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Date Status Local S/N Aircraft AF/Unit Version Info Details
19 Jun 1984 [ w/o] ET-211 78- 0211 RDAF Esk 730 F-16B Block 10 B Details
Collided over Fyn Island, Denmark, with F-16B (78-0209, ET-209) during a NATO exercise 'Blue Moon' near Assens. The pilot, Captain Ole Brian Lessel, ejected safely. He was the only one aboard. The aircraft were flying in close formation in low altitude with ET-209 in front. During a turn the pilot in ET-211 misunderstood the instructions from the formation leader and collided with ET-209 during the turn.
22 Nov 1996 [ act] E-597 80- 3597 RDAF Esk 730 F-16A Block 15 Details
The main undercarriage retracted just after touchdown during a touch and go exercise. The aircraft slid for 5,000 feet on its two wing tanks, and stopped still on the runway. The pilot stayed with the aircraft, and the aircraft had minor damage, which will be repaired. Damage was to wing tanks, main gear doors, ventral fins and elevators. The aircraft crashed at Skrydstrup.
19 Feb 1988 [ act] E-602 80- 3602 RDAF Esk 730 F-16A Block 15 B Details
Pilot, Lieutenant N. B. Jørgensen had to land gear up at Skrydstrup AB when the left landing gear indicated unsafe. The aircraft was landed on the empty belly tank on the main runway so smoothly that the aircraft only had small scrathes on the left sidewinder rail. For this, lieutenant Jørgensen received a letter from the Danish minister of defence congratulating his performance. The aircraft was easily repaired and back to flying duties in only 30 days.
17 Nov 2005 [ act] E-609 80- 3609 RDAF Esk 726 F-16A Block 20 MLU Details
A double main wheel tire explosion during landing caused the aircraft to leave the runway with substantional damage to the nose section. It is repairable though. The pilot on the flight was Captain T. M. Kristensen.
03 Feb 2000 [ act] E-610 80- 3610 RDAF Esk 726 F-16A Block 20 MLU Details
Nose-wheel collapsed after the towbar disengaged and the gear dropped into the sand besides the taxiway at Aalborg AB. Damage was minor and the aircraft was repaired quickly.
18 Apr 1989 [ act] ET-612 80- 3612 RDAF Esk 727 F-16B Block 15 Details
A runaway Mobil crane crashed into the gate on hangar 5 at Skrydstrup AB hitting the aircraft and pushing it into the opposite wall. The aircraft was so badly damaged that it was not until August 3rd, 1990 that the aircraft was ready to fly again.
27 Oct 2015 [ w/o] E-070 83- 1070 RDAF Esk 727 F-16A Block 20 MLU News Article Details
Crashed into the North Sea off the coast off Rømø. The pilot ejected safely. Apparantly an undercarriage problem couldn't be resolved in time and landing was deemed too dangerous with the pilot deciding to eject over the water.
07 Feb 1996 [ act] ET-197 86- 0197 RDAF Esk 726 F-16B Block 15 Y OCU Details
Had an inflight collision with a USAF KC-135 tanker but the damage was minimal and the aircraft landed safely.
19 Dec 2002 [ sto] E-006 87- 0006 RDAF Esk 726 F-16A Block 20 MLU News Article Details
Overshot the runway at Bagram, Afghanistan and ended up in a minefield. The pilot, American exchange pilot, Captain Bill 'Hap' Arnold, ejected safely and the aircraft had nose gear torn off. A US Army CH-47D recovered the F-16 back to its Afghan base. A Royal Danish C-130H carried the disassembled parts back home for repairs.

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Abbreviations and symbols:
[act] Active [i/a] Instructional Airframe [sto] Stored (e.g. at AMARG)
[cld] Cancelled Order [msh] Involved in Mishap [w/o] Write-off
[con] Converted [o/o] On Order
[des] Destroyed (drone) [pre] Preserved (museum, gateguard) T/V LM Aero Type/Version (Construction) number
[emb] Embargoed [scr] Scrapped Photo Available
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