Forum Guidelines for

To help make the forums run smoothly, we've created a set of guidelines. The list is not very long, so please have a look at these guidelines before posting here.

Classified or sensitive information

Due to the military nature of the topics being discussed on, we urge posters to exercise the usual discretion applied when discussing military topics in a public place. Remember that is a public discussion forum serving an international community. If you wouldn't tell a cab driver in Timbuktu, then don't post it here - he might be reading.

The aim of is to stimulate discussion on unclassified aspects of military aircraft. However, it is inevitable that some questions will touch on sensitive areas. If that is the case, there are a number of approaches:

  • Ignore the question.
  • Point out to the poster in a polite manner that he should not expect a reply to this particular question (don't start a complete topic about OPSEC issues yourself). This also serves as a reminder to other members.
  • Refer the poster to public domain information (e.g. Air Force fact sheets).
  • Alert the forum moderators if you think a particular post should be removed. This is certainly applicable for OPSEC related items. They should always be passed to the moderators. Don't moderate a thread yourself, but let the moderators take appropriate action.

This being said, there are plenty of unclassified topics to be discussed about military aircraft. Enjoy the discussions, and remember: When in doubt, don't post.

Forum etiquette

The forum caters to an international audience. In order not to offend anyone and provide an enjoyable experience for everyone visiting, we would like to ask you to follow the following guidelines:

  • Avoid offensive content: No obscene language, no adult content, no hateful, threatening or discriminating comments.
  • Avoid politics and religion.
  • Respect the privacy of others: do not post personal information on other members, and do not ask personal questions.
  • Be courteous: respect other people's opinions, and keep the discussion civilized.
  • Pay attention to spelling, grammar, and style: Take the time to write your posts - a well-written and easily readable post is more likely to get replied to.


So you have an urgent question and you want to ask it on Before you post, please take some time and read the following guidelines:

  • Search before you post: Please take the time to search the forums to see if the answer to your question isn't readily available.
  • Select the appropriate forum: Have a look at the available forums and select the forum most appropriate for your question. If you can't figure out where to post your topic, ask one of the moderators for help.
  • Select an appropriate title: "need help", "info wanted" or "question" are too vague. Selecting a good title will help you get the answers you are looking for.
  • Post your question in a single forum (no cross-posting).
  • Stay on topic: if you suddenly come up with a pressing question on another subject, start a new thread on it in the appropriate forum.
  • No copyright infringements: please observe copyright when posting content from other sources
  • No commercial messages or advertizing: If you want to advertise your business on, please contact for terms & conditions.

Report misuse/abuse

To report abuse or misuse of the forum, please contact the moderators and include a link to the page(s) in question. reserves the right to delete, move, edit or lock any post or topics that we deem inappropriate. These forums are moderated to keep them clean, useful and fun, so please post sensibly. and also reserve the right to deny access to anyone.

If you have a complaint about one of our actions such as deleting, moving, editing or locking your posts or topics, don't post it on the forums but send a private message to one of the moderators.

Have fun!