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July 1990 - Sitting in weaponeering class, which was part of learning to fly the A-6 Intruder.

One of my classmates turned to me and said “I heard you have a poodle”, in the same tone you would use if you caught someone in the middle of some deviant act.

I replied “so what?”.

He (a marine) was outraged. “It must be your wife’s dog, right?” Not being smart enough to see the dignified exit, I vigorously defended our little dog. Big mistake. He turned to the rest of the class and announced “Patrick has a fucking little Fifi poodle, and likes him!”

I’m now almost 60 years old, and my close Navy friends still call me Fifi.
Apparently I'm the horniest guy in our squadron
F*@# Is She Huge. When she looks like Xena: Warrior Princess
Forgot I was on hot mike at an inopportune time. Indeed, I wasn't shouting "F-You!" to no one in particular. Nope. I said it and God and everybody (including the target of said F-Bomb) could hear it. Oops!
Funny accent guy.
Fan Song
Has very very big ears.... like the Fan Song SA-2 Fire Tracking radar
F**k, Another New Guy...not a bad call sign actually, until I was told what it stood for :)
Lt Franklin Art (F.Art)
Fat Al
Previous call sign was "Fatal", one day his wife was waiting for him when she called out "Hey, Fat Al" and that changing his call sign...
'Cdr. Al 'Fatal' Krause, USN, checked into VF-154 as XO. He was a large man who had collected the call sign 'Fat Al.' The skipper thought that name was less than dignified for the XO of a squadron, so he was re-branded with a contracted name.'
Chris Franklin, Senior Airman at the time at Osan AB, ROK. Upon arrival it was decided that his bodily appearance was....odd shaped....being that his proud beer gut seemed to resemble a square or 'box'. Hence 'Fatbox'.
Repeat offender for supersonic in non-supersonic airspace. FaTSo (FAster Than SOund). This was a hostile renaming after being mistaken for a UFO. Primary callsign was sufficiently bribed off.
During fighter qualification volunteered to fly extra night ground attack (night owl) missions after having qualified in all categories. . Consensus that I was either a dumbshit or fearless.Fortunately squadron mates at the alcohol fueled naming ceremony liked the alliteration of Fearless Fred. Thank God!
Young F-4E 1LT in Germany during his initial checkout. Lost control of the jet on takeoff roll and went into the mud. Great fighter pilots have "great hands". This guy didn't, thus "feet".
Then Lt. Greg F. Got his name after a couple of fender benders (little car accidents)
Capt. Mike Parker, 313TFS. From the TV show Gunsmoke.
Big Bald guy and at my nameage they had the taken my ISOPREP picture and cut and paste a small lightbulb into the frame to make it look like the old Adams Family Picture of Uncle Fester with the lightbulb in his mouth. The naming took about 6.9 seconds once the visual aid was shown to the crowd. Thanks McGoo!
F-14 RIO with a very young “baby face” was called Fetus, before political correctness ruled the waves.
I cant say my "r's" and "th's" right. And I reminded them of Fez in that 70's Show
F! Im Good Just Ask Me
I was one of the earlier female flight surgeons, especially to a fighter squadron. On arrival at Kunsan I was assigned to the 35TFS SME. I held my breath as I heard the two callsigns in the running were "fingers"---come on, you all know why, and I actually have extremely small hands, even for a female----and "nurse" because that is what everyone assumed I was when I got off the bus from Osan. I think it is safe to admit now, I HATED the thought of "nurse". One of the pilots who arrived at the same time went with me as we did most of the early errands we had to do: buy party suits, sweep shirts, etc...his callsign was "flounder"... a la Animal House. I told him once I hated that they had put no effort into his callsign. He said, well, it was better than the alternative, "Colonel". Why "colonel"? Since we were together so in the KFC statement, finger licking good. I also prefered "Flounder" after that.
Colonel James 'Firefly' Jones - Kerosene left on runway accidently lit during takeoff, giving the appearance of the plane leaving a trail of fire whilst flying off into the air
He drinks a lot
(Related to me by the "holder" of the callsign.) Tall, solidly built female EA-6B ECMO was tagged with FISH (F*ck Is She Huge!).
Fondles Intimately Squadrons Testicles. Usually reverved for flight meds.
Fizz Explosively - Went into the altitude chamber, forgetting the part bottle of Pepsi I had in my pocket.
Welcome to the fighter community "Flake" on my orders to Miramar to fly F-14D's. With the last name of Snow, it could have been worse so no complaints.
While #2 in a 4-ship RTB in the overhead, flamed out exactly as lead give me the kiss off
I was in a mock dogfight on the F-16, my first one. I don't remember many details, but I do remember I was stressed, excited and desperately wanted to win. All of that blurred my judgment and the bandit "launched" a 120 in BVR. I notched it, but instead of chaff, I deployed flares... That's how I got my callsign.
While going through F-16 RTU in '85 I was known for drinking "afterburners" or flaming tequila shots by pouring them at arm's length into my mouth. After too many drinks one night I couldn't get a shot to light and someone suggested I try it with rum. In my infinite wisdom I did, the rum spilled around my face and I ran into the restroom while slapping my face in an attempt to put out the fire. Showing up on Monday with my face wrapped in bandages and 2nd and 3rd degree burns (obviously no flying for a while) the squadron went through a wide variety of names before settling on "flash". Man, did I get lucky!
Passed out and had a heart attack in Kunsan during an exercise while wearing MOPP 4.
Lazy a$$ driver who whenever there was alot of work to be done around the hangar used to flee!!
