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The Three Rules of Callsigns

  1. If you don't already have one, you will be assigned one by your "buddies".
  2. You probably won't like it.
  3. If you complain and moan too much about 1. and 2., you'll get a new nickname you'll like even less!

So, how do you get a callsign?

Do something stupid or have it fit with your last name. Obvious examples, 'Crash' or LT 'Cheese' Kraft. Sometimes it's based on a physical appearance thing like 'Carrot'. After you've earned the respect of your buddies, you'll get a more 'heroic' callsign.

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 (added: 5 Jun 2014)
Lt Gen Bill Rew, USAF (Ret), former ACC/CV.


 (added: 20 Jun 2014)
While in at VT-7 at NAS Meridian during the Strike phase my room mate was on final approach as he touched down he hopped three time down the runway and the the instructor came in to the ready room as asked if he was impersonating a Frog.


 (added: 25 Jun 2014)
Evidently the F-15E driver came a little "too close" to the lights on the approach end of the runway. (Chased the rabbit and killed it.) He always was fond of saying 'once an eagle, always an eagle', but that rabbit had no meat.


 (added: 28 Jun 2014)
Last name Chaffin...think about it


 (added: 2 Jul 2014)
We were TDY in Florida and always hung at this sports bar called Gators Dockside. The bar had two stuffed gators, one up on it's back legs and tail like it was jumpin outa the water the other was on all fours on the ground with its mouth open. One night after a long round of drinkin my buddy told me to wrestle the gator so thinkin he meant the one standing up I ran full speed at that joker not knowing it was very secure to the floor. I bounced so hard off that thing I flew back five feet and hit a table knockin all their drinks to the floor. After apologizing to the manager and buyin several rounds for the table behind us my buddy informed me he meant the bastard gator on the floor. Name stuck ever since.

Love Handle

 (added: 10 Jul 2014)
My friends father got his call sign because his friends decided to hide a condom under his pillow. After getting B*****d at by the DI for thirty minutes, he was forced to put the condom on the handle or grip of every gun he fired. (Hence the name)


 (added: 13 Jul 2014)
Only female pilot in the squadron; named after PMS or premenstrual syndrome

Puke Ass

 (added: 23 Apr 2014)
He was from Germany, last name was Hurlbut.


 (added: 28 Apr 2014)
Being the only female in the group she was constantly hit on in her first week or two, and it was a gamble whether she would respond kindly or slap the guy. Hence the dice part. The dirt part because once after all of us had a night out at the bar she managed to fall off a bridge we were walking over into a large pile of compost. She was the best pilot I have ever known, and Dirtdice managed to stick with her for about ten years.


 (added: 18 May 2014)
In the early 80s, women in the USAF / ANG weren't allowed to do a lot of the things our male counterparts could do. I was F4 crew (later F15 crew), and I was known not only for my love of dogs, but also for my rather aggressive (and kind of b*tchy) pursuit of changes to the policies that restricted women from some of these specialties and so on. My pilot, who'd just seen a movie based on a particular Stephen King novel, called me that one morning, and it stuck forever -- helped by the fact that my surname is Kuda.


 (added: 21 May 2014)
Last name Harder. Flying for the 14th FS, Misawa AB, Japan


 (added: 21 May 2014)
My pal and I were discussing callsigns before entering a briefing where they were at least vaguely decided. We found several that we thought were downright hilarious. When I went in and introduced myself, my buddy loudly proposed Barbie for mine and it stuck. It's all right though, he ended up with TwinkleToes for his.


 (added: 1 Jun 2014)
When i was training at the naval academy my gunny sargeant asked me what kind of name was St Onge. To which he would say stongie stongy stingy and so on...i said it was French and he said oh "frenchie" and it stuck forever!


 (added: 2 Jun 2014)
He had this callsign for four separate reasons: Reason 1: First name was Dick Reason 2: Last name was Beavers Reason 3: Used the fly the Stinkbug Reason 4: Aeronautically, he stunk. Put a T-38 into two houses on approach to Eglin due to pilot error.


 (added: 22 Mar 2012)
New Panton flight doc in the mid-80s. Kadena had just gone through their little homo pilot incident and the 67th Fighting Cocks were at the Kun supporting the Fiend's ORI. Cock flight doc just happened to visit the Panton doc while he was assessing a patient with a rectal foreign body. The patient was a crew chief and the FO was inanimate but by the time the story got back to the LPA and the 10% rule was applied, it was all over for the flight doc who forever more became Gerbil.


 (added: 23 Jun 2012)
I was a Crew Chief TDY to Vegas for red flag when myself and a few of our buddies to include a number of pilots, one of which happened to be the FS commander walked out into this open area of our hotel that had a couple of pools and hot tubs. When what do we see but one of our CAPT Pilots receiving oral from a stripper in a hot tub. Ever since he has gone by the name SCUBA ( Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus)


 (added: 8 Apr 2012)
RNoAF viperdriver with Japanese heritage


 (added: 10 Apr 2013)
F-15 pilot; based off of the stall warning alarm that I seemed to become familiar with


 (added: 24 May 2013)
I was a late-rated guy - spent my first few years as a Security Forces officer...so named after the rookie cop in Super Troopers...couple that with the fact that my wife and I had three children separated by 27 months - no twins - so you can imagine the rabbit comparison.


 (added: 6 May 2013)
RAF Hunter driver named Norton was called Vic, not short for Victor, but because he got up your nose.


 (added: 25 Jun 2013)
I was flying Skyraiders with a Vietnamese Wing. Never flew a "tail dragger" before, so I initally bounced too many times on landing... which became a joke among the VNAF pilots. My call sign translated from Vietnamese: Bouncer Dale Talley USAF Ret.


 (added: 14 Mar 2014)
While deployed to Guam, a B-52 Radar Navigator enjoyed a nice ride at The Viking. After getting a bit to hands on the "button" of the dancer, and getting jacked up by the bouncer is was determined he "Can't Handle Another Oriental Stripper".


 (added: 31 May 2013)
While #2 in a 4-ship RTB in the overhead, flamed out exactly as lead give me the kiss off


 (added: 3 May 2013)
Big Bald guy and at my nameage they had the taken my ISOPREP picture and cut and paste a small lightbulb into the frame to make it look like the old Adams Family Picture of Uncle Fester with the lightbulb in his mouth. The naming took about 6.9 seconds once the visual aid was shown to the crowd. Thanks McGoo!


 (added: 18 Aug 2012)
I was playing open mic night with 2 other aviators in my battalion. In the middle of a song, this huge fat woman with a terrible looking face sallied forth to my buddy playing bass. He promptly directed her to me, as she wanted to know 'who was doin all that sanging'...she proceeded to "freak me" in her attempts to distract me from playing my guitar. It was a horrible emotional event and I'll forever be scarred...everyone knew my callsign at the next command & staff meeting. - Oinker, Army Aviator, Ft. Hood, TX