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What's a crew chief profile?

A crew chief profile is an illustrated overview of your career. You can add:

Your crew chief profile also provides a contact address on, so your long-lost buddies can get in touch with you. We don't display your e-mail address, we will simply notify you when a message has arrived on for you. This way, there's no danger of spam or unsollicited E-mails in your inbox!

Your comments displayed on your jet's history page
We will also automatically display your comments in our F-16 Aircraft Database, which contains a detailed history of all (well, almost all) F-16s.

Tips and examples

In the "My Profile" section, you can select your favourite or current unit - the patch will be displayed automatically. You can also link to your own website. Finally, we will automatically add a "Send me a Private Message" link. This allows your former squadron buddies to contact you through This is an contact link, so we don't display your E-mail address; you will simply get an E-mail from to notify you when someone wants to contact you.

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