F-35 Lightning II
F-35 Lightning II News
F-35B goes missing after pilot ejects following a mishap
Military officials are searching for an F-35 fighter jet in South Carolina after a mishap forced the pilot to eject. The jet was left in autopilot mode so there’s a possibility it was still airborne for a while.
Canada finalizes deal to acquire 88 F-35s
Canada announced the finalization of a $14.2 billion deal with the United States (US) government and Lockheed Martin with Pratt & Whitney for the acquisition of F-35 fighter jets for the Royal Canadian Air Force. The first planes are expected to enter the RCAF in 2026 with the full fleet being operational by 2033 or 2034.
Contract for production and delivery of up to 398 F-35s finalized
The F-35 Joint Program Office and Lockheed Martin have finalized the contract for the production and delivery of up to 398 F-35s for $30 billion, including U.S., international partners and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) aircraft in Lots 15 and 16, with the option for Lot 17.