F-35 Lightning II
F-35 Lightning II News
First flight of a Belgian Air Force F-35A
On May 14, 2024, the third F-35A destined for the Belgian Air Force completed its maiden flight. The aircraft took off from Lockheed Martin’s Fort Worth facility in Texas around 15:00h and flew for approximately one hour.
F-35B goes missing after pilot ejects following a mishap
Military officials are searching for an F-35 fighter jet in South Carolina after a mishap forced the pilot to eject. The jet was left in autopilot mode so there’s a possibility it was still airborne for a while.
Canada finalizes deal to acquire 88 F-35s
Canada announced the finalization of a $14.2 billion deal with the United States (US) government and Lockheed Martin with Pratt & Whitney for the acquisition of F-35 fighter jets for the Royal Canadian Air Force. The first planes are expected to enter the RCAF in 2026 with the full fleet being operational by 2033 or 2034.