F-16 Ghost paint job at Nellis

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When it comes to visual acquisition, I think the early Eagle folks at Luke came to the conclusion that the 'robin's egg blue' paint scheme was essentially inter-changeable with day-glo orange. :doh:

First time I ever saw a blue Eagle in flight, I was chasing an instrument check at the Yuma TACAN IAF about 15 some miles from the runway.....the Eagle was turning final about a mile from the runway. Be afraid of the ghost? .....I think all the Eagles were repainted gray next time they went to the paint barn.

If you manage to get in close, the smaller, darker aircraft shape on the light blue seems like a good place to aim.....if you miss, you might still hit the lighter edges. :D

(I know. It emulates the other guys and we should probably slyly encourage them to keep that 'artsy' paint job.)

(Notice the SUU-20 on the Eagle. "Not one pound for air-to-ground." I wonder which Air Force was training for this.)
blue eagle.jpg


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Well if nothing else that old Vermont bird sure looks pretty in the new livery!!!

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