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Hellenic air force pilot received this callsign while training training with the USAF, after the god of rain of the Zuni indians, due to his excellent evaluation results in heavy rain.
Second Time's A Charm While under F-16 Conversion Course in the 195th FS, after 8 years of "phlying" the F-4E Phantom, to indicate the transitioning from a legendary aircraft to a charming one. It was appointed during a "phantastic" naming party in the FS' bar on a Friday afternoon after the last jet landed.
True Story: F-16 pilot with this call sign was in the process of transferring a F-16 from SC to Louisiana for a Hurricane evacuation. As soon as the pilot leveled off about FL26. He had an IFE with a engine warning light. Without declaring IFE or contacting ATC he dove through airspaces and aimed for nearest field: KXNO. Luckily, the FD was out fueling fire trucks that morning. His wingman performed a low altitude high speed pass over the field to get our attention. There was no communication with ATC tower at XNO, nor was it staffed at the time. Even then they probably only heard static on the radio. I was one of the firefighters that day and noticed the F-16 parked at the end of the runway aiming off the end. We responded to safety the aircraft (pinned gear, and chocking a/c) and allowed for safe shutdown. Mechanics later determined had the engine run for a couple more minutes it could have exploded. It was actively leaking oil out the engine when it landed.
Stop Talking Or I'll Kill You.... Ever debriefed a guy that has more to say than the IP?
Maj. Michele S.
First name Paul.
Every squadron has a guy or two like this. Thinks he knows everything, will argue over how right he thinks he is.

Self Appointed Guru Of Everything.

Female at Hill not really concerned with flying the Viper, but was more concerned with getting on TV, in the paper, etc. Missed more than one training session, academics, etc for less-than-important reasons. When she missed something important for a hair appointment, she got a new callsign...SAINT. Salons Are Important, Not Training.
RNoAF viperdriver with Japanese heritage
First name Cesar
Apparently a guy who had a hard time closing the deal. (use your imagination)
Student Aviator Lacking Situational Awareness. One of my instructor's callsigns here in flight school. He got it when he was a student, and it has stuck with him.
His last name was Sandberg, but his co-pilot capabilities were more reminiscent of a "sandbag".
We were out on parade and for no reason I just fell asleep - hence "touched by the SANDMAN"
I've been told I have a high intimidation factor.
Her last name was Woo
WWII commander of a Navy TBF Avenger Squadron haggled a great deal on a souvenir (goat?) from an Arab trader. As he walked away, the old trader repeatedly yelled "Scoofer!" ("crook!") at him.
Got the callsign while being dragged on my rear behind a 4-wheeler.
Alabama judge called me "scooter" in front of my immediate chain of command who were "character" witnesses at a hearing for me doing 102mph in a 55mph zone (also a well known speed trap, which I didnt know). The ticket got tossed, but the nick name followed me forever.
A-10 Pilot at my a previous duty station. He had the flare CMDs set to dispense before taking off, as soon as the plane got in the air, the weight on wheels detector flipped, and the plane started dumping out flares all over the run way.
LT Chris "scorpion" Rodot. Flew a f4 phantom with a real scorpion in my flight suit . itching all the way and back only to find out that i got the little bugger on a stop over mission in the desert. never got stung and the name stayed with me all along
USAF Captain I met at Camp Red Cloud, around 1997. Last name was Tam.
I was assigned this name way back in 1965. It was based on the first three letters of my name and the bit of a gut or tum I then had. Like in your article as I gained respect I was then "MOOSE" I think as a reference to my size.
Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus - got caught getting a bj in a hot tub in Vegas during Red Flag
I was a Crew Chief TDY to Vegas for red flag when myself and a few of our buddies to include a number of pilots, one of which happened to be the FS commander walked out into this open area of our hotel that had a couple of pools and hot tubs. When what do we see but one of our CAPT Pilots receiving oral from a stripper in a hot tub. Ever since he has gone by the name SCUBA ( Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus)
Drunk, hungry, and desperate, I stole the Captain’s fries.
