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Female pilot, also known as "gigs" always laughed in formation. Not necissarily laughing at anything in particular, just laughed.
He was a suck-up to the CO from the day he checked in to his first fleet squadron. Gilligan was the "Skipper's little buddy." [Ed. note: from the TV show "Gilligan's Island"]
My last name is pronounced along the lines of "bat sh*t" which led to bat sh*t crazy"... My Chief wouldn't let them call me "bat sh*t" so they decided on a pc version.
G Man
Typical multi faceted call sign story started out with the CO making fun of the fact I always used my middle intital, which was G. Then as flight school progressed, and comparisons were made on the number of G's that were sustained during training exercises, mine were always among the highest, even when the exercise did not warrant such extreme maneuvers. The name G Man stuck and became my call sign.
Pilot blacked out on his first flight during training, to the amusement of the instructor.
Pronounced "Gee eleven" but written as G11. Pilot of Italian decent. Last name was a "G" followed by eleven letters and seldom, if ever, pronounced correctly.
While TDY to Tyndall I had a string of 13 Ground Aborts in a row. Hence the name Ground Abort Bit!@ Boy (GABBBOY.) I complained about it every day during the TDY hence the 3rd B. Thanks Rude Dawg.
Got A$$ Beat By Enlisted. Officer who had one too many at the enlisted club and decided to butt in on someone elses date. Pronounced Gabby.
In pilot training I got named Gadget because I usually carried in my flight kit all the items my crew mates didn't, such as plotters, color pencils, calculator, ... , kleenex, aspirins, snacks, etc.
Last name is Cox, and was stationed in South Carolina, so it worked out perfectly.
Before becoming a demonstration pilot in the T-6A, I spent two years as the team's airshow narrator. In trying to keep up with the other "colorful" narrators out there, I really played up the speaking and was told by my crew chiefs that "if the flying gig doesn't work out for you, you'll always be ready to work as a gameshow host". The other pilots heard it, and there it stuck. Even though my last name is Rambo, I still ended up with Gameshow.
Fellow pilot that would always sit cross-legged in chairs and spoke really camly. Also a really skinny guy
During IRAQI FREEDOM our OG demanded quiet in the mission planning cell during pre-takeoff briefs. This went on for several weeks and with each turn he got more and more frustrated by the interruptions until one day he'd had enough, stopped the briefing, and summarily fired the chief planner and then threatened similar actions for the rest of us. Someone later said he looked just like Al Capone. One of our life support troops overheard that and said, "yeah, he's a real gangsta." It stuck.
One night out having dinner with some buddies, they decided to rag me about my dating style. At the time I had a different date every time they saw me out, which was a lot. To defend myself, I took a paper napkin and drew a GANTT chart to illustrate the complexities of my dating lifestyle, and to hopefully vindicate myself in the process (I was a business major in college). I put the initials of the guys I dated on the Y-axis and the months of the year on the X-axis. When I was finished drawing the bars on the graph, four of them overlapped. From then on I was known as GANTT.
This name was once given to a pilot who outlined his life on a napkin (yes, in a bar) by way of the project management tool known as a Gantt chart; needless to say, there are better ways of stating when one would like to get married and have kids.
People who always have the right answer and the smartest of everybody
Couldn't keep his booze
a guy at TopGun in 92, LT 'Gasm' Orr
Was TDY to Nellis and he was arrested by the SP's for throwing beer bottles in the urinal - so gator stands for Got Arrested Trashing O-club Restroom.
Guy was a huge University of Florida fan.
We were TDY in Florida and always hung at this sports bar called Gators Dockside. The bar had two stuffed gators, one up on it's back legs and tail like it was jumpin outa the water the other was on all fours on the ground with its mouth open. One night after a long round of drinkin my buddy told me to wrestle the gator so thinkin he meant the one standing up I ran full speed at that joker not knowing it was very secure to the floor. I bounced so hard off that thing I flew back five feet and hit a table knockin all their drinks to the floor. After apologizing to the manager and buyin several rounds for the table behind us my buddy informed me he meant the bastard gator on the floor. Name stuck ever since.
Get Back In The; Female Pilot; Last Name "Kitchen"
Gear Down
Shouldn't be too hard to figure out. My sign is a reminder not to forget a little detail I once missed in the simulator. Thanks Buddies.
S-3 Aviator ... last name: Simmons
His name is Phil Collins, so it was an obvious choice when the time came to name him.
New Panton flight doc in the mid-80s. Kadena had just gone through their little homo pilot incident and the 67th Fighting Cocks were at the Kun supporting the Fiend's ORI. Cock flight doc just happened to visit the Panton doc while he was assessing a patient with a rectal foreign body. The patient was a crew chief and the FO was inanimate but by the time the story got back to the LPA and the 10% rule was applied, it was all over for the flight doc who forever more became Gerbil.
Last name Love...
