F-16, F-22 and F-35 News
First operational F-35As arrive at Hill AFB
The Air Force ushered in a new era of combat air power today as Hill Air Force Base received the service's first two operational F-35As.
Airline intercepted by F-16s from Buckley AFB
The F-16s from the 140th wing COANG were scrambled out of of Buckley AFB shortly after 18.00h Friday evening to intercept a flight in route from Las Vegas to Frankfurt Germany. The F-16s were scrambled to intercept Condor Flight 83 when the pilot declared an in flight emergency due to an unruly passenger.
F-22 inaugural deployment to Europe
Four F-22 Raptors, one C-17 Globemaster III, and approximately 60 Airmen arrived at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, to train with allied air forces and U.S. services through mid-September.
F-16 Fleet Status
F-16 fleet - Sep 4, 2015
Fleet overview:
scrapped: 94
write-off: 579
preserved: 134
stored: 633
instructional: 103
on order: 66
active: 2969
Changes '14/'15:
Fleet adds: 30
Fleet drop: 85
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Today in F-16 history
4 Sep 2006
FACh accepts first F-16 from second-hand order.
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Sep 1995
Maj. Robert Nolan and Capt. Gerald Swift win the 1995 Semper Viper award, after Swift (on his first-ever F-16 ride) successfully landed their F-16 from the backseat under quidance from Nolan (whose stick was broken).
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4 Sep 2005
F-16C block 25 #84-1254 is the first C-model viper worldwide to surpass the 6,000 flying-hours milestone.
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Quote of the Day
The only thing worse than a captain who never flew as copilot is a copilot who once was a captain.
-- Unknown
F-16 Hall of Fame
Ground Zero
USAF #91401
F-16C Block 52
Wore 13 mission markings and 4 HARM markings for Operation Enduring Freedom. The nose art is of a fireman at ground zero reaching for a soldier and large american flag.The art work is by TSgt. Robbie Leist and SSgt. Chad Marks. However, the 389 did not fire any Harms during OEF, so the HARM markings are from previous OSW deployments.
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Sierra Hotel
Latest Viper Drivers to reach 1K - 6K flying hours:
6,000 Hours 6,000 Hrs

  Lt.Col. Mike "Brillo" Brill

| 466 FS | 421 FS  
5,000 Hours 5,000 Hrs

  Lt.Col. Robert "T. Rex" Carpenter , Jr

| 162 FW | 148 FS | 1 sqn  
4,000 Hours 4,000 Hrs
3,000 Hours 3,000 Hrs

  Cdt. "Q"

350 sqn | 350 sqn | 350 sqn  
2,000 Hours 2,000 Hrs

  Capt. Emre Mert

| 151 Filo  
1,000 Hours 1,000 Hrs

  Capt. Mike "Jack" Handy

35 FW | AT-38  
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Crew Chief Profiles

 SMSgt Jeff Horton

 (added: 28 Aug 2015)

 TSgt Pablo Jimenez

 (added: 14 May 2009)
79 FS | 13 FS | 388 FW | 13 FS | 366 FW

 TSgt. John Lanier

 (added: 13 Jan 2007)
613 TFS | 613 TFS | 78 FS | 35 FS

 SMSgt. Kenneth Isgrigg

 (added: 13 Aug 2015)
18 TFW | 61 FS

 CMSgt. Timothy Stavely

 (added: 13 Aug 2015)
61 FS
F-16 Unit
112 FS "Stingers" (USAF ANG)