Acronym name given to metrose*ual little B-Courser from the Netherlands by the 195th FS at the class solo party. Lt H.'s appearance was confirmed by his license plate, which said 'LUVMAKR' . Acronym stands Fu**ing Loser Ego Maniac. FLEM.
a muscular guy
Jeep Lieutenant came in high AOA into Incirlik,Turkey, thus creating quite a light show as he ground the speedbrakes on the runway!
Full name was Felix, squadron just decided to shorten it, also because I have a habit of flicking people on the forehead when I get annoyed at them (which is often).
Lt. M. "Flossy" S. She had no discernible panty line.
The bladder the size of a thimble and a propensity to urinate at the slightest provocation.
1) The guys on my ship thought I was too nice of a guy, so they called me 'Fluffy'. 2) My wingmen had a few beers with the guys on my ship, they swapped stories, and the callsign followed me to the squadron. 3) The true story I tell to the public (and the ladies that still want to talk to me after they learn my callsign) is that I have very, very soft landings!
standard nickname for the new guys
Found On Road Dead. After a mission, had a few drinks at the Sqn at Shady J. Then goes and passes out on the grass outside the Sqn.
Viper driver from 31 SQN, Kleine Brogel who, untrained, runs like the best of us. With minor training he's in the shower already when the rest is still finishing the yearly PT run.
High time F-16 Flight Surgeon with over 700 hours in the Viper. Was recently seen flying high-aspect BFM ride while also proudly displaying his MediCare card (he had just turned 65) He is clearly quite well preserved despite his advancing age, hence Fossil.
Malaysian's very first female fighter jet pilot was trying to land her MiG-29 but there seemed to be something wrong with her oxygen supply or tank. She cursed, "Fuck this OXYgen" hence the callsign.
Dual meaning callsign. 1) My former Vice Wing/CC looked just like Kelsey Grammer's character, Dr. Frasier Crane. 2) Another guy was a real smart@$$, so at first, people started calling him "Frasier", because he seemingly knew so much. Later, we actually got a pilot named Frazier in the squadron, so we renamed "Frasier" to "Cliff", as in Frasier's bar pal "Cliff Clavin". Cliff should've been his name to begin with. He wasn't particularly smart, he was just a smart@$$.
Freddy Krueger - he was frightning to fly with, as mad as box of frogs!
Free Willy
Prowler ECMO who used the relief tube, and forgot to zip up until he stepped out of the aircraft.
'He flew Starfighters with the RNlAF and had a different call sign and was being converted to the F-16. The big difference was that the F-16s joystick didn't move (as we all know) and the starfighters did. And 'Freeze' kept jancking on the stick while he wasn't trying for a high-G turn. His instructor kept yelling FREEZE!. So 'freeze's' mates found that so funny that they'd change his nickname to freeze.'
When i was training at the naval academy my gunny sargeant asked me what kind of name was St Onge. To which he would say stongie stongy stingy and so on...i said it was French and he said oh "frenchie" and it stuck forever!
Flew Right Into Big A$$ Tower. A USAF pilot on loan to a NAVY VAQ hit a guide wire to a big tower. It spun/flipped/rolled him in all different directions/axis and he pulled the handle without knowing he would make it. He pulled at just the right moment and walked away. The aircraft clipped the tower.
A guest had brought some French Cheese to the bar along with some salami and other goodies. This well-intentioned Lt, working behind the Sq bar, decided to put this particular cheese in the refrigerator. Wrong move. It was Brie, which HAS to be served at room temp when it is at its oozing best. No class.
That guy lost his engagement ring during a party in a las vegas stripclub.
While in at VT-7 at NAS Meridian during the Strike phase my room mate was on final approach as he touched down he hopped three time down the runway and the the instructor came in to the ready room as asked if he was impersonating a Frog.
Capt. Alfred Frohlich
Last name "Hines."
Prowler pilot's last name was Hein
The Blues once had a pilot named Packer. His callsign... Fudge. It was even listed in their program. I don't know how it got by the political correctness police. Especially since it was the post-tail hook era.
Hawaiian guy whose name was Aina (pronouned eye-nah) put fudge in front of that one and you can figure it out
Pronounce "Foo-Fah". Was originally given a less than flattering callsign that he did not like, and tried to change it himself. A few weeks later a callsign review board was held, and he got so angry that he stood up and exclaimed "I don't care what you guys call me, it could be Fu*k Face for all I care!" OK, Fu*k Face it is.
F**k You My Brother Aviators. New guy gets piss drunk at the pilot meeting prior to his naming and starts going off on all of his instructors. Telling them how they suck and are worthless compared to him (brand new out of the school house punk). The rest is history...almost. He changed his own name to Strafe at his next assignment, because, well, he's a douche.
F**k you new guy, you suck.
Funky Cold
Active Duty Navy since 2001 and my last name is obviously people started calling me Funky Cold since 2001. The funny thing was that I have no idea what it meant when I first heard of it. The guys showed me the video and from there it stuck!
F**k you Zonker - We were RTB from some B-course mission in Tucson, AZ, formation landing was planned as a primary recovery option. It went not bad until last moments before touchdown - Zonker (Flightlead C/S) decided that I was too unstable on his wing and we have to do it again. So he decided to go around, but being so close to the RWY I decided to land and he went onto downwind for second attempt. Not seeing me on his wing he called me over the radio and asked about my position to which I replied that I have landed and I am taxing back already.

Other callsigns

Farmer , Festus , Finch , Fist , Flash , Fletch , Flip , Fred , Frenchie , Furball , ...
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