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Short for my last name Weaver but also a formation reposition when two aircraft switch position to help check 6 O'clock when looking for enemy jets or SAMS. Also known as Dream (from the song "Dream Weaver")
Guys name was Harry Johnson!!! [Ed. note: after Wookiees, a hairy alien species in Star Wars]
Pronounced like "Whack". I came down with this callsign after years of dishing out Ye-Olde Mass Destruction in the Hawg. Stands for Warthog Assisted Crazy-A$$
What happens when you join up coming off the target run and forget to turn off the Master Arm Switch!
Committee found out I grew up in Belgium...right after I asked for a cool callsign.
Got lost on a training mission
Had a young Lieutenant that worked with us and was an outdoorsy type - went hunting an fishing and that sort of thing. When he'd go hunting in the Fall, he'd climb up in a tree and wait for his prey to come "Danger Close". So one day he fell out of the tree, hitting a few limbs on the way down and broke his shoulder. So we came up with: "What falls out of trees in Ohio in the Fall? Walnuts and lieutenants." His moniker became "Walnut".
Hyper all the time. Super hyper after numerous beverages, which leads to some pretty wild stuff (including stitches and dislocated fingers). So the brothers in Korea named me Wild A$$ Munchkin (lower end of the height spectrum at 5'6").
Last name is Warmoth. Naming party came down to War Moth or Warbird. Two fifths of Jack got me Warbird, much better than War Moth.
Wall Sh*tter. Guy just HAD to go during a night on the town.
Lt. Shane "Wasted" Tallant
Cdr. (then Ltjg.) Paul "Water" Mallon (VF-151, mid-'70s)
avid surfer
Acronym name given to smart mouthed little B-Courser from the Netherlands by the 195th FS at the class solo party. Son of a b**ch would never shut-up during planning, brief, flight, debrief, and BS session at the bar. Acronym stands for Why Are You Still Talking. WAYST.
'Capt.J.D. Williams When he was first at Hahn, he was a young 1Lt. and had still the upgrade to do to become a Mission ready pilot. He was pissed (like every F16 Viper Driver) to fly in a two seat F16 with an F16 IP in the back. So he went to the squadron's HOG LOG one night at the bar and wrote ' Damned, I am an F16 pilot, I don't need an IP in the back, I can fly by myself...' Several days later he came back from a Night Mission, taxiing on the runway and he forgot to put the hook down for the Viper to come to a complete stop. I you miss to put the hook down there is (like on carriers for emergencies) a barrier web. So he continues to taxi and ...wham..runs into that web ....!! A little worried he went to the bar that night and wrote in the HOG LOG ' Guys, forget what I said!'. Since that day he was called 'WEB' at the 10TFS but to be honest...I think he hated that callsign! '
The simplest tool known to man.
Foreign Hornet Driver showing off for the ladies at an airshow party, cannot badmouth F-16's and viper drivers enough. One of the ladies present, call sign "Combat Pat", is a viper wife, WWII fighter pilot's daughter, and not to be trifled with. After all attempts to solicit some minimal hint of respect fail, Combat Pat, spotting a target of opportunity, grabs hold of his inconveniently displayed boxers and all 5 feet and 100 pounds of her delivers a world class wedgie. Said Foreign Hornet Driver squeals like a girl. The party (a well attended NATO affair) stops. With all eyes on the pair, Combat Pat, in her sweetest voice asks "Did I mention my husband flies F-16's?" and walks away. Haven't heard much from Wedge lately.
Viper IP at Kingsley during their F-16 days. Came into play during radio comms: "Tower, WeeBee ready for takeoff"; "Center, WeeBee with ya thru 5500 for 20K".
LTjg at NAS Lemoore on nite quals lost NGS and drove it off the active into the "Weeds". Maint Warant call from a sound sleep to scene @ 0400 hrs his comment "What the H*** have you done "Weed". All of the other "O's" standing around looking thought it was a great call sign. Years later I ran across him as an O-5 he still was using it.
Always looking for the full moon! Even where there isn't one!
