F-35A Kadena, Japan from Hill AFB 2017

F-35 unit & base selection, delivery, activation
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When I read the article it seemed fairly positive to me, overall. The author naturally wants to see if there are holes in its performance and A2A capability, so does that, and finishes off basically making it clear that it's actually a worthy A2A fighter, definitely a mass killer.

This is a positively glowing mainstream farticle, compared to those two years ago. Could do better I suppose, but paints it in a pretty good light.

But she's got plenty of feedback, so maybe next time it warms some more.
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F-35 may take over the Kadena F-15C's Mission/Works. 8) If F-15C replace, Which choose F-35 or F-16V? :devil:
New jets being considered at Kadena air base
The commander of the US Pacific Air Forces says discussions are underway on replacing fighter jets at a US air base in Japan's southwestern prefecture of Okinawa with F-35 stealth fighters or other new aircraft.

Speaking to NHK and other media outlets in Washington on Wednesday, General Charles Brown said F-15 jets currently deployed at the US Kadena Air Base are showing their age.

He said there is an ongoing discussion in the US Air Force on whether to replace the jets with F-35s or new F-16s, as part of future planning. He says he is waiting for a decision.

The US military in Japan has deployed F-35 fighter jets at the Iwakuni Air Station in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Brown also spoke about South Korea's decision to end an intelligence-sharing pact with Japan, the General Security of Military Information Agreement, also known as GSOMIA.

Brown said the move has so far not affected cooperation among Washington, Tokyo and Seoul, but said he hopes the pact will be reinstated.

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