Short dynamite aviator
Albeit a cool sounding callsign the story behind it makes it qualify. I made it through college on a scholarship for the martial arts team. I taught martial arts in various styles both in the service and in the civilian world as well. I had been given a couple of variations of "Miyagi" to "KK" (short for "karate kid") and even WOWO ("wax on, wax off") but finally ended up with "Sensei". There I was... fellow meatbags in a bar drinking too much and hitting on too ugly women. Except for me. I had been voted the designated driver. Mainly because I had a car. It's 0300 and two of the guys decide it's a good idea to have a boxing match and they want me to referee. I was tired and wanted to go home so I thought "How long can these two asshats last drunk as they are?" They start and they are fighting as well as drunk, untrained fighters can fight. One throws a haymaker no where near his opponent and clocks me right in the eye. Me, the sober, martial arts "expert" is the only one who gets hit. Next day at the squadron I get grounded by the flight surgeon because I can't see out of my swollen eye. I'm getting an ass chewing by the wing king himself and at some point he screams loud enough for all to hear, "Ain't you some kind of shit hot Sensei or something? How the f*** you end up with a black eye?" The name stuck after that. personally, I preferred WOWO.
All fighter pilots know and have executed this maneuver. It's just not the smartest idea to make your flightlead do it as a new wingie, especially during a large international exercise...
Always Wearing A Pair Of Glasses, Mostly Aviators(For Obvious Reasons).
Some How Always Disappoints You... and he did.
The guy's first name is Cam. 'Nuff Said.
Didn't shake hands with the squadron commander, who stood there with his hand already out, welcoming him on the first day at the squadron. He thought he had already met him....
Quick kill, quick eat and a quick sleep
I was always the money guy for squadron. I ran a lottery, I sold patch’s, etc… then when we were in Israel, I ran a beer mess. All this money was for squadron stuff and the Israeli currency is Sheckles.
Flight school buddy of mine who's last name was Sheehan. It just came to me one day, while looking at the flight board, so I did some letter rearrangment. Needless to say, it caught on fast.
Navy flight officer. Real by-the-book guy, with that old-time cowboy movie kind of attitude.
We only thought Wedge was the simplest tool. A Shim is even simpler. It is also a Triple-Entendre...may also be short for $#!T Magnet, and She-Him (for the Metro-sexuals in the sqn).
SHI* MAgnet: Whenever he flew the Viper you could bet it would break. Helluva jockey though!
Based on the Hindu God, "Shiva the Destroyer". When your LT kills everything in the sky that isn't friendly...
Sh*t Hot Ovulating Commie Killer
A guy in our squadron that lost his entire finger egressing from a jet (wedding ring hung on the canopy rail).
I was given this callsign while from my teammates on my AFROTC drill team. I used to have my hair parted to the side and they all decided that I look like Shooter McGavin from "Happy Gilmore." In fact, we had all gotten together for the Super Bowl one year and the girl I liked was there, she looked at me and said I looked familiar. Then someone said "Happy Gilmore" and right then she realized... "That's it, that's why I recognize him." That pissed me off, and ever since then I've been stuck with "Shooter" as my callsign.
The evening I arrived at Kunsan, a Friday night, I got into a late night game of 4-5-6. Since I had a pocketfull of cash for the PCS, I told the guy with the dice to "shoot it" several times. Since I won each time and pocketed a serious amount of $, the story got around and hence the nickname.
Short Bus
The guys found out that I used to ride one to school in the 5th grade. ( I dont know why our bus stop had the short bus but I had to ride it). Hence the call sign Short Bus.
Short Bus
An F-16 DCC who admitted to riding the short bus while in grade school. (R. F. of Luke AFB).
Short Stuff
My partner called me short stuff in front of my pilot friends one time. Since I was probably the shortest person around the name stuck.
Sitting in a bar off base with a few buddies, an irrate civilian mistook me for his wifes extramarital exercise partner. He came back to the bar brandishing a 12 gauge. After the story got back to base everyone thought it was funny to yell "Shotgun!" at the top of their lungs when ever I entered the room.
