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No Apparent Fear Of Death.

I was an Ensign in my first fleet squadron, The Golden Warriors (VA-87). We were doing carrier qualifications on either the Kennedy or the America, I can't remember which. It was 40 years ago. Lt Bob "Wimpy" Christiansen was my Landing Signal Officer (LSO) and nicknamed me NAFOD for getting 6 out of 10 1 wires in the daytime. The target is the 3 wire of 4 total. My night traps were fine but I was "spotting the deck" in Navy parlance during the daytime, which is not a good thing.

Sadly Wimpy was killed a few years later flying into the water. Great guy. Probably saved my ass. RIP

AFA Grad obtained this for having NA on SA
F-15 pilot, last name Sharp
Opposite of Fun. NUF was a single guy that acted like a 80-year old grandpa when it came time to push up the fun meter.
Woman Marine Hornet backseater went to hang with guys in a "gentleman's club" while in a foreign country. She decided she was more athletic than any of the girls on stage. Got up on stage, swung around the pole, promptly lost her grip, flew off stage and went headfirst into a chair, resulting in a Harry Potter like scar on her forhead and a new callsign - NADS for "Not A Decent Stripper"
Not A Guy First Marine Corps F/A-18 female weapon system office (WSO)
Charles McDaniel was an instructor in advanced jet instruction. He was a hard grader, believed that if he passed a pilot who was killed due to lack of proper training, it would be his fault. When he passed a pilot as being jet proficient, that pilot was ready for the fleet and combat. He was considered to be an excellent instructor and hard as nails.
While on light duty, I was assigned expeditor duty. It was mid winter 2000 and I would get into the truck, turn off the heat, open the side door and window and drive the flightline. Several of the crew chiefs complained it was warmer outside then inside. I was told I reminded one of the guys of the eskimo from cartoons in the 60's and 70's called Nanook from the North. Name stuck.
Short for "Narcoleptic", depending on if I'm telling the story or one of my buddies is, I either fell asleep or passed out from heat exhaustion under one of the Huey helicopters while taking a fuel sample. Of course no one's going to let you forget something like that!
Last name Apsey
Admin girl in charge of entering all our flight hours and currency data was Never At The Office (NATO). Where the hell is guessed it...NATO.
A bad landing causes unnecessary wear and tear to the fighter's landing gear, like on an aircraft carrier.
On a first TDY to Warner Robins ALC GA, the Lt Col got lost, was late to first meeting with the F-15 Colonel. Told story of why the Lt Col was late: wrong turn at the We Bare All neon sign on I-75 south, lost in the dark woods, took him all night to get the locals to turn him loose. Colonel awards call sign Ned for being late...after Ned Beatty in Deliverance...southern locals were a bit too friendly, so goes the tale.
i was trying to look nice for the girls, and i came out with hair looking like "Jimmy Newtron" the sad part is, a girl was the one that called it first.
New One
New guy
New Two
Other new guy
Blue Angels' flight surgeon... her last name was... Johnson.
This former F-111 pilot shows up at Kunsan for his first Viper tour and wouldn't shut the f**k up about the F-111. We named him Nogas - No One Gives A Shit!
I was on a deployment to Nellis for a Red Flag in 2000. While in our mission planning room an unknown pilot showed up and just began rambling on and chatting up anyone who'd listen. After he finally left, another pilot who knew him says, "I see you met NOGAS". So I reply, "NOGAS?". He says back, "Yeah, NOGAS for No One Gives A $h!t". This one pilot obviously talks too much and all about nothing.
King of the brown nosers. Nose Operating Generally Under Nut Sack.
A friend of mine is an F-15C pilot in the 493rd FS at RAF Lakenheath. His call sign is NOID. The way he got it was one day, as he went up for a BFM engagement, he did a great job. He shot up all of the targets, including his flightmates! His problem? No visual ID... hence the name NOID. (Mark Andrews)
SERE guy who was impossible to piss off (no-mad) and wandered around showing up in weird places seemingly being everywhere at once.
As in no maximum limit. Christian R. owns the nick so do not nick it :-P
I'm very undecided
AWACS pilot took the AF's offer to cross from heavies into the fighter world in the mid-to-late 90's. Even though he wasn't an ABM to provide situational awareness (SA), his callsign had double-special meaning cuz, he generally had NO SA but, he came from a bird that was to provide SA to the fight! Hence, he was dubbed NOSA. He was also dubbed Data as in the Star Trek: Next Generation character since he had about as much personality as Data!
It was a STOVL trial of a prototype F-35B not so long ago. He was uncomfortably close to the ground and coming in for a landing and the pilot threw his nose down to far. Luckily, he recovered and landed shortly after, but we still call him 'nosey' for that.
Very religious guy (and not a bad dude either), reportedly still a virgin. Hence... Never Once Touched C**t Hair. That has to be one of the best callsigns in Air Force History.
Every person in the squad gave this guy a different nickname, so we all just decided to call him "Knotty" short for "Name of the Day"
Fighter jock - last name Bright!
Last name Swift. Now a Fleet Commander.
Turned onto final high and fast with an instructor. He said "Now how you gonna get down?" And I showed him the *wrong* way to lose altitude on approach!
This LT had a tendency to get "behind the jet", kind of like an exhaust nozzle.
Last name - Yeates
Wasn't strong enough to get the overhead hatch open .. Hence No Upper Body Strength
After a lengthy Friday at the squadron bar, Spike and Mo got hungry and raided the squadron fridge. They found a leftover McDonald's bag and discovered some chicken McNuggets. After devouring the remaining morsels, they came up with the question, "What do you get when you finish chicken McNuggets?" - "McCrums!". As far as i know, Kevin McCrum is the only Air force pilot with that call sign.
One young newcomer decided to tell us about how he had not finished Medical college. Sooo... since he was not a Doctor, he must be a Nurse!
Embarrassing incident in the 'O' bar
Last name Chaffin...think about it

Other callsigns

Naily , Neck , Nokka , Nooch , Noodle , Norm , Nuke , ...
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