F-22 Raptor News
Alaska Reservist reaches 1,000 F-22 flight hours
Maj. Chad Newkirk, a Reserve F-22 pilot assigned to the 477th Fighter Group, is the eleventh pilot in Air Force history and fourth pilot in the 477th FG to reach 1,000 flight hours in the F-22 during a sortie in April.
F-22 pilot reaches 1,000 flight hours
Four-year-old Steve Rainey sat on the hood of his father's car at a local airshow watching the small airplanes and helicopters at the airport. When the Thunderbirds in their F-100s sped by, Rainey fell off the car, looked up at the sky and thought, "I've got to do that."
Lockheed awarded $68M contract for F-22 work at Hill AFB
The Air Force has awarded Lockheed Martin a $67.8 million contract to help finish a year's worth of maintenance and repair work for the F-22 Raptor at Hill Air Force Base, Utah.
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