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F-16 Timeline

F-16 Events from 1994

1 Jan 1994 19th Fighter Squadron of the USAF moves to Alaska and converts from the F-16C/D to the F-15C/D.
3 Jan 1994 After converting from the F-111 to the F-16 and moving to Shaw AFB, South Carolina, the 77th Fighter Squadron reactivated.
1994 Israel orders 50 F-16s (Peace Marbel IV).
1994 Denmark orders 3 F-16s as attrition replacements.
30 Jan 1994 PoAF accepts first F-16 from Peace Atlantis I order.
8 Feb 1994 RoKAF accepts first F-16 from Peace Bridge II order.
24 Feb 1994 EAF accepts first F-16 from Peace Vector IV order.
28 Feb 1994 Two USAF F-16Cs from the 86th TFW/526th TFS shoot down four Serbian Soko G-4 Super Galebs over Bosnia-Herzegovina during two missions, including the first USAF triple kill mission since the Korean war. (Read more...)
23 Mar 1994 Twenty-three paratroopers were killed when an F-16 and C-130 collided while landing at Pope Air Force Base in North Carolina. The F-16 skidded into another transport on the ground. (Read more...)
1994 F-16s achieve IOC on the AGM-88 HARM and the HARM Targetting System.
10 Apr 1994 Two USAF F-16s providing Close Air Support for UN personnel strike targets near Gorazde, marking the first NATO air strike in 45 year history.
21 Apr 1994 Major Jacquelyn S. Parker becomes first american female pilot to be combat qualified in the F-16.
23 Apr 1994 VISTA/F-16 resumed testing.
24 Apr 1994 F-16 tested with conformal fuel tank shapes.
1 Jul 1994 US Navy F-16 aggressor squadron VF-43 disbands at NAS Oceana, Virginia.
8 Jul 1994 RDAF accepts first F-16 of the attrition replacement order.
26 Jul 1994 IDFAF accepts first F-16 from Peace Marbel IV order.
11 Aug 1994 AGM-84 Harpoon integration on F-16 successful.
15 Aug 1994 Combat hammer OT&E - 12 HARM missiles successfully launched autonomously employing HTS pod.
18 Aug 1994 Four F-16 pilots with over 10,000 hours combined fly together - two separate AFRES units.
1994 An F-16 testbed launches AGM-137 TSSAM and autonomous free flight dispenser system (AFDS)
1994 A USAF F-16 fires two Box office II high off-boresight missiles, demonstrating a Helmet-Mounted Cueing System
18 Sep 1994 Turkey orders 40 F-16s (Peace Onyx III).
19 Sep 1994 Singapore orders 18 F-16s (Peace Carvin II). (Read more...)
21 Sep 1994 Mishap rate per 100,000 flight hours: 2.9 (USAF), 3.9 (Worldwide).
1994 AFTI/F-16 demonstrates cooperative engagement techniques in Talon Sword Bravo and global Sword tests.
21 Nov 1994 USAF and RNlAF F-16s participate in a 30-aircraft strike against Udbina AB in Balkans, marking the largest NATO air strike to date.