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Three short ones

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1) Having only one qualified controller on a particular day a certain Scottish airport decided to 'stack' several B747s while he went to lunch for two hours - well ATC had someones welfare in mind.

2) There are some funny stories about A-7 pilots taking off from land bases. My favorite is where the pilot - on hearing from the tower, during his take-off run, that he his wings were still folded - ejected, injuring himself on landing. The A-7 however, made it back safe and sound.

3) Apparently only one ejection has taken place from an Irish Air Corp aircraft (a De Havilland Vampire) - embarrassingly for the 'back seater', the 'front seater' then landed the aircraft.

Way back while doing spin excercises in a De Havilland Vampire, a student and instructor got into an unrecoverable spin. The instructor ordered the student sitting beside him to eject but found that the force of the ejection and resultant center of gravity change recovered the plane and he landed safely back at base. You can imagine the students suprise when he returned to find his plane minus a canopy sitting on the tarmac.

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