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F-16 Events from 1993

4 Jan 1993 Mishap Rate per 100,000 flight hours in 1992 is 4,5 (USAF) and 5,4 (Worldwide).
17 Jan 1993 A USAF F-16C from the 52nd FW destroys an Iraqi MiG-29 with an AIM-120 AMRAAM missile, marking the second USAF F-16 air victory
4 Feb 1993 Secretary of Defense Aspin makes decision to include funding for 24 USAF F-16s in fiscal year 1994 defense budget. Longlead money for 24 aircraft in 1995 is included in budget.
15 Feb 1993 Two-level maintenance officially inaugurated for USAF F-16s.
Mar 1993 Lockheed completes purchase of General Dynamics' military aircraft business, creating the Lockheed Fort Worth Company to continue programs such as the F-16 Fighting Falcon.
Mar 1993 The 178th FS/119th FW launches a record surge of 44 sorties with 11 F-16s in 8 hours, in wind chill temperatures of -25°F to -38°F.
20 Mar 1993 F-16 Combined Test Force passes 35,000 flight hours.
1 Apr 1993 Letter of agreement for MLU lit-production phase is presented to European air forces.
4 Apr 1993 USAF Thunderbirds celebrate their 11th year and 800th show with the F-16
12 Apr 1993 Start of Operation Deny Flight, in which F-16s from the US, Netherlands, and Turkey help enforce a no-fly zone over Bosnia.
26 Apr 1993 2,000th USAF F-16 delivered.
27 Apr 1993 F-16 passed 5 million flight hours worldwide.
30 Apr 1993 PAF accepts first F-16 from Peace Gate IV order, but the aircraft are embargoed.
1 May 1993 Lockheed delivers first block 50D F-16C, three months ahead of schedule, enhancing USAF F-16 combat capability.
1 Jun 1993 Vista/F-16 aircraft makes first flight with General Electric AVEN multi-axis thrustvectoring engine. New records were established.
2 Jul 1993 First flight of the NF-16D testbed. (Read more...)
30 Jul 1993 First USAF F-16A (#79-0340) arrives at AMARC for storage under designation AAFG0012. It will be followed by 350+ F-16s to be stored at the facility.
1 Aug 1993 The House Armed Services Committee of U.S. Congress approves funds for 24 USAF F-16s in 1994, with longlead money for 24 more in 1995.
13 Aug 1993 Enhanced HARM capability operational.
31 Dec 1993 17th FS, of the USAF, disbands at Shaw AFB, South Carolina.