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Hire the handicapped

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A friend of mine in my unit in Germany used to tell this story on himself and I thought it was hilarious. Seems he was flying an Army UH-1H, Huey, one day somewhere up around Chicago.

As has happened to all of us, probably, at one time or another, he just couldn't seem to get his tongue coordinated at all and was fumble-tonguing everything he said.

Center asked him some simple question and his reply went something like this. "Uh, this is Army helichop...uh, helicopter 15789...uh 15987. We'd like to climb to... uh we'd like to descend to 5000 and then practice a shoot approach....uh shoot a practice ILS black course, uh, backcourse at Grandview Navy...uh, Glenview Navy..."

He said that after finally getting the transmission completed, and feeling like a dang fool there was a short period of silence over the radio before someone (who he said you could tell was some Captain on a commercial airliner in the vicinity) came back with a very short comment of "Hire the handicapped".

He said that he never felt so stupid.

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