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F-16 crashes on training mission at Holloman AFB, New Mexico
A USAF F-16 crashed while on a training mission in New Mexico, but the pilot managed to safely eject from the aircraft.
Turkish F-16 shoots down Russian Su-24 near Syrian border
Turkish military officials are reporting an F-16 has shot down a Russian aircraft which had violated its airspace sometime around 09:20hrs local time after repeated warnings. Online reports indicate the crew of the stricken jet ejected and were captured by Turkmen troops.
187 Fighter Wing F-16s return from Romania
187th Fighter Wing F-16s, approximately 150 Airmen and nearly 40 tons of support equipment from the 187th Fighter Wing Airmen have returned from a training mission in Campia Turzii, Romania.
F-16 Fleet Status
F-16 fleet - Nov 26, 2015
Fleet overview:
scrapped: 94
write-off: 581
preserved: 135
stored: 633
instructional: 103
on order: 65
active: 2964
Changes '14/'15:
Fleet adds: 30
Fleet drop: 90
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Today in F-16 history
Quote of the Day
If the Wright brothers were alive today Wilber would have to fire Orville to reduce costs.
-- Herb Kelleher, 1931-, founder Southwest Airlines, USA Today, June 8, 1994
F-16 Hall of Fame
Dorsal Spine
USAF #75750
In 1982 the 6th Full-Scale Development (FSD) aircraft was modified as Advanced Fighter Technology Integration (AFTI) testbed, which included the canards from the YF-16 CCV and a dorsal spine. The dorsal spine would eventually make it to some production model F-16s. First program was the Digital Flight Control System (DFCS) in which a total of 108 flights were executed untill July of 1983.
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Latest Viper Drivers to reach 1K - 6K flying hours:
6,000 Hours 6,000 Hrs

  Lt.Col. Mike "Brillo" Brill

| 466 FS | 421 FS  
5,000 Hours 5,000 Hrs

  Lt.Col. Robert "T. Rex" Carpenter , Jr

| 162 FW | 148 FS | 1 sqn  
4,000 Hours 4,000 Hrs

  Cdt. "Vrieske"

23 sqn | 31 sqn | 31 sqn | 31 sqn  
3,000 Hours 3,000 Hrs

  Maj. Özkan "Ozzy" Uysal

192 Filo | 192 Filo | 192 Filo  
2,000 Hours 2,000 Hrs
1,000 Hours 1,000 Hrs
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Crew Chief Profiles

 A1C. Arie Church

 (added: 24 Nov 2015)
121 FS

 CMSgt. Gary Martin

 (added: 29 Jul 2008)
61 FS | 61 FS | 19 FS | Air Demonstration Squadron | 60 sqn

 SSgt. Jack Walberg

 (added: 20 Nov 2010)
18 AGRS | 18 AGRS | 310 FS | 310 FS | 35 FS

 TSgt. Jesus Gaston Rivera

 (added: 19 Jul 2008)
310 FS | 36 FS | 510 FS | F-117 | 80 FS | 310 FS | 8 FW

 MSgt. Jordan Haines

 (added: 15 Apr 2009)
F-4 | 63 FS | 80 FS | 70 FS | C-141
F-16 Unit
11 sqn "Arrows" (PAF)