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  • 090219-F-0000A-001.jpg
    Historical press cutting from Hahn Air Base, Germany, reporting on the release of prisoner of war Capt. William Andrews. Captain Andrews was captured after being shot down Feb. 27, 1991. He was a POW for one week before being released to the International Red Cross in Baghdad March 5. He received the Air Force Cross for heroism. [USAF Courtesy photo]
  • F16-ACAT-Edwards60cm-MetaVR.jpg
    A real-time VRSG scene featuring MetaVR's F-16 ACAT model in flight over virtual Edwards AFB. The model is from MetaVR’s 3D content libraries. [MetaVR photo]
  • F16-ACAT-dualdome-sim-illustration.jpg
    Illustration of the dual dome reconfigurable F-16 simulator system [MetaVR photo]
  • IMG_0772
    E-0176 as seen during RNoAF 100 years anniversary celebrations September 1st 2012. Apparently transfered from Danish AF to RNoAF as maintenance trainer
  • AFG-121120-004.jpg
    The Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System is designed to prevent Controlled Flight Into Terrain mishaps by executing an automatic recovery maneuver when terrain impact is imminent. The system predicts CFIT conditions by means of a continuous comparison between a trajectory prediction and a terrain profile that is generated from onboard terrain elevation data. At the instant the predicted trajectory touches the terrain profile; the automatic recovery is executed by the Auto GCAS autopilot. The automatic recovery consists of an abrupt roll-to-upright and a nominal 5-g pull until terrain clearance is assured. The Auto GCAS recovery maneuver can be terminated at any time by the pilot. [USAF graphic by Jet Fabara]
  • f16003a
    A "9g pin" given for flying to the 9 g limit in an F-16. Given by the program office office of General Dynamics in 1986. [photo by stargazer]
  • f16002a
    Certificate given by General Dynamics to F-16 incentive flyers in 1986. (photo by stargazer]
  • f16004a
    Squadron flight certificate given to incentive flights at Hahn AB Germany in 1986. [photo by stargazer]
  • 130802-Z-VI167-004
    Map of the mishap location
  • VT 331 & 326