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Date Status Local S/N Aircraft AF/Unit Version Info Details
21 Jan 2016 [ w/o] 93711 93- 0711 USAF 21 FS F-16A Block 20 News Article Details
The jet crashed near Bagdad in Yavapai County, Arizona around 8:45 local time while practising high G maneuvres. The pilot didn't eject.
07 Mar 2002 [ act] 6615 93- 0716 RoCAF 21 TFS F-16A Block 20 Details
Had to make an emergency landing at Ma Kung AB after suffering a mechanical malfunction.
15 May 2013 [ w/o] 6622 93- 0723 RoCAF 21 TFG F-16A Block 20 News Article Details
Crashed into the sea, southwest of Chiayi AB around 14:30h local time. The pilot, Lieutenant Wu Yen-ting, ejected safely and was rescued by helicopter.
01 Jun 1999 [ w/o] 6638 93- 0739 RoCAF 22 TFS F-16A Block 20 News Article Details
Reported missing at 20:30 hours at a location in the China Sea off Green Island, Taiwan. It was a night training mission. The pilot was Flight Leader Major Chung-wei Hsu. After a month and a half the aircraft and pilot had still not been found. Video from the wingman's HUD showed his aircraft suddenly pitch up and role into a nose down position. It happened at an altitude of 15,000 feet at 20:11 hours. All Taiwanese F-16's were grounded as a result of the crash.
11 Jan 2022 [ w/o] 6650 93- 0751 RoCAF 21 TFG F-16A Block 72 V News Article Details
Crashed into the sea during a training mission around 15:26 hrs local at the Shuaixi firing range, some 14,5 miles west from Chiayi AB. The jet was last inspected on December 28th, 2021 and had a total flight time of 3,415.05 hours. It was not equipped with Collision Avoidance System.
13 Sep 2004 [ act] 6651 93- 0752 RoCAF 23 TFS F-16A Block 20 News Article Details
At 10:15 hours it took off from Chia Yi AFB for a training mission. When it returned to base its landing gear warning light went on. The pilot informed the airport and landed at 11:13 hours. While on the runway, one of its tires blew up. There was minor damage to the aircraft and the pilot was fine.
25 Mar 2008 [ act] 6658 93- 0759 RoCAF 17 TFG F-16A Block 20 Details
Overran the runway upon landing. Damage was minimal.
17 Nov 2020 [ w/o] 6672 93- 0773 RoCAF 26 TFG F-16A Block 72 V News Article Details
Went missing over water right after take off from Hualien AB. The pilot was Col. Jiang Zheng Zhi.
18 Aug 1999 [ w/o] 6680 93- 0781 RoCAF 26 TFS F-16A Block 20 News Article Details
This aircraft was part of a four ship formation which was practising air combat. They had just taken off when aircraft numbered 6689 (not the aircraft which crashed) could not retract its landing gear. The aircraft was ordered back to Chiayi AB, Taiwan with F-16 this aircraft to escort. To burn off extra fuel the aircraft made several passes on the base. At 8:56 hours 6680 began to loose thrust. The pilot, Major Geng-Sheng Lin dropped the external tanks in an effort to lighten the aircraft and come around for landing. But when he reached an altitude of only 150 feet and an airspeed of 132 knots he ejected. The aircraft landed on the ground and did not break-up. Damage was largely limited to the nose. Major Geng-Sheng Lin fractured both legs after ejecting. All Taiwan F-16's were grounded as a result
04 Jun 2018 [ w/o] 6685 93- 0786 RoCAF 27 TFG F-16A Block 20 Details
The aircraft performed a simulated attack at low altitude at Keelung Port. The original planned egress from the attack was at heading 090. However that heading involved a nuclear power plant no-fly zone and controllers instructed the pilot to change heading to 140 towards Wu Fen Mountain. After the pilot turned heading to 140 he requested permission to climb, two times. Nineteen seconds after he turned, controllers instructed pilot to climb. He began to climb, but unfortunately still crashed into Wu Fen Mountain at 13:43 local. The pilot, Major Wu Yen-ting, was killed in the mishap.
24 Aug 2011 [ act] 6692 93- 0793 RoCAF 27 TFG F-16A Block 20 Details
The aircraft flew too low coming in for landingat Hua Lien AB and the left landing gear hit and broke a lighting rod and metal frame on a power line pole just after 9 hours local time.
04 Mar 2008 [ w/o] 6706 93- 0807 RoCAF 17 TFG F-16A Block 20 News Article Details
Crashed into the sea after losing contact with air traffic controllers at 19:18 hours. A SAR operation is underway to find the pilot, Major Ting Shih-Pao, but no results so far.
06 Jun 2022 [ sto] 93817 93- 0817 USAF 21 FS F-16A Block 20 News Article Details
Upon touchdown at Honolulu IAP on its way back to Taiwan to be upgraded to F-16V, the aircraft experienced a front landing gear malfunction, where nose gear did not deploy, and the jet touched down on its nose. The pilot remained with the aircraft and could exit afterwards. Aircraft is currently being assessed for repair.
20 May 2003 [ act] 6808 93- 0829 RoCAF 14 TFS F-16B Block 20 Details
Around 15:50 hours the aircraft made an emergency landing at Ma Gong Airport because of engine problems during a training sortie. The crew, pilot Huang De Liang and co-pilot Qiu Jian Han weren't wounded. When it landed, its left tire blew out as well seriously disrupting civilian flights. At around 18:00 hours a new tire arrived from Jia Yi AB and it returned to base.
25 Jun 2005 [ sto] 6812 93- 0833 RoCAF 22 TFG F-16B Block 20 Details
The aircraft veered off the runway while landing at Chia Yi AB.

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