Best of the 2010 F-16 Variants

Agreed, it will never be a fair fight but how would the F-16 match up against the ... ?
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I was trying to put together a comparison of F-16 models here in 2010. Was wondering if people could fill in some holes...

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Design Proficiency Throughout The Four Phases of Air Combat
1. Detection Range
2. Manoeuvre to engage (close)
3. Engage (fire)
4. Manoeuvre to disengage

Cockpit Design
1. Datalink
   F-16I Soufa with video data link
2. Cockpit Displays
   F-16I Soufa with
   F-16E Block60 with three 5x7-inch color displays
   F-16C Block50+/52+ with
   F-2A with
   F-CK-1C with two Bendix colored MFDs
   FA-50 with
3. HUD (Head Up Display)
   F-CK-1C with Elbit HUD
   FA-50 with
4. Flight Controls

   F-16I Soufa with APG-68(V)9
   F-16E Block60 with APG-80 AESA
   F-16C Block50+/52+ with APG-68(V)10
   F-2A with J/APG-1 AESA
   F-CK-1C with GD-53(V)2
   FA-50 with EL/M-2032
1. Antenna Construction
2. Radar Search Area
3. Radar Modes
4. Number of Targets Tracked
5. Number of Targets Engaged

Other Sensors
1. Cockpit View (Mk1 eyeball)
   F-16 with large glass canopy
   F-2A with 3-piece canopy
   F-CK-1C with single-piece upward-hinged canopy
   FA-50 with large glass canopy
2. Navigation Aids
4. Targeting & Navigation Pods
   F-16I Soufa with
   F-16E Block60 with integrated FLIR (IFTS)
   F-16C Block50+/52+ with ; CJ's with Pave Penny, AN/ASQ-213 HTS
   F-2A with J/AAQ-2 FLIR, drogue parachute
   FA-50 with
5. Helmet Mounted Sights (HMS) & Cueing
   F-16I Soufa with Elbit HCMS
   F-16E Block60 pre-wired for JHCMS; to be added later
   F-16C Block50+/52+ with Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS)
   FA-50 with
6. RWR (Radar Warning Receiver)/ELS (Emitter Location System)
   F-16I Soufa with
   F-16E Block60 with
   F-16C Block50+/52+ with AN/ALR-56M
   F-2A with
   F-CK-1C with Litton RWR
   FA-50 with
7. Integrated chaff/flare dispensers
   F-16I Soufa with Aerial Towed Decoy
   F-16E Block60 with
   F-16C Block50+/52+ with AN/ALE-47
   F-2A with
   F-CK-1C with rear AN/ALE-47
   FA-50 with
8. ECM (Electronic Countermeasures) System
   F-16I Soufa with an Elisra electronic warfare suite
   F-16E Block60 with Falcon Edge, AN/ALQ-165 ASPJ
   F-16C Block50+/52+ with
   F-2A with Mitsubishi Electric integrated electronic warfare system
   FA-50 with
9. Databus/Other
   F-16I Soufa with MIL-STD-1553 data bus
   F-16E Block60 with MIL-STD-1553 data bus
   F-16C Block50+/52+ with MIL-STD-1760 data bus, AN/APX-113 IFF, OBOGS; D's have dorsal spine compartment
   F-2A with MIL-STD-1773 fiber-optic data bus
   F-CK-1 with twin MIL-STD 1553B data buses, runway arrester hook
   FA-50 with

Airframe Factors
1. Design Load Limitations (+/-G)
2. Maneuverability
3. RCS (Radar Cross Section)
   F-2A with radar-absorbent material (RAM) applied to the aircraft's nose, wing leading-edges and engine inlet
4. Powerplants
5. Air intake limitations
6. Weights (Empty/Maximum T-O)
   F-16I Soufa at
   F-16E Block60 at 22,000lb (9,980kg)
   F-16C Block50+/52+ at 18,900lb (8,570kg)/42,300lb (19,200kg)
   F-2A at 21,000lb (9,500kg)/48,700lb (22,100kg)
   F-CK-1C at 14,300lb (6,500kg)/20,000lb (9,000kg)
   FA-50 at 14,285lb (6,500kg)/26,400lb (11,975kg)
7. Internal Fuel
   FA-50 with 701-gal (2655L)
8. External Hardpoints
   F-16 with 2× wing-tip Air-to-air missile launch rails, 6× under-wing & 3× under-fuselage pylon stations holding up to 17,000 lb (7,700 kg) of payload
   F-2A with
   F-CK-1 with nine hardpoints
   FA-50 with seven hardpoints
9. Wing Area
   F-16 with 300 ft²
   F-2A with 375 ft²
   F-CK-1C with 260 ft²
10. Conformal Fuel Tanks
   F-16I Soufa with 450-gal (2045L)
   F-16E Block60 with 450-gal (2045L)
   F-16C Block50+/52+ with 450-gal (2045L)
   F-2A with
   F-CK-1C with 300-gal (1136L)
11. External Fuel Points
   F-16I Soufa with
   F-16E Block60 with
   F-16C Block50+/52+
   F-2A with centerline 300-gal (1136L) tank
   F-CK-1C with centerline 275-gal (1041L) tank

