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RoCAF F-16 crashes into the sea - Pilot safe

May 15, 2013 (by Asif Shamim) - A RoCAF F-16A block 20 crashed into the sea off the coast of Southern Taiwan, around 14.00h local time today, during a training flight. The pilot ejected and was rescued.

The Taiwanese air force Command stated that the pilot, Lieutenant Wu Yen-ting, reported an unidentified problem with the F-16 (#93-0723) which resulted in him ejecting.

A search and rescue S-70C helicopter was dispatched to recover the 26 year old pilot who suffered minor injuries. Wu was then flown to a hospital in the city of Chaiyi according to the release from the Air Force.

The Air Force suspected mechanical failure was the reason for crash and have started an investigation

Additional images:

RoCAF F-16A Block 20 with #6622 in the foreground carrying AGM-65 missiles are both of 455th TFW. [RoCAF photo]