Scarlet Haired Ornery Woman. Pretty self explanatory actually. F-16 driver and evaluator. Taught AIC. Retired in 2012 but still does contract work.
6'2", 240lbs, loud when sober, intolerable when drunk.
Found with my boots sticking through the shrubs outside the O'Club after drinking too much Weed. Convinced that gravity had forsaken me, I was clinging to blades of grass...
Wild Weasel driver in the Gulf War, back when they were using F-4Gs for the WW mission. Kept begging the squadron to call him Ice, and went on and on about it nonstop until everyone decided his new sign was "Shut the #&$% Up," the radio-safe contraction of which was "Shutta."
F4E Instructor... students followed around foot to foot asking him questions, quick thinking Zoomy recognized he had the appearance of a "Guru" ... Instructors First name "Si" .. actual Indian Guru... "Sibaba"... you can't make these things up!!
Last name was "Cummings"...
First name Robert - named after Sideshow Bob, the character from The Simpsons that tries to kill Bart.
The guys at my AMU call me Sidewinder. They claim it's because at times I walk diagonally like a drunk. Obviously I deny these claims but I can't help that it's made me a little more self conscious about how I walk. I actually like that one, before that when I was new they called me G-unit, because of my last name (Gunter) and their claims of me walking like a "gangster". I'm happy for the upgrade, and have accepted it.
When drinking has a habit of falling asleep at bars.
Last name Bulat....sounds like Bullet. One of the few words in the English language that has no other word that rhymes with it. Picked it up at DM in 1975 and retained it until retirement in 1988/
Exceptionally smart, Atheist intel guy. Super Intel Nerd
Slow in the head - great guy that just got by in flight school.
In the days of Steve Austin and the Six Million Dollar Man, I visited a friend's house, flight engineer, on his 5 acres of wooded land. He was in the process of cutting down a tree and had been hacking at it for hours and the darn thing just wouldn't fall. I walked up, touched the thing with one finger saying "is this the one you want to get to fall?", and at that moment it began cracking and popping and had us scrambling to escape the crash. Moments later he called me SIX and the name has stuck for over 35 years.
Stood for roman numeral VI - Villiage Idiot
Six Pack
I started my F-16 career at none other than the General Dynamics plant in Dallas/Ft. Worth as a test pilot, I use to complain all the time about not having the six pack (airspeed indicator, attitude indicator, altimeter, turn coordinator, heading indicator, and vertical speed indicator), in a convenient arrangement, before you knew it the cockpit management engineer started calling me Six Pack…
Decided to have a close up look at a fire during a party. Named after the sound his arm made.
In the Navy, back in the 80's the term "Skate" meant someone who walks around and looks like he's doing something when in all actuality he... isn't. I had this lovely callsign bestowed upon me during the Gulf War while I was supervising a bunch of FNG's during UNREP aboard THE U. S. S. Ranger (CV-61).
Forgot to disable the parking brake when doing a carrier launch, ruining the landing gear and leaving marks on the deck.
One guy at Edwards AFB had the name 'Skids' after I guess in UPT he managed to put the plane down/wheels up.
Deploying to Australia, lost my INS on the tanker and was sent back (my place was taken by the airborn spare), in turn the HSI tumbled and I ended up following the coast line back. By the time the 141 landed in Darwin the Squadron met me singing the Gillian's Island theme about my "three hour tour".
I was in the F-16 sim, and I came in for my landing. Well, apparently I was a little rough as I bounced a bit and went into the dirt, and the first words out of Tractor's mouth were, "Come on, Skippy!" He then gave me the option for that or SUV, and Skippy stuck.
First week flight training in portage, and the mess had been serving beans evrey day for the past 6 days and well...
Sky Pimp
Flying simulated mission training for UN humanitarian ops. Flying C-17 Globemaster in three plane formation from Osaka Intl., to Sunan, North Korea. Simulation requires auto-pilot, and auto-throttle failures 15 minutes into mission, on all three planes. This simulation is tricky because to fly into North Korea, you fly into South Korea and make a tight 70 degree turn. Sandusky who was tailing Worsnop and I dropped out of formation immediately, he's only logged 100 hours or so by now. After we make the turn towards Sunan, I ask to drop to 9,000 feet. Everyone is wondering why. I said, "So we can find some whore. I bet if you pay any whore enough, she could fly better than Sandusky."

