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F-16 Events from 1982

25 Jan 1982 Egyptian Air Force accepts first F-16 from Peace Vector I order. (Read more...)
Mar 1982 USAF announces Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Units will begin receiving the F-16 in 1983. (Read more...)
4 May 1982 Venezuela orders 24 F-16s (Peace Delta) becoming the 10th customer.
8 May 1982 USAF announces that the F-16 will be flown by the Thunderbirds, the USAF flight demonstration squadron.
16 Jun 1982 200th F-16 assembled in Europe is delivered - 100 each from Fokker Netherlands and from SABCA Belgium.
22 Jun 1982 USAF Arial Demonstration Squadron receive their first F-16A painted in Thunderbird markings at Nellis AFB, Nevada.
10 Jul 1982 Maiden flight of the AFTI/F-16 Advanced Fighter Technology Integration aircraft, at Fort Worth. (Read more...)
16 Jul 1982 Advanced Fighter Technology Integration (AFTI) F-16A (#75-0750) arrives at Edwards AFB.
17 Jul 1982 The first F-16XL, the single-seat #75-0749, arrives at Edwards AFB.
20 Jul 1982 First test flight of F-16XL (#75-0749) at Edwards AFB, with James McKinney at the controls. (Read more...)
4 Aug 1982 First dedicated Advanced Fighter Technology Integration (AFTI) F-16 test flight. (Read more...)
20 Aug 1982 PAF accepts first F-16 from Peace Gate I order.
29 Oct 1982 Maiden flight of F-16XL ship no. 2 with two-place cockpit and GE F101 engine, piloted by Alex Wolf and Jim McKinney. (Read more...)
7 Nov 1982 Transition from T-38A to F-16A by USAF Thunderbirds is completed.
8 Nov 1982 The second F-16XL (#75-0747 (double seat)), arrives at Edwards AFB.