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Always Humping Asian B**ches. Because that's all he did.


Guy was the smallest pilot in the squadron


Ass Blaster. Had the ability to clear a room by breaking wind. Rumor was he was in bed with a girl, lit one, and it was so bad she got dressed and left.


Got the name at Osan as squadron SMO. The first week on the job had multiple FUBARs in MX that risked life, limb, and property. Found some inbred and corrupt junk going on with SNCOs and NCOs... cleaned house, shot the puppies between the eyes, and moved on. Brought sharp younger kids up to the starting line-up. Within a month, the kids were hitting home runs and all was well. I guess more than five "kills" makes you an "Ace" - hence the name.


E-6 Wing Commander. Back when he was in pilot training, his girlfriend (eventual wife) came to his graduation. He was caught with her in the backseat of her car. The story preceded him to his first assignment, where they promptly gave him his callsign: Anal Cavity Explorer.


A young LT in our squadron, stands for 'Always Fit in any A$$ Hole'...


Given to me by my fellow maintence workers! Even though I am not a pilot since it was embraced by my pilots and I think it qualifies! They still call me by it 5 yrs later! Fresh out of Tech School and First TDY at red flag in 02! We were at Nellis AFB and I went out Drinking with my pilots. It was also a few months after my 21st birthday. Needless to say I did not have much of an alcohol tolerance built up yet! Trying to keep up with the pilots was a bad idea! It started off with. You’re walking like you have pillows on your feet! Then progressed to Flippers! Then to you walk like a duck! AFLACK!!!!!!! From the duck of the aflac commercials, Spelled different to avoid being sued!


A man named Payne.


Another Huge A** B*itch. Always seemed to pick up the bigger girls.


Pretty vain and looked like a model apparently... i.e. air fix model. He was an engineer though , not a pilot - hence the fix part...


Annoying Little F**k


My Boss in the 35th Fighter Squadron at Kunsan AB, ROK was Capt Mike Buck, now Retired LTC. He was new to the fighter world from being an instructor pilot at UPT and he was getting a second degree in Physics so he could get a slot in Test Pilot School at Edwards. I guess his first degree was in like, French or something non scientific. Well, this guy liked space stuff, stories, airships, space ships, pretty much everything outer space oriented, so I figured he was really an Alien trying to get back to his mothership. During one of our fighter sweeps, where the entire squadron hits the local town to party it up, drink some drinks from every bar in the dive town, then catch some STD they haven't discovered a cure for yet...we had Capt Buck up on stage and the unit was throwing out names. So I started going around through the crowd telling people that we had to get him back to his spaceship soon because he was an Alien...and vola! If anyone know's Mike Buck, tell him to look me up. Don Juice Welch


Had this new guy in the squadron by the name of Varsonofy Krestovozdvizhensky. After the first day, everybody just called him Alphabet.


He disappeared so frequently from work they had to send out the [insert callsign] for him to come back.


Thunderbird 9 - Flight Doc. Always nice - gets really yappy. Perfectly described his personality


Let's just say the guy wasn't Jewish.


During F-16 FWIC, this guy was supposed to be a docile Red Air target for his fellow studs trying to pass the intercepts phase. However, he insisted on aggressively shooting at his fellow classmates and screwing up their intercepts. Thus "Apex", after the Soviet AA-7 missile.


Last name Creed


This guy had a personality like a B-52 strike


Got it at Sheppard AFB in tech training. Instructor caught me staring off into blank space while I was writing up practice forms and told me to "come back from Narnia". Gave me the nickname after the lion from the Narnia series


'Maj. Jeff 'Assid' Neilson: I got the callsign at Kunsan in '92. They were going to name me Ajax, but decided it wasn't caustic enough. Plus, the spelling... When in Saudi or similar mideast countries, the accent is placed on the second syllable.'


My illustrious colleagues at Sheppard Googled my name and found my Doppelganger is a 5'2" amateur adult film star advertising her business. Well apparently she specializes in a niche called "A** To Mouth", and needless to say the name stuck.


I was the Superintendent of the F-15 Alert at Osan AB, SKorea. One of the Rodan pilots, and fellow Macintosh enthusiast, was a Captain Meadows. Hence, Audrey.


Was given because "let the axe fall" I was an IP and got the chance to lower the axe on a few students

Other callsigns

A.B., A.J., Abduhl, Ace, Ace T, Al, Alien, Angel, Animal, Ape, Argon, Arie, Awol, ...