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Date Status Local S/N Aircraft AF/Unit Version Info Details
05 Apr 1983 [ w/o] E-175 78- 0175 RDAF Esk 730 F-16A Block 1 Details
Crashed near Fole, South Juttland. It was the first loss for the Danish. The aircraft crashed due to lightning strike. The pilot, 2nd lieutenant Kim Robert Juul, ejected safely. In about 2,000 feet the aircraft came down through a heavy rain cloud, when a lightning suddenly hit the starboard side of the radome. Almost every warning light came on and the pilot called out a MAYDAY to Skrydstrup Approach. The aircraft was flying normally until the hydraulic pressure started to go down to 1,000 PSI (normal pressure is 3,000 PSI), then suddenly the aircraft made a powerful pitch-up and since there were no response to the stick, the pilot ejected. The aircraft then made a full loop and came back inverted towards the pilot, who by now was hanging in his parachute, but luckily it went past him. On his way down he found out that he was going to land on a field were a horse was standing. Trying to steer clear of the field he almost made it when the dinghy, hanging on the line under the pilot, hit the horse on the back and the frightened animal ran away. After he landed on the field, he got up only to discover that the horse was coming back in a very bad mood. Jumping over the barbwire just minutes before the horse got to him 2nd lieutenant Juul then made his way to the nearest farm house and contacted the air base and within 20 minutes the SAR helicopter arrived.
Apr 1985 [ act] E-177 78- 0177 RDAF Esk 730 F-16A Block 5 Details
On 10 Jul 1986 the aircraft was on a gunnery training mission near the Danish island of Rømø, when there was an explosion in the engine, and smoke and flames was detected from the other planes in the formation. The pilot, Captain V.C. Boudreaux an USAF exchange pilot, was able keep the engine running long enough to get the aircraft back to Skrydstrup Air Base where he made a normal landing, and by doing so saved the aircraft. Captain Boudreaux on the 4 December 1986 received the Danish decoration 'The Medal for Superior Airmanship' by the chief of the Danish tactical air command. He was invited to the Royal palace, were the queen herself wanted to personally congratulate Captain Bourdreaux.
02 Apr 2001 [ w/o] E-178 78- 0178 RDAF Esk 730 F-16A Block 5 News Article Details
Aircraft departed controlled flight during an air combat exercise forcing Captain Allan O. Jensen to eject. Wreckage of the aircraft went into the North Sea 28 miles west of Thyorøn, Denmark. He was rescued by an S-61A
01 Apr 1985 [ w/o] E-179 78- 0179 RDAF Esk 730 F-16A Block 5 Details
Collided at 14,000 feet with F-16A (78-0186, E-186) just north of Ribe during an air combat mission. The pilot, lieutenant René Sten Jensen, ejected safely.
10 Dec 1987 [ w/o] E-185 78- 0185 RDAF Esk 730 F-16A Block 5 Details
Crashed near Ålebæk Bugt, south of Skagen, Denmark. Engine failure caused this crash with the pilot, Lieutenant Per Barner Petersen, ejecting safely.
14 Dec 1984 [ act] E-185 78- 0185 RDAF Esk 727 F-16A Block 5 Details
During approach to Skrydstrup AB the gear indicators showed "unsafe". The pilot, 2nd lieutenant P. Bergstrøm, passed the ATC tower and got a reply that the gear looked normal. A chase pilot also inspected the gear and found nothing wrong. The pilot elected "gear up", lowered them again and he got 3 green lights in the cockpit. After touch down the right main landing gear collapsed. As the pilot realized he was unable to keep the F-16 on the runway, he elected to use the ejectionseat, which went all right. The cause of the gear collapse was corrosion in a actuator in the right gear. This aircraft has the honour of being the first RDAF aircraft from which the pilot used the ejection seat that survived and went back to service. 2nd lieutenant P. Bergstrøm landed hard on the runway and was dragged about 100 yards down the runway before he managed to cut loose. The Air Base fire department tried to stop the engine, which was still running, by blowing foam into the air intake. This had no effect, and a fireman then crawled over the wing and cut off the engine. When the engine's RPM parsed 40% the Emergency Power Unit started and the engine was now running on hydrazine until a pilot arrived and shot down the EPU.
01 Apr 1985 [ w/o] E-186 78- 0186 RDAF Esk 730 F-16A Block 5 Details
Collided at 14,000 feet with F-16A (78-0179, E-179) just north of Ribe during an air combat mission. The pilot, Lieutenant John Møller Sørensen, ejected safely.
22 Sep 1996 [ act] E-190 78- 0190 RDAF Esk 723 F-16A Block 10 Details
The aircraft suffered a birdstrike but was repaired.
08 May 2006 [ act] E-198 78- 0198 RDAF Esk 727 F-16A Block 20 MLU News Article Details
07 Dec 1987 [ w/o] E-201 78- 0201 RDAF Esk 723 F-16A Block 10 C Details
Crashed near Vadehavet, Denmark. The American exchange pilot flying the aircraft, Captain Steven D. Wheeless, ejected safely. During a training mission in low altitude flying, the pilot had to make an evasive manoeuvre in order to clear a flock of birds. During this manoeuvre the aircraft stalled and then hit the the water. It then jump back into the air giving the pilot the chance to eject.
08 Apr 1986 [ act] E-202 78- 0202 RDAF Esk 727 F-16A Block 10 C Details
Caught in a heavy cross wind landing at Skrydstrup AB. The pilot, Lieutenant C. S. Hansen, was unable to hold the aircraft on the runway. Aircraft went off the runway and nose gear was torn off. After repair the aircraft was back in service by June 30th, 1986.
12 Aug 2004 [ act] ET-204 78- 0204 RDAF Esk 726 F-16B Block 20 MLU News Article Details
At 12:00 hours the aircraft suffered a landing accident. During touch and go's the landing gear collapsed and belly landed on the runway. It slid staying straight and almost centered to the landing strip. The damage was reported to be minimal.
11 Dec 1996 [ w/o] ET-205 78- 0205 RDAF Esk 730 F-16B Block 1 Details
On take-off from RAF Marham near Norfolk, United Kingdom, at 10:54 hours for return to Skydstrup air base the tower observed flames coming from the engine area and advised the pilot, Captain M. A. Friis, who elected to continue the take-off. Some 6 kilometres from the airfield, the crew ejected safely over Narborough at a height of 1,600 feet. The aircraft came down safely in an empty sugar beet field near Necton, Norfolk, after flying on for a further 12.8 kilometres. The student pilot, First Lieutenant M. L. Andersen's parachute caught in a 26 foot tree, and took an hour to get him down
12 Feb 1997 [ act] ET-208 78- 0208 RDAF Esk 730 F-16B Block 5 Details
Damaged but repaired
19 Jun 1984 [ w/o] ET-209 78- 0209 RDAF Esk 730 F-16B Block 10 Details
Collided over Fyn Island, Denmark, with F-16B (78-0211, ET-211) during a NATO exercise 'Blue Moon' near Assens. The aircraft was flown by Lieutenant Egon Christensen and the back-seat rider was aircraft technician SA Flemming Mortensen. Both crewmembers ejected but hit the canopy and didn't survive. The aircraft were flying in close formation in low altitude with ET-209 in front. During a turn the pilot in ET-211 misunderstood the instructions from the formation leader and collided with ET-209 during the turn.

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[cld] Cancelled Order [msh] Involved in Mishap [w/o] Write-off
[con] Converted [o/o] On Order
[des] Destroyed (drone) [pre] Preserved (museum, gateguard) T/V LM Aero Type/Version (Construction) number
[emb] Embargoed [scr] Scrapped Photo Available
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