   F-16I Soufa with F100-PW-229 (17.8k dry/29.16k wet)
   F-16E Block60 with F110-GE-132 (32.5k wet)
   F-16C Block50+ with F110-GE-129 (17k dry/29.5k wet)
   F-16C Block52+ with F100-PW-229 (17.8k dry/29.16k wet)
   F-2A with F110-GE-129 (17k dry/29.5k wet)
   F-CK-1C with (2x) F125-70 (each 6k dry/9.5k wet)
   FA-50 with F404-102 (11.9k dry/17.7k wet)

1. Straight line Acceleration
2. Flight Envelope
3. Rate of Climb
4. Service Ceiling
   all F-16 versions rated at 59,000ft (18,000m)
   F-CK-1 at 55,000ft (16,800m)
   FA-50 with 48,000ft (14,600m)
5. Turning radius
6. Maximum Rate of Speed
   F-16 clean is Mach 1.89 at 40,000ft/Mach 1.2 at sea level
   F-2A clean is Mach 1.89 at 40,000ft/Mach 1.1 at sea level
   F-CK-1C clean is Mach 1.65 at 36,000ft/Mach 1.2 at sea level
   FA-50 with
7. Combat Radius (Intercept, Strike, etc.)
   F-16E Block 60 strike on internal fuel (two 2,000-lb. bombs and four air-to-air missiles) 1,025 miles
   F-16C Block50+/52+ hi-lo-hi interdiction on internal fuel (with six 500-lb bombs) 360 miles
   F-CK-1C with four missiles on internal fuel 320 mile (550km) combat radius
8. Ferry Range
   F-16C Block50+/52+ at 2450 miles with maximum external fuel (excluding 600gal. tanks or CFT's) .
9. Thrust/Weight
   F-16I Soufa at
   F-16E Block60 at
   F-16C Block50+/52+ at 1.095
   F-2A at .89
   F-CK-1C at .9
   FA-50 with
10. Wing loading
   all F-16 versions at 88.3 lb/ft²
   F-CK-1C at 103.8 lb/ft²
   FA-50 with

1. Gun
   all F-16s use the 20mm M61A1 Vulcan gatling gun derivatives, 511-515 rounds)
   F-2A with 20mm M61A1 Vulcan gatling gun derivatives, 511 rounds)
   F-CK-1C with 20mm M61A1 Vulcan gatling gun derivatives, 515 rounds)
   FA-50 with A-50 3-barreled 20 mm M197 Gatling gun
2. WVR Missiles (Within Visual Range)
   F-16I Soufa with Python4/Python5
   F-16E Block60 with AIM-9X/IRIS-T/AIM-132
   F-16C Block50+/52+ with AIM-9X/IRIS-T
   F-2A with Type90 AAM-3/AIM-9
   F-CK-1C with TC-1 Skysword I/AIM-9P4
   FA-50 with AIM-9
3. BVR Missiles (Beyond Visual Range)
   F-16I Soufa with
   F-16E Block60 with
   F-16C Block50+/52+ with AIM-120C7
   F-2A with Type99 AAM-4
   F-CK-1C with TC-2 Skysword II
   FA-50 with
4. Air to Ground Missiles
   F-16C Block50+/52+ with AGM-45, AGM-65G, AGM-88
   F-16E Block60 with AGM-65G, AGM-84E SLAM
   F-CK-1 with TC-2A anti-radar missile, HF-2E cruise missile
   FA-50 with
5. Smart Bomb capability
   F-16C Block50+/52+ with JDAM, AGM-154 JSOW, WCMD
   F-16E Block60 with JDAM, AGM-154 JSOW
   FA-50 with
6. Dumb Bomb capability
   F-16I Soufa with
   F-16E Block60 with
   F-16C Block50+/52+
   F-2A with
   F-CK-1C with Wan Chien ("Ten thousand Arrows") cluster bomb, Ching Yun ("Cyan Cloud") FAE bomb
   FA-50 with
7. Anti-Shipping
   F-16I Soufa with
   F-16E Block60 with
   F-16C Block50+/52+ with AGM-84 Harpoon
   F-2A with Type 93 ASM-2
8. Other

Other Factors
1. Unit Costs
   F-CK-1C cost $30-million
   FA-50 cost $25-million
2. Operation Costs

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