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Mama's Boy
My uncle flew a P-47 Thunderbolt during WWII and during training he was supposed to put the plane in a dive and pull out before hitting the ground. None of the guys were getting close enough to the ground for the commander so when it was my uncles turn he came too darn close to the ground and the prop clipped some cresote bushes on the ground . This was at Edwards Air base in CA. Needless to say he got in plenty of trouble for it and had to spend the day walking the perimeter of the base . While he was walking the perimeter, my grandmother showed up to see him, so obviously from there on he was nicknamed MAMAS BOY.
The guy didn't really mind about food which is supposed to be bad for you. Fast food, pizza, chinese food...the list goes on and that's all he ate. The man did have an amazing G-tolerance though!
It's a long story that I cant go into detail in this forum.
Individual goes to take a shot of listerine mouth spray and she misses her mouth, gets "it" in the eye and was temporarily blinded and had to go to the flight doc... hence she maced herself.
Got it during UPT, partly for my last name and then it stuck for getting into a few bar fights. It became offical during my first fighter assignment in Korea after getting into a bar fight with a small grouup of dudes while TDY at the "GOO" Taegu. The krusty major I was with retold the story during roll call and it has stayed with me surviving WW Gulf War I, and Kosovo....
poor sense of direction
Because I'm always too far from the formation. Ironic.
During primary flight school in the Navy, my "roomie" was going out on a hot date. He asked if I could loan him some "supplies" just in case. Told him, "what's mine is yours". He exited the bathroom and asked, "Very funny, what am I supposed to do with this. Wear it in lieu of a raincoat?" We both laughed until we hurt. I think he told to story to someone and it got around the base. Hence my callsign was assigned. It followed me my entire career.
Man of hot & beauty - usually when the pilot's wife or girlfriend is really looking good...
First name Joe. It has a nice ring to it, don't you think?
I am a white guy with the last name of Blackwood. (Mandingo is apparently the name of a famous black male adult film actor)
While in Hawaii, I had a little bit of an accident involving alcohol, a hottub, various gorgeous women, and the zipper of my shorts. Apparently, the medical term for getting your coin purse stuck in your zipper is 'testicular mangling'.
Short for last name. In 1968 flight instructor kept mispronouncing my last name and finally gave up and said you are now MANGO
Was at a hotel in a foreign country where the squadron was put up on deployments. In addition, the hotel hosted airline stewardess' in-training. Initially, I was operating solo macking on a half-a-dozen airline stewardess in a hot tub all to myself. But then all of a sudden...a squady rolled in, got in the tub, spread his arms out on the rail with one of them landing behind me looking as if he put his arms around me. I moved away but it was too late. I was pissed off he showed up and it set the stage for a scene on par with Broke Back Mountain. I was branded as the guy that boils in hot water.
Capt. M. Monrowe
The name marlin comes form the old TV show Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. hosted by Marlin Perkins. Since my last name is Perkins, it fit very well within my name so they all started calling me Michael "Marlin" Perkins
Capt. Wermuth
First name was Karl, and he hated communists.
Col. Daniel Bader... 'nuff said. At one point during an Air Staff Tour, a well meaning bird colonel tried to change it to "Darth" but that didn't stick.
My last name's Bator
Young air crew walks into a debrief with the entire air wing after accomplishing something impressive, so which someone shouted a compliment and to which he responded cockily, "I am the master!" To which no less than the wing commander replied: "That you are, Bates." Own-goal!
Claimed he never pleased himself
The tactical callsign "matta" has to be read in conjuction with the pilots' last name "Klap". In some area's of the Netherlands it is being said that someone is "mattaklap" when he is a kind of clown, a funny guy. This tactical callsign was thought up by fellow pilots and given to lt. Klap when he joined the F-16 conversion course at Leeuwarden Airbase in 1983.
Called Maximum Max by the squadron commander he was always flying the edge resulting in frequent breakdowns. His bird spent more time in the maintenance hanger that it ever spent on the flight line or in the air.
A mechanic working on F-16s. Anything he touched immediately had problems. Even when it had been checked and inspected, things still went wrong as long as he touched it.
The man loved eating. Was always the one trying to get people together to go out for diner. During basic training his backpack was stuffed with (old) MRE's he would save up. Also small packs of mayonaise, to eat with the MRE's when appropriate. During UPT he made a phonecall to order fries for several people, due to a mix-up in the order he ended up with a supply of mayonaise, for months.
At a naming ceremony, and after being with the unit for nearly 4 years. No one knew my ethnicity(white/japanese). Some claimed me as Mexican, others claimed I was Japanese, some even said Indian. Then from the back of the room after much debate someone said. He "Might Be Asian", so from then on it stuck.
He was always late for stuff, just like Marty McFly in Back to the Future. This way, it worked out nice, so someone could say "Hello?! Anybody home McFly?!"
First name Martin, and only 1m65 .. go figure
309th FS said i looked like grimus and i like Big Macs so MCphats it was
Last name Horn.