Current call sign of a retired F-16 pilot, Jack M. Earned during survival school after finding a Whamo slingshot on the track and feeding all party members with skills previously learned. Everyone ate owl, squril, birds and much more than the onions provided.
Only works when pushed
A Dutch pilot in training. He wasn't making to smooth turns (read: High G Turns;)), so you felt it in your neck every time he made a turn.
Whisker Biscuit
When you brag about your skills with a bow, and they find out you need one of these.
Last name Hennessey. Didn't drink.
2LT that drives a brand new Porsche...his wife bought for him (or at leave financed it)....WIfe Financed It
Shortening of Wikipedia. Name given by my buddies in tech training because I had a mind like a steel trap and knew way too many random facts that I used to fill time.
Willy Pete
Explosive personality and play on first and last name. During a temper tantrum an old Vietnam era pilot said I was going off like a "Willy Pete". Slang for a White Phosphorus marker rocket used often by FAC's in Vietnam.
A clean canopy is a must of course, but this guy would clean his again himself, even after his crew had just done it.
Well I have big ears and the flightline said my head's on hand tight.
Wise Guy
Assigned by my Aerospace Science Instructor Chief Rogers. I always have comments to say to whatever he says, and apparently I'm sarcastic.
On first solo check flight during training, turned down the wrong taxiway and ended up at the right runway but the wrong end and when corrected he cluelessly radioed for help and asked, "Which way do I go now?" At the call sign board, it was a unanimous vote for 'Witch'.
I was in MQT at Moody in the 69FS and had a slight problem of going blind during ACT. This particular mission was a 4v4 against JAX Eagles and I was Blue 2. On the commit, the Eagles did the standard exploding cantalope. I had the low search and as #1 wasmaneuvering, my dedication to not go blind kicked in, but I still used my one brainbyte to lock onto the only hit on my radar. I never took my eyes off lead through the ensuing maneuvering until we got spiked at six and were subsequently kill removed. During the debrief (we only had two TVs and tape machines then) 1 and 3 couldn't figure out for the life of them why we had died in that engagement. In an effort to find explanation, lead popped in my and 4's tape. To much chagrin, there in monocromatic black and white on my tape was the lone Eagle that vertical notched to the floor that I locked onto. For the record, I never reported the lock much less identified that I had locked the bogey or that split criteria was met. For my lack of attention and maintaining visual through my and lead's demise, I was given Witness to represent the kid in the Harrison Ford movie of the same name who witnessed a murder but didn't say anything about it.
I was really into Dungeons and Dragons in the 80s. Anyone whose played knows that it's really hard to get a gaming group together and it's almost like admitting a social disease (at least in my era). "Hey dude, the word "Tarrasque" mean anything to you?" But you need a gaming group, so I had to convert a few people. Well why not start with my Flight? With some liquid courage and a borrowed copy of the 2nd edition I went full christian missionary on them. They thought it was super nerdy and started calling me Mr wizard. I never did get my DnD group, but the name stuck.
Someone made a joke about the pilot being a werewolf after he mentioned his last name was Wolfram. His temper and ruthlessness aided the nickname, and it stuck, replacing his previous callsign.
Can't remember anything, except "Wonderful Momma's B*tts And T*ts"
CDR at Lemoore. Got when he was a JO. Had something to do with sheep. He wouldn't elaborate and others that knew the story were relucant to discuss in depth.
I'm from Boston. Can't be understood past Worchester, which my brother aviators say I pronounce it Woosta. Enough said.
Played too much StarCraft during R & R.
Wrong Way
Kiernan "Wrongway" Butz. Landing (as directed) on runway 29 while another aircraft was on short final for opposing runway 11. I landed safely, but the other pilot had to make a go-around. In my defense, I'd been advised by ATC that 29 was the active . . . but the name regrettably stuck!
Worked HEMS with a former Marine several years ago. Nice guy, but not particularly good looking. One night a bunch of us were having drinks and telling war stories when he mentioned his callsign in the Corps was WUNA. Sort of like trying to figure out what the pesonal plates of car in front of you means before it drives away. After awhile I said "okay what's it mean? Without looking up from his drink , he proudly said, "Worlds Ugliest Naval Aviator".

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