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Jordanian F-16 crashes, pilot killed
A Royal Jordanian Air Force F-16 crashed shortly after take-off today due to what seems to be technical difficulties. The pilot Maj. Ayed Ahmad al-De'ajah was unfortunately killed in the accident.
F-16 pilot ejects on flight line at Osan Air Base
A U.S. Air Force fighter pilot ejected from an F-16 Fighting Falcon assigned to the 36th Fighter Squadron at approximately 17:00hrs after landing from a training mission.
Denmark pulls F-16 jets back from anti-ISIS operation
In a planned move, Denmark is pulling back its seven F-16 fighter jets from a US-led multinational air campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
F-16 Fleet Status
F-16 fleet - Dec 6, 2016
Fleet overview:
scrapped: 104
write-off: 589
preserved: 137
stored: 625
instructional: 103
on order: 53
active: 2964
Changes '15/'16:
Fleet adds: 28
Fleet drop: 54
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Today in F-16 history
6 Dec 1990
Portugal orders 20 F-16s (Peace Atlantis I) becoming the 17th customer.
Dec 2003
block 60 F-16 makes first successfull flight.
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Quote of the Day
I would recommend a solo flight to all prospective suicides. It tends to make clear the issue of whether one enjoys being alive or not...
-- T. H. White, England Have My Bones, 1936.
F-16 Hall of Fame
Sparrow Tester
USAF #01568
The aircraft used to perform some tests with the AIM-7 Sparrow missile. Only with the introduction of the ADF version of the F-16, a BVR missile capacity was added to the airframe.
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Callsign of the day

Callsign "Scooter"

Got the callsign while being dragged on my rear behind a 4-wheeler.
Sierra Hotel
Latest Viper Drivers to reach 1K - 6K flying hours:
6,000 Hours 6,000 Hrs

  Lt.Col. Mike "Brillo" Brill

| 466 FS | 421 FS  
5,000 Hours 5,000 Hrs

  Lt.Col. Robert "T. Rex" Carpenter , Jr

| 162 FW | 148 FS | 1 sqn  
4,000 Hours 4,000 Hrs

  Cdt. "Vrieske"

23 sqn | 31 sqn | 31 sqn | 31 sqn  
3,000 Hours 3,000 Hrs

  Lt.Col. James W. "J.P." Penland (Ret.)

| 1 TFS | 1 TFS | F-4  
2,000 Hours 2,000 Hrs
1,000 Hours 1,000 Hrs

  Lt.Col. Tomasz Jatczak

| Mig 29 | Mig 21  
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Crew Chief Profiles

 SSgt. Brandon York

 (added: 20 Dec 2012)
310 FS | 57 FW

 MSgt. Jack Thomas, Jr.

 (added: 14 Sep 2008)
170 FS | 457 FS | 125 FS | 113 FS | 188 FS | 170 FS

 Capt. George McMillen

 (added: 17 Apr 2009)
63 FS | 63 FS | 36 FS | 523 FS | 36 FS | 163 FS | C-17 | C-17

 SSgt. Joe Lyons

 (added: 3 Jan 2008)
309 FS | 68 FS | 68 FS | 425 FS | 21 FS

 SMSgt. Brian Seabury

 (added: 22 Feb 2012)
35 FS | 310 FS | 614 TFS | 72 FS | 310 FS
F-16 Unit
16 sqn (UAEAF)