257 will find a last resting place at the Pima Air and Space museum in Arizona. The retrieval of 257's canopy is a remarkable story, told here by the eye witnesses.

F-16 Fighting Falcon, F16, or Viper?

By Stefaan Vanhastel
Ever wondered about the origin of the name "F-16 Fighting Falcon"? Or is it F-16 Viper? And what is wrong with F16? This article provides a short overview of the official designation and names for the F-16 Fighting Falcon, and some of the commonly used nicknames.