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USN F/A-18 pilot Vincent Aiello. Callsign came from last name.

Also see: Famed Naval Aviator Aiello tells the story of one of the final U.S. Air Strikes of the 20th Century

Well, we (90 FS) were having a naming ceremony at Kwang Ju AB, ROK, and it was now time to name the Flight Surgeon. We had the white board with all the bogus callsigns on it to prolong his agony and make him drink more shots-O-weed! When someone shouts out " about nut-juggler!?", you know every year you get your flight physical...turn your cranium and cough. Anyway the Ops O says: "derivative... Juggler!" His naming was over and he presented the squadron with a case of Captain Morgan special reserve Rum for the hooch! (See also callsign SoJu)
Extremely handsome aviator
Last name is Daniels, and I love jack and cokes
In the navy on a cruiser, there was an operations guy who'd joined up when he was 17. By the time he got to the ship and got qualified to stand AIC (aircraft in control) in combat, he had just turned 18. Everyone called him Jailbait because of how young he sounded over the radio nets. Its been long enough that he's about done with his contract and the name is still sticking.
'While at a promotion party a couple of years ago a young Canadian Hornet driver had just got back from doing a viper tour with a squadron in the states. He spoke 'at length' about the difference between Boom and Drogue refueling. His opinion was that he preferred drogue because- without getting to vulgar- it had simularities to the biological male function. He felt uncomforatable with the boom technique because it made him feel more 'ladylike'. He was a young 'hot shot' captain, and all the other drivers were older and often rolled their eyes. When he left to tell others what his Viper exchange was like I asked who was that guy. An old driver said, oh you just met 'Jammer.' I asked why was he called that, and the response was - well did you hear anyone else say anything?'
Major Chris S, a Flight Surgeon with the 162nd FW who was always seen in clinic with his thermos of coffee which was not only home brewed but also home roasted. Naturally, such a passion for the perfect cup of joe lead to the callsign Java.
Colonel Kevin G., USAF, Ret - used to fly F-15's. He would never ever stop telling stories, so they called him Jaws!
Stationed at Nellis in 84 with the Bucs flying the A-model Viper. JJ Cummins (ADO) named me JayBoy for Jay-the-boy fighter pilot. Guess I looked too young to be flying the Viper!
I am cloked at all times in Kansas... I am a die hard fan of anything that has the word Kansas in it... If you don't see me in Kansas gear -out in town-, my socks or underwear probably say Kansas. Therefore, during my AIC Basic class, my instructors (after being annoyed with my bragging on Kansas teams day in and day out) had no choice but to give me the callsign "Jayhawk"...:) ROCK CHALK!
Last name Bush. [Ed. note: check Urban Dictionary]
Surname Krites
I always like to make jokes and sometimes a bit too much. This gets me in very awkward situations.
Maj. Davies
Because I was always smiling and had way to make everything into a joke, this was during the apex of the "that's what she said" phenomenon, while in Boot and later RIO training. Smiling was the only way I could get a ride out of the DI's without eating a fist, actually made one of them crack a smile. Yes, I paid dearly for it. A few years later they had a guy like me come thru, his first name was Glenn, so he was named "Quagmire". They made him perfect the famous "giggity, giggity" bit.
Bachelor's Degree was Pre-Law.
First female tacair pilot at Miramar -- 'nuff said...
A play on the last name, the same as a certain grape juice brand.
Could play the piano when drunk
Guy dodged 6 Iraqi SAM Missiles, then he landed safely.
Justin Case
German Luftwaffe Tornado pilot at Holloman, AFB. All the ladies fall for it hook line and sinker.

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