We were in the F-15, and my SWO called out to me. "Hey that cloud looks like a man walking in the sky"

So I shouted on the frequency to ATC Tower: "OMG that's a Skywalker"

I was out at Fallon for an SFARP and waiting on a mass brief to start. The CO orXO (can't remember which) of VF-101 was waiting as one of their new RIO's walked in. Must have been about 5'6", we thought he might have been someone's son. Well the CO or XO proceded to tell everyone his call sign. SLAB... Short Little A$$ B!tch. I about died laughing, as did everyone else in the room.
This was on a TV programme in the UK about the US Navy. The new pilot had his first cat shot in an F/A-18E and said he screamed like a girl due to the rush. The other pilots were trying to think of a callsign for him in the ready room, when one of the film crew suggested SLAG (Screams Like A Girl), and certainly not a complimentary nickname in UK - slag is the waste product. Not sure if it became official though.
Larry "Slapshot" Ludwig: I always wanted to play ice hockey, but growing up in South Texas... you can see the problem. When I was finally able to get the chance I was going through Selfridge and had a buddy there that was a huge Redwings fan. While I was a decent skater, I had no "stick time" (as in hockey stick time), so when I tried out my slapshot at the local rink... I gave it a mighty whack and topped it, and it slid along the ice at about a whopping 2 mph. Well, all the guys from Selfridge that were there with us started calling me "Slapshot"
When in F4 RTU, some of my classmates called me by my real name Jeff, and others for some unknown reason were calling me Dave (not mine). One of the wives overheard this at a party and asked me why they were calling me by 2 different names (the answer to which I did not know). In her somewhat inebriated state she suggested Jeff "Slash" Dave. The Slash least until my first operational unit, but that's another story.
Shops Like A Woman.
Capt. Hammer
My last name's Slezak. No one could pronounce it right the first day, or the second day, or the third day.
On a deployment from Hahn AB, Germany to Sidi Slimane, Morroco in 84, I came back from the community shower with a tale about a this guy at the next shower who was "hung like Seattle Slew". He deserved it, I got it and still have it.
Too much hair gel
Has been given by my female multi-engine flight instructor after my examination check ride. I got a nice handnote on my logbook by the examiner for the - well, it was so - perfect ride and I was so young and cocky that I showed it to everybody. The same very night we got a beer together with other pilot & instructors and she wrote "slick!" on the beer pitcher. I still wonder... :)
Last name "Dekok"
Airdropped 1.9NM from target without ever seeing the Point of Impact!
Fell backwards down a flight of stairs, drunk, whilst wearing a dress.
Fell off the wing... not a good day.
Not my callsign, but a buddy's. While flying an MC-12, he had to relieve an unfortunate itch, so he unzipped, scratched, and zipped back up. Later learned that his CO, whose first name was Lisa, had been monitoring cockpit video. Slip = Showed Lisa his Infantile Pen*s.
My Sergeant first class Ripley
A Naval Aviator I once worked with whose last name is Lehner, he was known as Slow Lerner
Sneaky Low Observable Porn Purchasing Yankee
Buddy started dating a girl who had already spent some quality time with other guys in the RAG...seconds and all. BUT - he married her, so now he has two versions of the "how'd you get your callsign" story: the real one, and the wife-appropriate one!
Hit the jackpot on a slot machine at ZAB just before my naming ceremony in 1989. Survived the "Tubes" run at Plaza de San Francisco so Slot was all they could come up with. Fighting Hawks tried to rename me 6 months later because the call sign was too cool. Went through the whole process again, only to get Slot once more.
I am 6'7 and very slow, both physically and mentally. I stuck out like a sore thumb compared to my shorter, more athletic "friendly" fellow pilots. Eventually, my buds picked that call from this massive word document they had made.
