F-22 vs Rafale dogfight results - French souce

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Unread post05 Jul 2017, 14:46

basher54321 wrote:Digital FLCS was Block 40/42.

Who said they noticed the difference in that regard?

Yes, my mistake. Digital FLCS from blk 40/42 and above.



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Whatever which one won -or not- this fight (and i am one of those who releawed the video), it is not intended to say any of these planes is superior to the other one (last slide i had added).
It is just a nice video that shows two exceedingly agile planes fighting.
Btw, official results were 1-0-6 (1 victory for F-22, 0 for Rafale, 6 draws). Fox 2 were not accounted for. These results simply show how these two planes, in very different manners, are "hot potatoes" in BFM.

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