Vermont Anti F-35 crowd fails the Google test

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Unread post17 Apr 2019, 19:28

Republicans are more "pro military" because they understand why a strong defense is needed and support it on a national level.

Democrats "can be" pro military, but it tends to be only if there is a strong military pretense in their particular state.

There are exceptions to every rule, but that's the basics.
"The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese."
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fidgetspinner wrote:I always heard that republicans are more pro-military spending than democrats. Is that still correct? Have socialist cadidates by any means have shown to be pro-military spending with interests for new military projects or improving the f-35 program with more military spending?

The only flaw i have seen for Sanders was getting pushed aside from BLM protestors it makes me think how he will handle the geopolitical stage with Putin. Yang on the other hand seems like he is growing in popularity, out of all places is popular on 4chan /pol/ a right wing nationalist board and had the balls to be in Ben Shapiro's interview which would be the last place in the world that Cortez or Sanders would want to be.

The push on /pol/ is being funded by Yang campaign, and its already coming back to bite him as he is now being conflated with white nationalists. (shocking, i know)

Sanders has proven with the F-35, with Conceding to Clinton, with being a part of the 1 percent, with being shoved around on stage by protesters that he is a weak old man incapable of standing up for himself let alone anyone else. That people still believe he is capable of anything other than being a less rigid jellyfish is beyond me.

He says one thing, then does other things when confronted with even token resistance.
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