Any one work for DynCorp Before?

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Would you work for DynCorp?

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I am just trying to get some information from the past employees who have worked with DynCorp and have some personal experiences with them Good or Bad. So far I have only seen people bad mouthing them and nothing really good to say but "It's a pay-check & It's a Job" Does anyone have any thing good to say about them? I would like to hear it.


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Yes it is a pay check and a job. But Dynacrap will not pay you what you should get for the job you are doing. They are bottom feeders if you have a heart beat and saw a aircraft Dynacrap will hire you. We have people working for them as Transient Alert / Crash Recovery and weapons on fighter aircraft here in Las Vegas. They have never worked a fighter aircraft they were bag loaders from Macaren Airport. All Dynacrap does is fill holes with people so they can keep a contract they don't care if you don't have the experience to do the job.




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I worked for DynCorp at Holloman when they had the contract for the German Air Force F-4s. It was a good time. It was a small operation comapared to the rest of the coroporation. We were part of the IAM and the wages were pretty good. The benefit package was excellent.


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I worked for Dynocorp for 3 days. Thats how long it took to find out everything they told me was BS. Had a telephone interview. Everything sounded good.

Drove up to Fort Cambell. Was put to work doing avionics installs on CH-47's. When I was supposed to doing Flightline work on the OH-6s. I told them on the phone I wasnt interested in doing installs. And they told me what I wanted to hear to get me up there. Told them adios.

A few years later they contacted me to work in Columbia on the state department helicopters. I just laughed at them. Work in Columbia for 15 dollars an hour. What a joke.


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Tell you what my answer to this is situation dependant, if I got to put food on the table 100% yes but if I got something better or maybe just something else maybe not. I just got a job offer on the UAE contract and really only turned it down because I have stateside comminment's otherwise I might have gave em a shot. What they were offering was ok, again thats based on your perspective and position in life, and I have no way of knowing if I would have got everthing they offered. I can tell you from experience I'll take working for a bad company with a steady paycheck over unemployment any day of the week, but that's just me.

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