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More ugly than Aeromobile (see viewtopic.php?f=39&t=24709 )
But maybe more practical... Wings and propp are more protected during the drive, but it looks like a dog in the air. IMHO
They will use a new motor that I've never heard of, and I have a thing against a new engine/aerodynamic desing/certification base being used at the same time. OK, VLA certification isn't new, so just a new engine and a new airplane at once. And OK, the engine is certidfied for airplane use. Still. They will have a hard time to get this one right.

I offer them the best of luck and hope they will succeed.

More at the link: ... rivability





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Impressive, science fiction is becoming reality.

Would it be necessary a Private Pilot License to fly it ? Or just a - would be more than enough


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