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 CMSgt. Robert "Bobby Dog" Rositer (Ret.)

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Name CMSgt. Robert Rositer (Ret.)
Unit 526th Fighter Squadron "Black Knights"
Crewing F-16s
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- Assigned as Dedicated Crew Chief (SSgt) (75-0747) during full scale development program at Edwards AFB California
- Dedicated Crew Chief (Tsgt) on Squadron Commanders Aircraft 78-0062 and (Msgt) Flight Chief @ 62 AMU and Production Super @ 72 AMU, Macdill AFB Florida
- HQ USAFE, Ramstein AB Germany - F-16 Rep (SMsgt) in Aircraft Division
- 526 AMU Production Super (SMsgt), Ramstein AB Germany
- F-16 IOT@E, Maint Super, 57 FWW OL Edwards AFB, California
- F-16 Viper AMU (Chief), Edwards, AFB, California
- Lockheed Martin Aero Flight Test Control Engineer Lead in 412th Flight Test Squadron @ Edwards AFB, California
- Retired on 1 August 2009


F-16 European Test and Evaluation (Norway, Denmark, Germany, England) 1979
F-16 Red Flags / Green Flags / Constant Peg - 1980 through 1988
F-16 WSEP 1987
F-16 Gunsmoke team member and judge
F-16 African Eagle
F-16 European WTD's (Spain, Turkey)
F-16 Israel Aircraft Support Team for Ferry Cells (Azores & Italy)

My Jets & Assignments

75747 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 6515 Test Support Squadron, AFSC
Period 1977 - 1980
Current: 848   F-16XL/B [sto]
78062 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 62nd Fighter Squadron "Spikes" [Unit History]
Period 1980 - 1983
Current: 78062   F-16A Block 5 [i/a]
Period 1983 - 1986
Unit 526th Fighter Squadron "Black Knights" [History]
Period 1986 - 1988
Unit 57 FWW OL Edwards AFB California, F-16 Block 40 IOT&E
Period 1988 - 1990
Unit VIPER AMU, Edwards AFB, Califonia
Period 1992 - 1993
Unit 416th Flight Test Squadron [History]
Period 1997 - 2009

Visitor Comments

CHRISTOPHER T. SAYER, Feb 22, 2014 - 12:43 AM


I don't know if you remember me...I was the tall, big guy from the Bahamas stationed with you at Edwards when OMS was run by Capt. Randy Moore. I hope this finds you Blessed and well and congrats on making Chief. You used to make me laugh (meant in a good way...)Remember Broderius, Jones, Groves, Oscar Gonzalez, Eddie Odocayen, Paul Graves and Ray (Filipino TSgt)???

Chris (former 3 striper Sgt.)

Hey Chief
Errol Eaton, Dec 29, 2019 - 06:31 PM

Hey Chief,

I hope life is treating you well, I worked with you at Edwards AFB in Viper, I was the crew chief on 82-1047 when I came in from the 526, I was there a few years after you left. Man it was a blast back then. I really enjoyed working for you and if you dont remember me thats cool because I never really caused any trouble to have to go see you.. lol ok well Bob Again, your are an awesome person and I miss the good times at Edwards. like the water Balloons of the roof into the truck and our wild parties at the park.. man thats a memory...

Be Good Chief

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