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So you want to be a Viper driver, mechanic, loader, avionics technician...? Here you will learn that you will need education, hard work and steadfast dedication.
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Hey all,

I am very interested in joining the ANG, but would also like to cross flow into in different airframe. I know everyone will have an opinion and theory on as to why this can or can't be done, and it's welcome, but I'm really looking for hard facts as to what I need to do to join up.

About me, short and sweet.
Undergrad in Electrical Engineering
Current AD C-130J pilot (1 LT)
Schoolhouse DG
PCSM 99 <-- anyone look at this anymore?
AFOQT: I can't really remember, but everything was above a 96 I think. For what it's worth anyways.
Still have substantial time left on my commitment until Im eligable to switch over to guard, so this is just some loooong, loooong term research on what I need to focus on.

First off, I dont want this to come across as me not liking what I do, or trying to cop out. This plane is bad a$$ and the crews are some of the best bros a guy could work with. Not to mention consumate pro's. The mission is sweet, even when you have to step through all of AMC's red tape to get it done, these guys still kick a$$. I abosultely love flying this plane and working with these guys. Low level is where it's at!

My circumstance? I still have the bug to try get into a fighter, AND into a guard unit. Right now the AF needs me here, and AMC will get my best. But the more time I'm in, the more I just don't see myself staying AD for the whole 20. For personal reasons. Heres my concern, well more my situation. I don't have any jet time. I was a T-44 guy out of UPT. Say what you want about that program. But those dudes are rockstars. And that garbage a$$ 44A taught me more about flying than I could have hoped for. Minus formation, 44/C-130 formation is weak sauce. 500-1000 ft is boring enough to put you to sleep. Moving on.

Is this a show stopper? I've seen Herc dudes cross flow into 16's, but I'm pretty sure they had t-38 time. At some point, flying is flying. Im sure that'll ruffle some feathers, and it's not intended to. But once a guy can fly, the differences are his new systems, environment, and TTP's. It's how a guy (or girl, ladies) can adapt to his new platform that counts. IMO, and just that.

Im not fishing for hopeful go after your dreams garbage. I would love to be directed to people who've made it happen, or get hard info on what needs to be done to make it happen.

That being said. I really appreciate the feedback. Great site btw.


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