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F-16 Events from 2002

Mar 2002 Lt. Col. Burt Bartley secures an MH-47 crash site in Afghanistan allowing survivors to be evacuated, earning him the 2002 Semper Viper award. (Read more...)
May 2002 Oman orders 12 F-16s (Peace A'sama A'safiya) becoming the 23rd customer. (Read more...)
2002 Jordan orders 17 F-16s (Peace Falcon II).
2 Jun 2002 Pakistani F-16 shot down 1 Indian Searcher II UAV. (Read more...)
16 Nov 2002 USAF pilot Michael J. Brillo Brill is the first to reach 5,000 hours on the F-16.
27 Nov 2002 CFT testing completed.
27 Dec 2002 Poland orders 48 F-16s (Peace Sky) becoming the 24th customer. (Read more...)