F-2 vs Su-27SM

Agreed, it will never be a fair fight but how would the F-16 match up against the ... ?
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Pair of VVS Su-27s violate Japan's airspace

"Today, around 03:00 (06:00 GMT), military fighters belonging to Russian Federation breached our nation's airspace above territorial waters off Rishiri island in Hokkaido," the foreign ministry said, quoted by AFP news agency.

Defence ministry official Yoshihide Yoshida told journalists it was not clear whether the incursion by two Su-27 aircraft was intentional or accidental, but described it as "extremely problematic".

Roman Martov, a Far East regional spokesman for the Russian air force, was quoted by Russian media as saying the planes did not enter Japanese airspace.

The flights were "strictly in accordance with international rules on the use of airspace and did not involve breaching the borders of other states", he said.

Hours earlier, Mr Abe spoke to former inhabitants of the disputed islands and their descendants in a speech to mark Northern Territories Day, when rallies are traditionally held to call for the return of the islands.


Back to topic, I think that the Su-27SM will win over F2 if there is a small-scale clashes.
They are faster, more maneuverable, better qualified pilots Russia, Russia's weapons better with R73M2 fitted hat display HMS.
I set the battle for two Dogfight mode and WVR. For BVR, we do not know much about rcs of F2 and AESA radar (J/APG-1) manufactured by Japan so I say that F2 is very little chance of winning before the Su-27SM



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video LOMAC Su-27 + TVC + R73M2 + HMS + Cobra = dogfight



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indochina wrote:better qualified pilots Russia

I'm not so sure about this. I don't know how much flight time Japanese pilots get but I do know that Russian pilots get significantly fewer flight hours than their American counterparts. I would expect that Japan spends far more money training each of its pilots than Russia does.

Russia's weapons better with R73M2 fitted hat display HMS.

Do the F2s have JHMCS and AIM-9X? Because if they do, this advantage is neutralized.

As for the actual engagement, I'm pretty sure the Japanese would want to avoid a WVR engagement if it came down to it. In BVR they would probably have the advantage thanks to AMRAAM and AWACS as well as AESA vs the Russians' mechanically steered radars.

Also in your simulation, the Pugachev Cobra would be a very foolish maneuver for the Sukhois. First off, we're not sure that an Su-27 can do this maneuver with a full load of fuel and whether it can do it with a full load-out (are these Su-27s loaded with a strike load-out or A2A?).

Second, the Cobra requires the jet to lose a lot of energy i.e. it has to be flying relatively slow. If the Sukhoi did try the Cobra right at the merge, the F2s would probably shoot by at higher air speed and then manage to get on its six. The Su-27 would have slowed down so much that it would be a sitting duck for an AIM-9X or AMRAAM right through the tailpipe.


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The Japanese don't have the X, they're equivalent is the AAM-5, I don't know if it is in service yet.

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