Purloined a drunk redheaded Scottish pilots' drink on accident at the club and in his thick accent he shouted "Ewe skinnay littal rat bahstid!" and started swinging. Ended up pals (even still today) and SLRB stuck (pronounced Slurb)
Flew with a guy at England AFB who never busted a boldface... EVER. Except the day HHQ Stan/Eval came to town for an inspection and he messed up an A-10 BF. His squadron commander referred to him as "just a f***ing sluggo".
'Right after Top Gun came out there was a 'new guy' who wanted (pleaded) to be called Ice. The rest of the squadron decided he wasn't cool enough to be called Ice... so they named him 'Slush'.'
During my 35 TFS, Pantons, naming ceremony the guys came up with a joke callsign of Slut: last name - Giglio becomes Gigolo then Whore then Slut. They decided that was too easy and started on my chubby physique, but the crowd started a "Slut, Slut, Slut, ..." chant and they finally gave in. So I was Slut, and my wife had the honor(?) of being "Mrs. Slut" when she came to visit.
Slutter Chief
The story began when I was a last year student of the Air Force Academy. Sometime at a weekend holiday night, my friends and I went out to the city, and suddenly we met a slut on the road. My friends were challenging me to speak with her, so I began to approach her. After several minutes of chit-chat, she still didn't believe that an Air Force cadet wanted to sleep with her. As the price negotiation was going on, suddenly we saw my Academy instructor walking down the road and approaching me! My friends ran and left me behind alone with an embarrassed face, I met the instructor and he said, "You're such a son of a b***h! Go home now and we'll see if that any punishment you'll get!" At the Academy, the Cadet's Honor Board gave a punishment I'll never thought before. They said, if I pass the Academy and were sent to an Operational Squadron, they'll call me "Slutter Chief", and believe it or not, my friends that were with me on the day, also got a similar callsign: "Slutter One", "Slutter Two", and "Slutter Three"... Now, 7 years after I graduated from the Academy and the Captain's insignia are on my shoulders, my counterparts still call me "Slutter Chief" ...
Last name Cunningham (I'll let you think about it for a sec).
There was this one guy in our squadron, that was not as bright (or he used quite a lot of time before he understood things) as the others. His last name was Pant - "Smarty" Pant
New RPA instructor hooked his first solo instruction student pilot. Name accronym for Sent MQT Average Student Home. Replaced the unofficial callsign of Dognuts (misunderstanding of last name).
She was cooking, and dropped a cooking knife... RIGHT THROUGH HER FOOT. In a slight state of panic and not knowing what to do, she picked up a cell phone and asked a friend, which was awkward, hence the callsign: She Makes Awkward Situations Happen.
Small man always talking -- every squadron has one
She was a Juvats flight surgeon and they couldn't call her Pap. They also called her Orca which became her known call sign.
First solo on the Viper, with an IP chase - I was on the edge of the area, so the IP behind me in his jet informed me I was about to leave the area. Then I recognized it and I gave him a big smiley sound call with a good laugh. Ever since they called me a SMILEY plus I do have a big smiley face.
LT couldn't keep his feet off the brakes during landing. The Maint. Warrant had to send a crew to change both mains @ Nellis one time because it.
F-18 pilot out of Lemoore. She was doing a Christmas flyby where she was supposed to fly over slowly and rock her wings, then go into full burners and roar away. She supposedly lit a few trees on fire when going into afterburner, according to the owner of some property over which she was flying. She never believed it, but it earned her the name!
A-7 (all USN models). I started out as “Bear” (6’4”-230lbs), big enough to hunt bears with a switch, but after causing a forest fire when a smoke flare malfunctioned during a SAR-EX, changed to “Smokey.” Brian French I started out as Bear (6’4”-230lbs), but after causing a forest fire when a smoke flare malfunctioned during a SAR-EX, became “Smokey.”
2nd tour in Vietnam flying O-2s - All I carried was smoke and a Combat Masterpiece!
Smooth Money
Caught ironing dollar bills in his stateroom).
