What are my chances at being selected for UPT?

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Sorry to add another "What are my chances?" topic, but I was hoping to hear some thoughts about how to up my chances for UPT from people who know a hell of a lot more than I do.

- I'm an AS200 in ROTC
- Russian and Homeland Security Studies double major, 3.9 GPA
- PFA is 97, aiming to max it out before FT
- AFOQT scores: Pilot - 70, Nav - 78, Acad Apt - 91, Verbal - 93, Quant - 80
---- I'm disappointed that my pilot score is the lowest one, and I was hoping to get both my pilot and nav scores in the 80s. However, my captain is happy with my scores and doesn't want me to retake it in case anything else lowers. Thoughts? I know they have more of a whole person approach, so would doing well on everything else make up for my less than stellar pilot score?
- Commander's ranking: Am told it is either 1 or 2

Right now, my goals are to maintain a 3.8+ GPA, rank top third at FT, bump my PFA up to 100, and do well on the TBAS. I'm going to try to fly for at least a few hours this semester (since I haven't yet) but as I paid for PRK surgery, financing a Private Pilot's License isn't an option for me. I'm actively involved in my detachment, if that's relevant.

What are my chances like to get a UPT slot, and what else should I be doing? What's the best way to prepare for the TBAS, and any tips for doing well at FT?




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I just received my slot last year. The best thing you can do is do your best at FT and be sure to get a good PFA score before competing for slots. Last I heard it was broken down as follows:

20% Commanders Ranking
15% PFA
15% FT Score
10% GPA

Now look at those numbers and see what you need to focus on. PCSM is the largest scoring section. I had a 96 with PCSM 1.0 but I was the last selection board to go through it with PCSM 1.0 and now with PCSM 2.0 score are adjusted differently. Mine dropped from a 96 to a 78 and Ive seen cadets with 99 PCSM scores drop to 32. From talking to everybody who got slots last year we see that flight hours play a HUGE role now. I had around 52 and my score dropped 20 pts where people with 200 hrs saw no change at all. People with no hours at all saw the biggest drops like the 99 to 32. My suggestion is get at least a few. Don't drive yourself into debt trying to get you PPL and every other license out there but at least get to solo. The first 10 hrs are what really add up.

Let me know if you have any other question.

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