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A Viper pilot who landed with less than 100lbs of fuel left. They put more gas in than the Viper holds. The gas gauge read Zero, Zero, and <100 Totalizer. We have the fuel slip in Maintenance.


Very Annoying Lieutenant who was an F-16 driver in Japan


My last name Knobloch translates to the surname meaning garlic in German. And due to my acute hatred for the smell of garlic, I received the call sign Vampire.


The Philippine Air Force pilot was half-Vietnamese.


A guy with a stump neck..Very Enormous Neck Of Man


Name is Vee Ming, it could have been worse...


RAF Hunter driver named Norton was called Vic, not short for Victor, but because he got up your nose.


After a night of drinking at the O club in flight training I woke up in a random dorm room the next morning with no clothes. The sq had a field day filling in the rest. Though the stories ranged from the mundane to the depraved, they agreed I was the victim of something unsavory.


Short for Vince, Vincenzo


In avionics class one day, we talked about resistors' color codes, which goes: 0 - Black (Bad) 1 - Brown (Boys) 2 - Red (Rape) 3 - Orange (Our) 4 - Yellow (Young) 5 - Green (Girls) 6 - Blue (But) 7 - Violet (Violet) 8 - Grey (Gives) 9 - White (Willingly) Shortly after, the instructor asked for a marker pen or something, and one of the guys in the class quickly got one from his bag and gave it to the instructor. Someone in the back yelled out Violet! We all had a big laugh and it stuck. MS


"Very Idiot Person"


Pilot's name was Smirnoff


My battle buddy and room mate at the barracks gave it to me because he said my last name sounded like a sound you would make when you threw up. It was really hard to pick up chicks at the bar when you're buddy is calling you vomit all night


"Vargas Girl"-quality USMC F/A-18 Pilot.... everywhere she went, she caused every kind of trouble

Other callsigns

Vader, Vandal, Viper, ...