Stands for "seven miles scent" a translation from a popular (at the time) Chinese song "七哩香", about a boy in love with a girl and he recognised the scent of her perfume everywhere he went. Everywhere this F-16 mechanic went, she left the scent of her perfume.
While gawking at a dancer at the Viking Club on Guam the dancer took off my buddies glasses and attempted to clean them on herself after which she placed the glasses back on his face and he couldn't see through the smudges.
LTjg was very short and we already had an Elf
standard nickname for the most critical job in the squadron
This guy was at a combined squadron weekend ski/drink/onsen debauch fest. Had a few bevarages. Grabbed a CFP's bootie. Twice. Hence the name, SNeaky A$$ Grabber.
Second Marine Corps female WSO assigned to the same squadron as the first - Still Not A Guy (See NAG)
'O' Club antics...
Got it while a F-4G Wild Weasel cause he always wanted to get below the bad guys radar then pop up on the target and then back into the weeds again. Bear had to keep him safe by looking through an AGM 65 head for obstructions. Scared the hell out of a semi trucker driver once when we passed him looking laterally at each other. His favorite statement -- "we're going to jump up and bite somebody in the a$$". Anything above 100 feet was to high.
Mk 14/15--The Dumb Retarded Bomb.
Sensitive New Age Pilot. In a debrief one of our new Lts just back from RTU said "That's not how we did it at Luke, our student bill of rights says" at which point I told him to shut the F**k up and color you sensitive new age pilot and it stuck with him to this day.
There was a guy who took a Snapple up in his plane and it exploded all over the cockpit... of course his call sign is 'Snapple'.
RNoAF pilot. During preparation for a sortie he put the instructor's name up on the board as "Snatch". One of the other instructors noticed this and asked "what's this" - "that's the instructor's name" he replied. Nooo it ain't, his callsign is "Scratch". And it stuck..
On my first carrier landing, when we hit the deck, I (for some reason) sneezed into my mask... covering it with snot.
Saltiest New-guy In the F-ing Fleet
I blew over the runway at like 300 metres with max power, grounding me for two weeks. Hence, the callsign "Sniffer".
F18 driver on det in Tyndal Australia smacked a kangaroo at eight thousand with a five hundred pound blue bomb.
Most should remember "Iceman" from Topgun. Well, the story was he thought he was a great pilot and wanted to be called Iceman. He was good, but not great, Close, but not quite....
Told everyone, assuming alcohol was involved, that Snoopy flying ace was the inspiration for him becoming a fighter pilot. The name stuck with him in the squadron.
Snow White
Paled and almost passed out on the enlistment medical exam blood drawing
We had a female WSO we named once we RTBd to AK. She was at Brooks Medical thingy prior to flight training. In the spirit of the ROK and their awful local drink, we named her SoJu - Sister of Juggler (See callsign Juggler)!! That and she got shifazzed at her naming and puked up enough for 3 people.
Last name "Han"
Used to be a navy submarine officer before he saw the light and joined the airforce
Capt. Campbell
Had a well known proclivity for masturbation.
I was in a 4g negative dive in an F16 in 'dogfight' combat training and a spanner slid out from under my seat and split my eye open. from then on i had been gifted with the nickname hence why it was become my Callsign. Lt Johnson 'Spanner'
I was the only female in the unit for a long time, so at military banquets and other events, I would always be the only person in the unit dressed in a fancy dress and shoes. The guys made fun of me for being so "sparkly," and the callsign "Sparkles" stuck.
A guy at Eglin AFB was called 'Sparky' after dragging his F-15s tail halfway down the runway and causing quite a fireworks show.
During the days when ground radio repair was a combat control AFSC, I once shorted out a radio I thought had no power applied. Big sparks flew.
An airman got hit by the ground current of a lightning bolt while watching a storm near Cold Lake AFB. He *still* goes outside to watch storms.
Was playing around in survival training and showed a few of the crew how to start a fire with some copper wire and a battery. Cause I much bigger spark than planned, lighting an entire book on fire.
