F-22, F-35 Communications 2017

Cockpit, radar, helmet-mounted display, and other avionics
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Unread post14 Nov 2019, 13:58

charlielima223 wrote:
wrightwing wrote:Actually, the F-22 MLU is adding new passive sensors (i.e. IR as well as upgrades to ESM )to the F-22, as well as helmet sights.

I am aware of that, however I wonder exactly how are they going to give the F-22 an IR system.

The favorite theory is that the current MAWS will be upgraded to a DAS using something like the new F-35 Mk 2 EODAS.


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Unread post14 Nov 2019, 14:02

F-22/35 connecting with X-37 spaceplane..

The poor Russians, they thought they really had something with their SU-57/Hunter drone tag team, LOL.

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