hmm... strangely quiet on the UCAV front

Sub-scale and Full-Scale Aerial Targets and RPAs - Remotely-Piloted Aircraft
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Maybe I've missed a beat, but it seems like a suspiciously long time has gone without any revelation or even whisper about some new, secret and advanced UCAV the US is working on.

Best to my knowledge we have the Navy tanker drone and the Triton projects per open records.
That can't be it can it? 2017 and no new USAF drone projects? Seems hard to believe.

What are they up to? Anyone care to add some information if they have it. Or do we have to wait until another secret drone crashes in Iran or North Korea until we find out what the DOD has been up to.
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I know Tyler catches a lot of flack from this forum (and at times rightfully so) but I think he wrote an interesting article on this very topic last year: ... r-vehicles

The notion of having an fully autonomous networked hunter-killer like UCAV's seems taboo to western cultures but the stark reality is that they are already have the capacity to undercut human-in-the-loop systems in terms of the OODA loop. I think it would be a grave mistake to assume our adversaries see the same ethical dilemmas with the technology as we do.

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