Was drunk and a fellow pilot gave me a pirate hat, every one called me jack sparrow, and the name just stuck
With the short last name of Dee, I was a candidate for "Tweedle," "Sandra" and others, but the abbreviation for spatial disorientation was what stuck-it had absolutely nothing to do with falling out of a swirling dogfight upside down, out of airspeed and ideas. . .
Last name is Dee, this call sign has nothing to do with a swirling dogfight flown out of the MOA after orientation came into question.
Speed Bump
Annoying object used to impede progress. He didn't like his original call sign.
Because his ears stick out like speedbrakes.
Bar version: Can make women pregnant just by looking at them... Real version, bit dull, first name Herman 'logically' turns into Herm the Sperm... Sperm stuck!!!!
When I was an airline captain (my last name is Morgan), my coworkers called me "Spice," a reference to Captain Morgan Spiced Rum.
Everyone thinks I sound like Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgmont High on the radio.I do not think I do.
Capt. Chip Webb
USAF HH-60G Flight Engineer, who wound up hanging outside of the aircraft, by his gunner's belt.
Shortest Pilot In NATO
Spinner. Pilot who was always a little awkward and never quite fit in with everyone. They referred to him as a Square Peg IN a Round Hole.
Name given to someone who always has the right answer, right now.
Lt. Sam Platt
Was training and flew too low. After landing, the ground crew found small shards of wood in the belly of my F-16.
During my Fighter Training School, i would always leave my speed break up when doing BFM/ACM. I still manage to forget to close it from time to time, can't seem to get out of the habit of leaving it up. My instructor and a few others that were training me came up with that callsign. Granted its the speed brake on the F-16 that i leave up, but spoiler sounded better than "speed brake".
My grandfather told me about this one from one of his buddies in Vietnam. he was called "sponge" as in "bullet sponge" cause it seemed every time they left whatever FOB or airbase they were at they would take fire and he would get either the most close calls or the most actual hits but they were never bad enough to be sent back to the US... until he got shot 6 times and was sent back to the states. My grandfather and his old platoon never were able to find him once back in the states and gave up in the late 70s.
Last name... Wood.
During training, Spot would always closely follow the instructors around like a lost puppy. Earned him the name Spot the dog.
The guy was from Iowa
My father's callsign was Spud, because of his resemblance to, and fondness for, that noble tuber. Like father, like son...
Navy Hornet Pilot last name Seamon! After political correctness the Brass tried to change it to “Sport” but he wasn’t having any of it.
Short form of my Greek lastname (I'll let you try and figure it out). I bear no relation to the purple cartoon dragon "Spyro" from everyone's Playstation days.
Pilot who finally managed to squawk in the right transponder code after 4 failed attempts...
Last name sounds like calamari
Captain Michael Ross, RF-4C driver was shot down by USN F-14 Tomcat during exercise over the med.
Cause I stept on the CO's little dog. Had to go to hospital for half a day, I had a black eye for a week.
Stripped down naked and pooped in a ziploc bag in the back of a Prowler on an OIF 1 mission.
Last name Seaman... you figure it out!
Pilot was late for several briefings, and ended up with a reputation for showing up just in the nick of time.
He was the oldest guy in weapons school, he was bald , and rather short and reminded the class of Castanza from Seinfield. The name stuck from there on
Shorter Than Average Penis
Last name was LaGuerre which in French means "the war". Coincidentally he loved to start fights.
Lt had an eye infection, which made his right eye red. He looked like he had been smoking something... Hence, Stash (Stoned as Hell)
Lets just say I liked them young and leave it at that
Last name Rape - and he was also the Guidon bearer in boot camp
Shortened from Stanley Steamer, “The little engine that could.” First assignment 78TFS Bushmasters A-10s mid80s at RAF Woodbridge. I was the guy who spent 14 hours a day in the squadron: mission prep, learning tactics and threats, SnackO, Weapons shop Bean Counter, LPA, CRUD, Choir practice Friday nights at the OClub. We killed it. I also liked that it could mean a big fresh turd- not many call signs with a worse visual than that! ?
