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Eielson AFB F-16 undergoes in-flight emergency
An F-16 Fighting Falcon with the 18th Fighter Interceptor Squadron from Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, experienced an in-flight emergency during take-off at approximately 13:47h, on May 28, 2024.
79th ‘Tigers’ take on Checkered Flag 24-2, WSEP
The U.S. Air Force 79th Fighter and Fighter Generation Squadron ‘Tigers’ took part in Checkered Flag 24-2 and the Weapons System Evaluation Program (WSEP) at Tyndall Air Force Base from May 9-22, 2024. These exercises aimed to enhance air combat readiness alongside 5th-generation aircraft and validate weapons systems and tactics in realistic, large-scale training scenarios.
F-35B crashes in New Mexico; pilot suffers serious injuries
An F-35B Lightning II en route from Lockheed’s Fort Worth, facility, to Edwards Air Force Base, California, crashed after a refuelling stop at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico on Tuesday at 14.00h.
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F-16 Fleet Status
F-16 fleet - Jun 24, 2024
Fleet overview:
scrapped: 204
write-off: 621
preserved: 162
stored: 581
instructional: 120
on order: 123
active: 2864
Changes '23/'24:
Fleet adds: 22
Fleet drop: 60
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Today in F-16 history
24 Jun 1988
F-16 CTF completes testing of the General Electric F110-GE-100 jet engine.
Quote of the Day
Renting airplanes is like renting sex: It's difficult to arrange on short notice on Saturday, the fun things always cost more, and someone's always looking at their watch.
-- Unknown
F-16 Hall of Fame
F-35 Inlet Installed
USAF #83120
F-16C Block 25
Modified inlet as an X-35 test bed with General Electric F110-GE-129 engine. This inlet resembles the airflows that are created when flying with the X-35. The flight test program consisted of twelve flights flown in nine days in December 1996.
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Callsign of the day

Callsign "Stump"

I became a fighter pilot at the height of 5 feet, six inches, about normal size for a jet jockey. After ejecting twice (once, having been shot down in an F-100 over North Vietnam; next, having ejected from a crippled English Electric Lightning at night over the North Sea), I had lost about an inch and a half of altitude due the spinal compression fractures. Thus "Stump" was created. [Note: The callsign is NOT "Stumpy." I always took the implication as a mixed derision/compliment -- "short, but stalwart." Charlie Neel, Col, USAF, Retired
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Sierra Hotel
Latest Viper Drivers to reach 1K - 6K flying hours:
6,000 Hours 6,000 Hrs
Lt.Col. Mike "Brillo" Brill
| 466 FS | 421 FS  
5,000 Hours 5,000 Hrs
Lt.Col. David "Grits" Gritsavage
| 134 FS | 134 FS | 125 FS  
4,000 Hours 4,000 Hrs
Lt.Col. Emre Mert
| 151 Filo | 132 Filo | 132 Filo  
3,000 Hours 3,000 Hrs
2,000 Hours 2,000 Hrs
1,000 Hours 1,000 Hrs
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Crew Chief Profiles
Cpl. Ben Ang (added: 20 Jun 2024)
143 sqn
MSgt. Steve Jones (added: 18 Apr 2024)
19 FS | 19 FS | 19 FS
MSgt. Darrell Roderique (added: 8 Jun 2024)
306 TFS | 35 FS | 39 FLTS
Sgt. Michael Cassidy (added: 14 Jun 2024)
496 TFS
MSgt. Ken Bryant (added: 10 Jun 2024)
35 FS | 63 FS | 63 FS | 23 FS | 18 AGRS
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F-16 Unit
1 sqn (UAEAF)