Singapore F-35 selection

Program progress, politics, orders, and speculation
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Unread post22 Jan 2019, 04:58

skyward wrote:Maybe you guys are over thinking it. Singapore may just want the F-35 because it is the best future proof multi-role jet out there right now.

+1. Agreed. The still unanswered question is whether A or B.

The first government sourced quote on B buy was reported by Gen Herbert Carlisle so its not exactly speculation. See Spaz's post of 15 Aug 2013 16.01pm on pg 5 of this thread. The cost and capabilities differential was already known in 2013. Has anything changed between 2013 and today to change that dynamic? Same Government, same defense minister, different chief of air force and an explanation for the delay: waiting for development testing to complete.

More commentary, this time from DN's Mike Yeo, explaining the Singapore thought & procurement process. ... r-11147932

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