One new major came into the squadron after a ground tour and tried to give himself the callsign of ‘Steamer’. He said that people called him that because he would get so angry that steam would come out of his ears. A Captain in the squadron said “Hey, my dog dropped a big old steamer in the back yard this morning”.
This pilot was known to be very conservative in his finances, never liked spending too much money... "Stein" of course being a common ending to Jewish surnames. The pilot in question took it in stride, but was embarrassed by the inherent racism of his callsign, so when asked by family and friends outside his squadron he would usually claim it was because he liked drinking lots of German beer out of a "stein" glass.
Squadron was benevolent; it could'a been "Booger", but that was taken.
Skinny F16 pilot in 31 SQN, Kleine Brogel. By lack of a call sign, was named by mistake like the fat half of Ren and Stimpy. Now everybody asks why he's not called Ren...
A 2nd callsign given to Col. S.A. who was given this name during a game of Crud! He was called Stimpy and said "Hey, don't call me that, I hate that." And thus he was stimpy from then on.
Guy in South Africa, got attacked by wasps
Cpt. in the Air Force on a cargo run to Guantanamo Bay in the late '80s decides to take his crew deep sea fishing. He was fighting the, "Biggest fish in the whole damn ocean," and pulls out a Sting Ray less than a foot across. Now he's a SASI with the AF JROTC, his cadets (I'm one of them) still call him Stingray over the walkie's when were on security at the football games!
Stink Finger
New pilot fresh from the Air Force Academy was always pulling on his flight suit from the back. So he got the name stink finger.
Guy broke his hand during a training exercise (Boxer's Fracture). We were in long sleave uniforms, conducting classroom training for 3 months, in southern california. The clasrooms had no air conditioners and it got upto 112 degrees somedays. His doctor wouldn't replace the cast even though he was sweating into it. he wore it for 10 weeks. By week 2 it smelled horrible, by week 9, rotting flesh.
Last name Colon
'An ex 307FS viper driver, 6'4' tall, walked into a wingtip AIM-9 and cut his forehead open.'
Greek callsign that means putty (you have enough stoko in your brain to fix the Parthenon).It is used for pilots that think they are Tom Cruise and cannot understand that CREW CHIEFS are much more smarter than them!!!
Last name Jackson, hence "Stonewall" Jackson and shortened for brevity.
Last name is Weathers. F-4 Phantom RIO
I had red hair and red face with freckles. Nickname since I was a teen. Hardly anyone knew my real name.
My buddy and I went through the academy together and while I took a fixed wing assignment he took a "bent leg" (parachuter) job. By all odds he ended up in the back of my airplane for his qual jump. As I ended up being the jumpmaster/loadmaster I intentionally put him in the front of the jump line so he had to jump first. Even over the roar of the airplane and the wistling of the wind I heard him singing "soon to leave a crater" by megadeath....a song that was on MTV the morning of his jump that was stuck in his head. (A streamer if you are not versed in "jumping" refers to a tangled chute that looks like a party streamer when obeying the laws of gravity.)
6'11" - I think that says it all.
Well I was doing my aviation course through cadets and I am 6 foot 2 so they had to order me a special flight suit and had to move the seat back in the cockpit for me etc... :)
When I was in the F-16 B course in 82, I made a stupid entry in the dooferbook. A TX course "old Head" Padre OKeefe, named me "Stud" meaning Student for life!
Last name Baker. Get it..?! I've heard it said it's because I'm old, fat, slow and ugly. That can't be right, can it?!!!
Stop Talking You F'ing Retard (Too many beers and talking to a General)
I became a fighter pilot at the height of 5 feet, six inches, about normal size for a jet jockey. After ejecting twice (once, having been shot down in an F-100 over North Vietnam; next, having ejected from a crippled English Electric Lightning at night over the North Sea), I had lost about an inch and a half of altitude due the spinal compression fractures. Thus "Stump" was created. [Note: The callsign is NOT "Stumpy." I always took the implication as a mixed derision/compliment -- "short, but stalwart." Charlie Neel, Col, USAF, Retired
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