'Mark 'Ghandi' Hebein, he was called so because he once rain to a little field of hot, burning ash barefooted! It was to compare him with Mahatma Ghandi.....'Ghandi, the firewalker!' You might know that is a sort of ritual in India to cross a field of ash barefooted to show that man can withstand pain.'
last name was Casper
Always had a bad habit of coming out of nowhere and scaring the crap out of everybody. Several references were made at how I could pass through walls and just materalize without a sound, and my very pale skin, so several people started calling me a "ghost" and the name stuck.
I threw out my back while lifting weights three days before my naming. Stands for "Gets Hurt On Squat Training".
Last name Buster
Think milf
Last name Hole
USN Flight Surgeon assigned to a tenant command on USAF base Misawa Japan. Known for never omitting any portion of the flight physical. Worked with three USAF flight surgeons. They gleefully recounted the story to his own pilots when a rubber glove broke on him during the sensitive portion of a physical exam. Callsign followed almost immediately
Golf Course
In training I ended up with a really bad haircut and no time to get it fixed before inspection. It looked rough with little patches of bald spots which someone said looked like the greens of a golf course. It took forever and tons of free drinks to get it changed to Killer Wolf.
Dubbed by the dedicated men I commanded in the mid 70's! I frequently used the phrase "You Gotta Love It" which abbreviated was GoLI, thus the name! Eventually turning into Col GOLI...Great Memories...
Squadron Commander in Korea. The guy had a huge hooked nose like the Muppet, "The Great Gonzo"...
He slipped on large bird shit in Korea, when he arose, he said to the girls, take me to bed or lose me forever. he had too much soju. It later stuck when it was discovered he was a back seater in F-4s like Goose from top gun....except that he lived and retired after 24 yrs in Fighters.
Used to be in the special forces and spent lots and lots of time under ground....
This guy was taking off the CSD/ADG door, cause he dropped a chip detector and couldn't find it, and he didn't leave any screws in the door to keep it steady. Well one of the screws got stuck up under the jet and he went to get it unstuck....well it popped out and then gravity took over. The door came down and it caught him off guard and it slapped him in the forehead. One of the screws cut into his forehead and caused about an inch gash. Then somebody mentioned that it reminded him of Mikhail Gorbachev. And that's how he got that name.
Last name: Morehead
Had sex in a government vehicle and was caught by my squadmates.
Flight Doc. Enough said.
We had a female in my last squadron... callsign Grass. It was a combination of Great and a$$.
My name's THYS... I was initially called TYSON, but it sounded "too cool" to my instructors. So they named me GRAT for grat-thys, or gratis, like "for free". I think it must be one of the stupidest plays on words ever, but it ended up sticking.
Ok, I'm just a paraglider pilot, here in Hungary, and didn't even my pilot fellas give me the nickname but it is because I'm still 19 and my hair is getting grey... I know it sucks, but at least sounds great.
Anyone in our squadron who had to answer the call of nature (number 2) while flying got "Dog" appended to their callsign
A man that looks like death, without the knife and all.
As in "get a grip." Wrote a letter to my sponsor, "Biggus" before getting assigned to the 36 FS "Fiends" in 1990, asking him to take care of a few things for me ahead of time.
Very unpublicized prank involving a tranquilized bear and the mess. You can figure it out for yourself.
After Groucho Marx!
In my previous occupation as a security officer working at music festivals all over the country, UK based I got to know the lads quickly and got on well with the supervisors and the boss off the company I worked for who always went to work the festivals with us used to call me Grovesy (My surname is Groves) that name stuck and eventually became my radio call sign used to shout me over the radio where ever we worked and I now use it as my callsign in flight sims when flying fighter jets.
Not a morning person, and not too tall either. One of Snowwhite's seven dwarfs.
Wore a high-vis orange jacket ONCE.
The guy was quite drunk in a bar, met a girl and subsequently her designer purse. Apparently it was a Gucci purse.
My hero was Steve Bales, a NASA guidance officer. He was a GUIDO -- "guide - oh". He was the GUIDO on duty in the control room who called "Go" for Neil and Buzz to continue landing Apollo 11 on the Moon, through the guidance radar failures and landing computer crashes. I got named after him, and thought it was pretty cool. Only later did I realize that when it's spelled out, nobody says "guide-oh" -- and I became Guido the Italian.
It's a FSX callsign but bear with me. I was training a student how to fly and land the F-18. On the second or third lesson, he landed gear up. Hence GULP (Gear up Landing Pilot). Now most people would only make that mistake once, however on the final checkride (after a dual engine failure) he forgot to drop the gear again. Earning him the callsign GULP.
I once had my 9mm go off on base, not fun!
A lot of young "sticks" ran out to spend their new found wealth on mag wheels, stereos, cameras, etc. I had an affinity for civilian Italian styled clothes. Guess that made me appear as a miniture mobster of some sort. My buds began calling me Guido that was later shorten to Gweed. After Fighter Lead-In school, I loved the call "Gweed's got the lead." Great also during a game of CRUD.

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