JSF vs Viper

Agreed, it will never be a fair fight but how would the F-16 match up against the ... ?
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OK, I looked on both pages of F-16 versus XYZ and I couldn't find a JSF vs F-16 like i had figured i would have. So, anyway, simple question who would win between the JSF and the Viper in A/A and who would win in A/G?


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I just spent an hour playing in the JSF sim and have 20 years of wrenching Vipers, You can close this thread now cause my beloved Viper would not stand a chance!
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Well, yes the F-35 will probably be superior to the Viper in A2G missions and BVR A2A missions due to the JSF's stealth capability, and advanced avionics. However, I believe the Viper would still have an advantage in a WVR fight, as the F-35 wasn't designed to be any more maneuverable than an F-16C, plus the Viper's got the AIM-9X. From what I've heard, there aren't any plans for the F-35 to use that weapon, at least no plans that are announced to the public.

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