I guess you can figure that one out....while on the "team" I could pick up girls rather fast and would introduce them to the boys. I did this a few times and was told I could "hook the meat", it soon turned into a new nickname - Meathook -
The guy was HUGE and he was always eating something in ops.
Just look it up!
First name, Erlin. Top Gun fanatic and could recite entire scenes. Always twirled a pen or pencil during sortie briefs and debriefings.
As a 1LT doing night intercepts in the F-4D in Spain, I was the target and flew my target run at 45000 feet in full AB so that I could go back to the club and drink beer. The (unsuccesful) interceptor saw me go overhead with the AB illuminating my contrail and said that "it looked like a f***ing meteor going overhead".
Was new to 310th FS. Guys were saying I looked Mexican which I am not. After a couple of weeks I had enough and screamed "I'm not F**KING Mexican!!". Unaware that the Commander and others where in a meeting and heard me across the room behind closed doors
After a loopy evening with the boys at an establishment of ill-repute, I woke up next to a large woman of African-American descent....she was NOT pretty....her stripper name was "Midnight".
Capt Mike Crandall. From the cereal commercial: "Mikey will do/eat anything". Referred to his willingness to help out his squadron mates or maybe something deeper he didn't want to get into.
His last name was Norwegian and hard to pronounce, but sounded very similar to the number 70, so we always called him "70 Miles Per hour" to tease him (and help us remember how to pronounce it). We shortened it to Miles for his official call-sign because it was much easier to say.
Last name is "Way"
Mo lester
Flying the Viper in Korea, went out one night with the guys and met a very pretty local. Turned out she was way underage so the guys assigned me my call sign, a take on "molester."
When during takeoff, always used to shout "More Gas! More Gas!"
Moe Lester
Brother in law flew the 16 in Korea. Went out with a girl there who turned out to be a 16 y/o and from then on he was called Moe Lester. They didn't want to put molester on his helmet, so they gave it a "proper" name. He had 3 variants, "Moe", "Lester", and of course "Moe Lester".
It means what you think it means... yes she was old
Nearly ran out.
That's mo Joe than you can handle.
Mouth Open, Jam On...
I kept telling everyone else in my unit what to do, even though we were equals. They would get even more annoyed when I was right, which was most of the time. They started calling me "Queen Elizabeth," and then it changed to Monarch when I wore a butterfly t-shirt while on shore leave one day.
Big dude. Small peach inspediment.
Because it reflects that I'm tan, a little hairy, and tenacious in my flight execution!
From the movie charactor Moondoggie, beach bum dude from 1955 movie. Still flying F-16s.
Mooned a Commander in a formation flying in another A-6 off the JFK
F105 pilot circa 1966-67. Last name derived from an Americanized version of "Hieronymous," plus the recipient had the apparently rare ability to flare nostrils to large mooselike proportions.
Moped Jankins
Had an F-16A go stupid on me with FLCS pitch failure and 11 months later had one eat its own (sts) engine and deadsticked into a county airport. After second Viper Incident (not accident), the Ops O said that since Moses was the biblical Chosen One, that I was henceforth "Moses". Besides, it fits with my last name of Noah....
My wife's a redhead... God came to Moses in the form of a burning bush... Nuff said
Master Of The Obvious. Every squad/pilot group has one of these jack'azzez
My personal favorite. This call sign belongs to one of our female pilots in the 195FS. She said it means: " Almond Joy has nuts, Mounds doesn't". (Almond Joy is a chocolate/coconut candy bar with almond nuts from Hershey's, while Mounds is the same candy bar but without almond nuts)
After watching a documentary about the adult movie industry on HBO, one of our classmates was commenting on how this guy got paid $50K for doing 20-minute porn scene with another guy. After much discussion around the TV lounge, he made the comment that $50,000 would buy a lot of mouthwash. Hence, he was forever branded.
As in Mozambique/Mozam-beak... someone with a huge nose
Mr. P
Well endowed... Also fit with his last name, Portman.
My last name is Mros so people who can't say my last name right call me Mr.O's
Monkey Undergoing Brain Transplant Operation In a sentence, MUBTO warned Speed Bump to not complain about his call sign. Earn a better one. That's how he got Speed Bump and then Clownboy.
RAF crewman, surname Storey.
Met this Marine Corps fighter pilot during an internship. Couldn't understand half of what he said during our conversations. Then he answered the phone with "This is Mumbles..." I had to walk away quickly before I started laughing.
I was called Murdock by my F16 instructor, capt (now general)Dick 'Quicky' Berlijn... why?.... Well I had a small resemblance with Murdock from the then popular TV Sitcom the A-team.
Callsign for the flight surgeon. It stands for Male Nurse
1978 in the 70 TFS bar. My call sign was Carrot Top or just "Carrot" or "CT." I had a way out-of-limits walrus mustache. Tommy Graves said, loud enough for everyone to hear, "CT, you look just like a Muskrat." Been Muskrat ever since.
Got drunk and tried to catch a lady, to which she just simply said, "Get out of my zone!"

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