USAF requests info on new anti-radiation missile for F-35A

F-35 Armament, fuel tanks, internal and external hardpoints, loadouts, and other stores.
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Unread post23 Feb 2020, 13:25

spazsinbad wrote:.

Please remember that HOT LINKING IMAGES is not likely to work in this era of the FckED internet. So first image then 2nd.

REMEMBER until someone else puts those images in their cache they will not be able to see the missing HOTlinked images.

You are right, it is broken already


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eloise wrote:
squirrelshoes wrote:Sound like SPEAR-EW with warhead

(no more hotlink)

Well, in a way. To me SPEAR-EW sounds more like MALD-J with primary role being EW as opposed to an anti-radiation SDB which would be more DEAD.

Maybe they decided that since F-35 was able to get close enough to be effective in DEAD using simple JDAMs and LGBs in exercises SDB2 is sufficient as a complement to AARGM since radiation sources can be quickly be geolocated and the MMW seeker should be able to go after things that look like IADS elements anywhere near that location.

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