SDB II Scores Hits in Flight Tests

F-35 Armament, fuel tanks, internal and external hardpoints, loadouts, and other stores.
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Unread post06 Jul 2020, 20:43

quicksilver wrote:Sounds more like DMS (diminishing manufacturing sources) than obsolescence.

"What do you mean we can't buy Chinese chips anymore?"
"There I was. . ."


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element1loop wrote:
spazsinbad wrote:
Production of one of the F-35′s most anticipated bombs has been on hold for almost a year [read at URL best]
12 Jun 2020 Valerie Insinna

... Although the weapon has not even been officially fielded, some components are already becoming obsolete. A Raytheon subcontractor that makes circuit cards used in the guidance system is expected to stop producing those components years sooner than anticipated. As a result, that the Defense Department may have to order all circuit cards needed for the program of record before December, according to the GAO ....

Source: ... st-a-year/

A different metallurgical brew is probably all the re-design needed.

But a company that stops making a profitable card for a new front-line battle weapon in high demand, in a time of rising geopolitical tension, territorial dispute, ideological polarization and rising customer mil budgets and a focus on strike and attack weapons? This sounds like a subcontractor with accounting and management problems that go well beyond technical obsolescence. Is SDBII obsolete? It's an affordable new leading-edge weapon.


Is there evidence that the SDB II has been profitable for Raytheon? They've blown through the fixed price contracts
on the procurement side; lower-tier suppliers get paid last and may not be able or willing to help with the

In any event, lifetime buys are quite common.


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Unread post07 Jul 2020, 01:51

“Is there evidence that the SDB II has been profitable for Raytheon?”


The appearance would actually be to the contrary.

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